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Atmantan: Inner transformation through ancient Indian wisdom

Whatever your vacation objective, you’ll find something to transform you among the resort’s many wellness programs. But the hotel’s luxury can only be appreciated in harmony with nature and with ancestral Indian knowledge. Taking care of ourselves cannot be valid without respect for the environment. The hotel’s strong ethical and eco-responsible values are put to good use to create an Indian-style, mindful luxury experience. A true voyage of discovery!

In harmony with the environment

Atmantan temple of well-being in India (Photo: Atmantan Wellness Centre)

Atmantan is one of India’s most renowned luxury wellness resorts. Ancestral traditions are respected, as is nature. The hotel makes every effort to preserve the environment, using natural materials, renewable energies and local organic produce. There’s no greenwashing at Atmantan, which is a world leader in eco-responsibility. In fact, it’s located in one of India’s top eco-tourism destinations.

The outdoors at night (Photo: Atmantan Wellness Centre)

The resort is nestled in a tranquil natural setting overlooking Lake Mulshi on the west coast. It’s perched on a hill near the city and airport of Pune (1h30 by car). Mumbai is about a three-hour drive from the Indian capital. A helicopter service is also available.

Bathtub with lake view

Acacia Lake Grove Room (Photo: Atmantan Wellness Centre)

Three categories of luxurious Indian-style accommodation are available. All have a balcony or private garden, and large windows to get closer to nature. You can even enjoy the scenery from the bathtubs of the hotel’s 106 rooms and villas.

Asoka Lake Grove bathroom (Photo: Atmantan Wellness Centre)

The Asoka & Arjuna Garden Groves are the garden-facing rooms, and the Acacia & Almatas Lake Groves feature lake views. The Mango Tree Villa is the resort’s most luxurious accommodation: sauna, hammam, double treatment room, gym, not forgetting the infinity pool overlooking the lake.

A spa based on holistic well-being

The benefits of Oriental acupuncture (Photo: Atmantan Wellness Centre)

Atmantan Spa’s age-old techniques and know-how attract travelers from all over the world. In this resort, we let ourselves be carried away by practices and treatments that nourish not only the body, but above all the spirit. The unity between the three attributes of Tann (body), Mana (spirit) and Atma (soul), still highly sectorized in our Western society, is at the heart of all the treatments on offer. Ayurveda, oriental acupuncture , aromatherapy and chakra balancing are the focus of the spa’s 23 treatment cabins.

Indoor & outdoor salt pool (Photo: Atmantan Wellness Centre)

Spanning more than 600 square meters, the hotel’s fitness area is equipped with top-of-the-range machines, an indoor saltwater pool with no chemical additives, and several studios dedicated to different practices such as yoga, Pilates and dance. A special Physiotherapy zone helps you analyze your posture and correct it if necessary. We tend to underestimate the importance of everyday, rather mundane movements. Yet they are very likely to cause uncomfortable or painful symptoms, impacting health.

A wellness retreat for every need

Yoga spot to soothe body and mind (Photo: Atmantan Wellness Centre)

In-depth self-care is the solid foundation of every wellness experience. This resort invites you to take a closer look. Everyone leaves Atmantan transformed and happier. Each of us has his or her own path full of pitfalls and challenges. That’s why the hotel has developed a dozen wellness programs that can be combined and adapted to suit everyone. They are, of course, personalised so that you can achieve results during your stay, but also, and above all, afterwards!

Managing stress, eliminating toxins, rebalancing after an operation or helping to heal from an illness – there’s a long list of reasons why resort guests make the journey to Atmantan. Even though the hotel is steeped in ancient traditions, it is no less modern – quite the contrary. It has recently added a wellness experience exclusively dedicated to 16-25 year-olds, who are increasingly trapped in a 200-hour life.

Shirodhara session in connection with the surrounding nature (Photo: Atmantan Wellness Centre)

Each wellness program incorporates holistic practices and is expertly designed under the supervision of the hotel’s wellness therapist, Dr. G. B. B. Maoj, with 20 years’ experience in alternative and traditional medicine. In fact, several consultations are systematically given to all guests. Health, posture, biological composition and general well-being are analyzed.

All wellness retreats include daily fitness activities and holistic practices, as well as various kriyas (a type of yoga that circulates energy to purify body and mind). With a minimum stay of three nights, they come in different lengths: three-, five- and seven-day stays.

Eating differently, mindfully

Vistara con vista (Photo: Atmantan Wellness Centre)

Balanced, holistic cuisine is served in the main Vistara restaurant, overlooking the lake. Its name evokes this soothing panorama, associating “vista” with the Sanskrit word “vistaar” meaning “expanse”. The Barbecue Lounge, known as Chantara, lets you enjoy grilled meats under the starry sky, while the Té-Jus offers refreshments on a terrace with a 360° view.

Atmantan holds food in high esteem as the foundation of good health, vitality and well-being. Here, forget fast food and all-you-can-eat, the portions are measured and the flavors totally natural.

The chef’s colorful culinary creation (Photo: Atmantan Wellness Centre)

The hotel’s philosophy is rooted in ancient Indian traditions, particularly Ayurvedic science. Only fresh, seasonal, unrefined and organically grown products are used. The therapeutic properties of plants and spices are also highly valued in the hotel’s cuisine. Not only are the ingredients carefully selected , but the cooking techniques also preserve the food’s nutritional and energetic qualities. Finally, the synergy of the products making up each dish is skilfully studied. In fact, the combination of all foods reinforces the variousanti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of the dishes served.


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