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Celebrity detox: discover the addresses of your favorite celebrities!

Combining luxury, refinement and discretion, the world’s most cutting-edge medi-spas are a big hit with the world’s VIPs. Detox, fitness, anti-aging cures, stress management… so many programs to pamper yourself in XXL comfort. No wonder Mick Jagger, Nicole Kidman, Carla Bruni and Patrick Bruel are such fans! These are places we’ve also personally tested (see our“we’ve tested for you” section) and can advise you on.

SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain

Floating between sky and sea, overlooking the bay of Altea, the SHA Wellness Clinic suspends the flow of time for a Mediterranean health break. Extremely famous, this luxury medi-spa attracts stars from all over the world. Some even call it “the best wellness hotel in the world”, and we at Luxe Wellness Club understand why…

One of the great regulars is Patrick Bruel, who likes to go there regularly to get back into shape. Tom Cruise, Mick Jagger and Zinédine Zidane are also said to have taken detox cures there.

What makes this establishment so successful is its team of over a hundred therapists specializing in all areas of well-being and preventive medicine. The list of treatments is impressive, and the food is delicious.

Read our full article on SHA Wellness Clinic here.

VivaMayr in Austria: the famous method loved by Liz Hurley and Nicole Kidman

At Vivamayr in Austria, everything is dedicated to detoxifying your intestines to restore energy, sleep and baby-soft skin. The hotel is located on the shores of an Austrian lake, a temple of calm and contemplation. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be taken care of by a team of health professionals and therapists who will draw up a check-up and personalized recommendations for the week, ideally 14 days if you want to follow Dr. F.X.Mayr’s precepts. Stop acidifying foods, hydrate, sleep, massage and move your body are the main focuses of the programs on offer.

Immune boost” to boost your immune system or “weight care” to find your ideal weight, all you have to do is choose the main theme of your program.

Each program is structured around nutrition, wellness activities and therapies to be chosen according to the objectives defined at the start of the stay by the team. You won’t recognize your vitality after a treatment at Viva Mayr. The big names in cinema regularly come to this ultra-selective establishment for a makeover.

Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland, the benchmark for anti-aging care

A pioneer in the field of longevity since 1931, Clinique La Prairie is undoubtedly the world’s leading the world’s most exclusive medi-spa. This extraordinary place offers a wide range of services designed to improve health and well-being through a unique concept which appeals to a very demanding clientele: a cure in the fresh air, total detox, a place to blossom discreetly. Carla Bruni was there very recently with her husband Nicolas Sarkozy… It’s a venue that welcomes many stars throughout the year.

The beautiful Carla Bruni in front of Clinique La Prairie (Photo: Instagram Carla Bruni)

With a team of no fewer than 50 doctors and therapists and a futuristic 1600m² spa, Clinique La Prairie has developed its method around 4 pillars: medical care, well-being, nutrition and movement.. Indulge in therapeutic or energizing massages, as well as the techniques of cryotherapy or detox infratherapy. Your health and well-being program is of course enhanced by menus orchestrated by chef Sarah Bussetti, made gluten-free and lactose-free to reduce digestive discomfort and facilitate detox.

Find out more about Clinique La Prairie’s flagship treatments, such as the emblematic Revitalization program , which uses cell therapy to combat the effects of aging.

Palace Merano

The Palace Mérano approach is to force the body to react in order to prevent disease and ageing, thanks to cutting-edge regeneration techniques and absolutely delicious detox cuisine. In a luxurious environment where the most sophisticated techniques and equipment on the market are used, you benefit from a scientific approach to well-being that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Zinedine Zidane is a great devotee!

Zidane is a regular at Palace Merano

As soon as you arrive, our doctors will give you a full medical check-up. Blood sampling, oxidative stress evaluation, mineral deficiency and heavy metal intoxication analysis, this is just a sample of the in-depth analyses performed during your treatment. Your stay is then punctuated by your fitness program.

Chenot Palace Weggis

Equally popular with the stars, the Chenot Palace boasts an extraordinary 5,000 m² luxury spa, with a 21-metre swimming pool, sauna and hammam all in marble. As soon as you arrive, our doctors will give you a full medical check-up. Assessment of vascular age, oxidative stress and advanced glycation products, analysis of mineral deficiency and heavy metal intoxication, determination of skin collagen density… These are just some of the in-depth analyses performed during your treatment. Your stay lasts a minimum of 7 days and is then punctuated by your various cures, such as hydrotherapy, cryotherapy and intermittent exposure to hypo-hyperoxia, renowned for improving metabolic function.

Finally, the Chenot method is characterized by the Chenot diet, developed by Dominique Chenot, the mother of detox cuisine. Long before the trend, Dominique Chenot invented a host of tasty dietary recipes to make detox diets a pleasure to eat.

Discover state-of-the-art treatment techniques thanks to Pascal, Luxe Wellness Club’s dedicated director 🙂

We also met with Dominique Chenot who tells us about the Chenot method and her husband Henri Chenot, acupuncturist and pioneer of preventive medicine.


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