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A short guide to anti-aging programs

For anyone wishing to slow down their biological clock, improve their physical appearance or simply gain in vitality, take a few minutes to consider our anti-aging programs. They are, in fact, an excellent way to regenerate your body and mind, and to acquire the knowledge you need to adopt the right habits to continue your efforts in everyday life. Luxe Wellness Club will explain how top-level anti-aging programs work, and will be happy to advise you on the right medi-spa for your needs.

Clinique la Prairie

By the way, what exactly is an anti-aging program?

More and more hotels and wellness centers are specializing in anti-aging stays. But beware of clichés: this isn’t just about anti-wrinkle care, the aim is much more ambitious. The principle is to take care of your body and mind in a holistic way, because this is the first step in preventing any kind of illness.

To achieve this, we take the time to understand the importance of a healthy diet, to activate our muscles and keep our joints working well. We learn to relax and not let stress take over our thoughts. In an anti-aging staycation, we also take care of sleep, to detect the causes of restless or at least unrefreshing sleep. Numerous factors are analyzed, such as hormonal composition, state of physical and mental fatigue, cognitive capacity, food sensitivity, predisposition to migraines, stress levels, and many others. This helps to restore the vitality of a forgotten youth, and thus limit the signs of aging.

Customized analysis

Each individual’s body also reacts differently to external factors, so it’s clear that each person’s needs are unique. A special anti-aging stay includes one or more consultations with specialists. This makes it possible to create a customized program.

The analysis can include various elements, depending on the wellness center. Most of the time, ablood test can already tell you a lot. In fact, it allows us to determine whether you have mineral or vitamin deficiencies, excess fats, blood circulation problems, etc.

Clinique la Prairie

Other classic analyses such as stool analysis, or others using ultra-modern technologies such as Biofeedback, can be carried out. This Biofeedback method, part of quantum medicine, involves measuring the body’s reactions and stimulating its reactivity through a system of frequencies and electrical signals. The most sophisticated analyses go as far as observing the particularities of your DNA !

What is an anti-aging program?

Each wellness center builds its anti-aging programs around a common framework and adapts them to each of its guests. They depend, of course, on the physical needs of each individual, but also on their psychological needs. That’s why the initial consultation(s) are so important. As a general rule, stays take the following elements into account:

Various massages

Massages don’t just help you relax. Relaxation is, in fact, the first “superficial” sign we perceive when we receive a massage. But this means that something deeper is going on in the body. They improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system first and foremost, soften skin and muscles, dislodge cellulite, etc. Massages are an excellent way to harmonize body and mind in general, but also during a stay with an “anti-aging” objective. They help to integrate all the elements seen during the stay.


Moving your body involves activating muscles, joints and tendons, and brings movement between all your organs. It’s an essential factor in staving off body ageing. That said, it doesn’t mean we all have to run marathons. There’s a wide range of sporting activities, so there’s something for everyone.

That’s why you’ll find coaches in every wellness center. They are there to accompany and guide each guest in their well-being experience. The fitness rooms are also very well equipped, with a variety of state-of-the-art machines. Yoga and pilates often have their own dedicated room.


Classic elements such asbody mass index, waistline and body fat percentage will be analyzed and used to understand the different eating habits to be changed. However, these are not the only factors taken into account. Some hotels will base their recommendations on index and glycemic load, others on Ayurvedic science, and some on studies carried out by the center itself, such as the Palace Chenot.

Chenot diet menu (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

In particular, Chenot scientifically researched the best nutritional programs for the center’s guests. These menus are low in calories and acids, and served at a temperature and humidity level conducive to assimilation.

Holistic practices

Many wellness centers have adopted Chinese medicine orAyurveda as a complementary practice. It’s a good way of understanding imbalances between the physical dimension and emotions, and of reducing them. This can take the form of acupuncture sessions, Ayurvedic massages, daily herbal or spice infusions, meditation sessions and so on. Here too, you just need to allow yourself to discover different practices to find the one that resonates best with you.

Unique methods

As mentioned above, each anti-aging program is distinguished not only by the last-mentioned elements, but also by treatments and methods specific to the wellness center. Some hotels even offer hair treatments, dental care,ozone therapy (to absorb oxygen, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, among other benefits), colon hydrotherapy and more. While the Chenot Method focuses on energetic, physical and emotional stimulation to help the body develop its own internal medicine, the SHA Method aims to reconcile natural therapies, Oriental medicine and the latest advances in modern medicine. Each care hotel has its own unique approach. If you’d like to indulge in an anti-aging break but are hesitant about your choice of destination, Luxe Wellness Club can guide you through the various possibilities.

How does an anti-aging vacation work?

If you want to take care of yourself and limit the ageing of your body, there are different types of stay available. One important thing to know is that a certain length of time is required. Most stays, even if they are all different, require a minimum duration of seven days. For the simple reason that it takes time to analyze individual needs and take advantage of a varied program that can be partly implemented at home. Indeed, the variety of treatments is designed to offer a complete treatment of the body – and mind – but also to help you discover different perspectives. Some of them will convince you so much that they will follow you even after your stay.

An anti-aging program usually looks something like this:

  • at the beginning of your stay, one or more “health” consultations
  • daily physical activities or exercises, as well as spa treatments
  • at the end of the stay, an analytical and summary report
Chenot anti-aging care (Photo: Pascal Languillon)

What’s more, a menu is created specifically for each individual. Some fitness centers have created their own culinary charter, while others follow internationally recognized methods.

Last but not least, there’s no age limit for taking advantage of an anti-aging program. Whether you’re already experiencing strong signs of aging or simply want to prevent the first ones, there’s something for everyone. It may seem surprising, but many customers are interested in anti-aging programs from the age of 40 .


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