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Brindos Lac & Château: a serenity and well-being gem in the Basque Country

On the shores of one of France’s largest private lakes, on the edge of the surrounding forest, Brindos Lac & Château is the ideal setting for a timeless, magical interlude. Following its renovation by the Millésime hotel group, Brindos Lac & Château presents itself in a new light. This institution in the Basque Country now seduces with its floating lodges and multiple pontoons, and its irresistibly charming spa .

Sunset on one of the floating lodges (Photo: Brindos Lac & Château)

A poetic disconnection

In the heart of unspoilt nature, in Anglet, between the hinterland and the ocean, Serge Blanco’s former 5-star hotel reveals itself in a region with a strong identity, distinguished by the beauty of its landscapes, the hospitality of its people, the countless riches of its local traditions and a unique know-how.

A magical place (Photo: Brindos Lac & Château)

This dreamlike setting is nourished by an imagination that delightfully revives the legend of Lac de Brindos. Poetry according to which every year on the night of September 14th, fairies rose, danced and twirled above the water lilies in a nocturnal ballet on the lake.

A haven of serenity and tranquility overlooking the lake (Photo: Brindos Lac & Château)

A revival led by Bordeaux hotel group Millésime

The beautiful building constructed in the 1930s by Bordeaux architect William Marcel for Sir Reginald Wright has been transformed under the magic wand of Groupe Millésime. His philosophy of “Feet in the soil, head in the stars” embodies this new approach to luxury. At the heart of Millésime’s DNA: the renovation of prestigious estates.

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Behind this new lease of life is talented artistic director Marie-Christine Mecoen. With this large-scale project, she pays homage to her Basque origins and conveys her attachment to her territory and its traditions down to the smallest detail.

Nothing has been left to chance, as this building of Hispano-Moorish architecture with its flamboyant past is adorned in new light. The household linen is by Jean-Vier, an emblematic brand rooted in the Basque identity.

Nature as a source of inspiration is expressed everywhere, in a poetic, bucolic and chic spirit. Paintings in natural colors, textures and roughness invite exploration, even haptics. The use of green in its many shades, the chandeliers like cascading waterfalls, the play of mirrors and transparency respond to the ripples on the surface of the lake.

Beautiful views from the terraces (Photo: Brindos Lac & Château)

Tributes and winks are all around you, from the adjoining dandy British evocation lounge to the works referencing icons who have marked Brindos’ other lives, such as Coco Chanel. This precious, sublimated journey is supported by the presence of gold as a common thread, in the furniture and decorative elements.

A friendly hotel

Brindos Lac & Château was conceived as an ode to freedom: the freedom to wander, to create your own experience, to enjoy yourself, to take a beneficial break, to let time take its course. This freedom extends to the welcome you’ll receive: Brindos Lac & Château cultivates a “home from home” spirit, with everything done to make you feel at home. This closeness extends to the name of Maître de Maison, in this case Olivier Richard.

Brindos Lac & Château’s Basque roots are not confined to its interior design. It’s a place to live, designed for the locals – not exclusively, of course, but this charming establishment is part of the local network. It’s also what makes it so authentic and desirable.

Bright rooms (Photo: Brindos Lac & Château)

The Basque identity is also reflected in the conviviality that pervades the premises. Brindos Lac & Château is not a static setting, but an invitation to celebration and festivity, and in this sense also echoes the central role played by song, dance and music in Basque culture.

As you can see, the interior design combines tradition and modernity, bucolic chic and mellow rusticity. The volumes are spectacular, and the typical architecture offers unusual views. In terms of spaces, their diversity and complementarity enable Brindos to accompany us through the different stages of our lives. Take a break in one of the soft, plush armchairs in Maison Cazenave’s signature chocolate shop, or enjoy a bespoke cocktail at the oversized bar, outside on the pontoon to take in the exceptional setting.

Several accommodation options are available: ten floating lodges that are energy self-sufficient which enables them to be lulled by the waves, accessible following a pleasant crossing in wooden electric boats for a lake-oriented experience, or within the 29 cocoons and suites with lake view and made-to-measure decoration.

Photo: Brindos Lac & Château)

Brindos Lac & Château has all the facilities you could wish for, including a equipped spa with wellness bubbles separated by bluish curtains in washed linen, a outdoor pool area with bar and restaurant, a fully equipped gym and two floating treatment cabins to feel weightless as you follow your treatment rituals.

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A spa full of charm

What could be better than a trail, an olfactory identity, to sign-off the experience? This is a vibrant, sparkling, joyful juice. Notes of bergamot, blood orange and patchouli are boosted by their encounter with the peppery accents of Espelette pepper. The magic happens instantly: La Danse des Fées. An invitation to celebrate, with an evocative name that echoes our Basque roots.

Espace O, prelude to treatments (Photo: Brindos Lac & Château)

At Brindos Lac & Château, you’ll find not just a spa, but a fully-fledged, original and resolutely intuitive concept of well-being: éch(o), the treatment for listening to yourself. As a prelude to your treatments, the Espace O is available for you to fully recharge your batteries: hammam, private baths with a view. The spa menu offers beauty rituals for the body, face and specific energetic massages, revisited through the Basque DNA. An approach that combines plants, water and minerals, with the Gemology range of products, the first French brand of mineral cosmetics.

Magnificent, light-filled treatment rooms

Stop time to experience the magic of the Swan Lake signature treatment, a sensorial gesture choreographed to the rhythm of Tchaikovsky ‘s notes for a tailor-made journey in a VIP cabin on the lake.

Yoga (individual and group), Pilates,aquagym and training classes are available. Dance (movement and intuitive) and meditation are also offered to awaken awareness of Being and feel in osmosis with the body.

An epicurean journey on the road to well-being

Brindos Lac & Château is the ideal setting for a thousand and one sensory experiences. Naturally, the journey continues in the kitchen, with a gourmet interpretation of Basque tradition that’s joyful, balanced and non-punitive.

Chef Hugo de la Barrière champions locavore and committed cuisine for the pleasure of our taste buds… and our pupils , since the panoramic restaurant offers a 180° view of the lake! Local products and know-how are showcased, and the chilli pepper is a star attraction. At the end of this culinary immersion, we understand all the more the Millésime philosophy: “Feet in the soil, head in the stars…”.


Read our article: We tested Brindos Lac & Château for you .

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