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Atlantis The Royal & the Aeon Clinic: ultra-luxury meets regenerative medicine in Dubai

When cutting-edge technology rhymes with well-being… Luxe Wellness Club presents the luxurious Atlantis The Royal Dubai, home to the Aeon Clinic, a new medical spa. A pioneer in regenerative medicine and wellness treatments in Dubai, the Aeon clinic offers integrated multidisciplinary therapies to restore the body and its internal functions. You will be cared for by the best specialists, experts in cellular and regenerative medicine. Embark on a healing journey with cutting-edge treatments that enhance your health and lifestyle, including stem cell treatments, at theself-proclaimed world’s most ultra-luxury hotel .

The suspended pool at Atlantis The Royal (Photo: Atlantis)

Outstanding architecture and interior design

Atlantis The Royal Dubai is a hotel unlike any other in the world. The project was conceptualized as a “deconstruction” of the traditional towers associated with Dubai. The facility thus takes the form of a stack of individual blocks, stemming from a single core. Six towers linked by a 90-metre-long sky bridge, a megastructure 500 metres long and 178 metres high. KPF, one of the world’s most coveted architectural firms, and Kerzner International, a leading developer of ultra-luxury resorts, are behind this architectural feat.

Grandiose and unique, it overlooks the Gulf and the Dubai skyline. The designers came up with a contemporary look and curved shapes that are reflected everywhere: the pool and its mosaics, the parasols resembling a sculpture inspired by palm trees… Every detail is surprising. Other architectural feats include numerous fountains, gigantic aquariums, glass walls lined with water, plumes of colored fire and vertical water jets.

Sublime pools surrounded by palm trees (Photo: Atlantis the Royal Dubai)

Atlantis the Royal Dubai is also a veritable museum: you’ll be able to admire numerous works of art, all inspiring and extravagant. The most spectacular is the central hall, “Droplets”. Inside, an impression of grandeur and infinity opens up: take a look at the dizzying height of the ceiling… The entrance to the resort is a work of art in itself!

The spectacular entrance hall (Photo: Atlantis the Royal)

Luxurious accommodation

Towering 43 stories high, it’s impossible to describe all the rooms and suites at Atlantis, so many different accommodations are available. All are, of course, extremely luxurious and comfortable, with impressive views of the Dubai Skyline, the Arabian Sea or Palm Island.

Palmscape rooms feature a balcony or terrace where you can enjoy the first rays of the morning sun while you eat breakfast. Dressing room, walk-in closet, bathroom with walk-in shower and island bath, king-size bed, luxurious amenities and room service are all at your disposal.

Seascape rooms look out over the sea and also have a terrace or balcony. Set the mood with adjustable lighting while relaxing in your king-size bed with satin linen sheets, or taking a soothing bath in the island tub. Some rooms open directly onto one of the giant aquariums! The penthouses and luxury suites are simply sublime…

The Aeon Clinic: excellence in regenerative medicine and medical wellness

The Aeon Clinic is located inside Atlantis The Royal. It offers medicalized treatment programs similar to those found in Europe in centers such as SHA Wellness Clinic and Clinique La Prairie. All programs can be tailor-made. What’s more, blood tests can be taken in advance, wherever you live in the world.

Atlantis Regenerative Medicine & the Aeon Clinic
Care by specialized doctors (Photo: Atlantis the Royal)

Stem cell therapy, exosome or genomic treatments

Cellular therapy is perfectly mastered at Atlantis & the Aeon Clinic. You are cared for by certified expert doctors. Stem cell treatment involves using cells to help the body repair damaged tissue. It is highly effective in the fight against aging, as well as for many chronic pathologies such as orthopedic, neurological and autoimmune diseases.

Exosome treatment is capable of degrading RNA molecules (messenger RNA or ribosomal RNA), with the aim of eliminating those that are not correct. Genomics, meanwhile, is a revolution in cancer research and treatment, defined as the study of human genes. In the healthcare field, a person’s genes can sometimes be used to diagnose, predict and prevent disease, in order to offer personalized treatment. Various anti-aging cures can improve your genomic structure and help you live a longer, healthier life.

A clinic specializing in regenerative medicine (Photo: Atlantis the Royal)

Immunotherapy, ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Immunotherapy is also revolutionary in the field of regenerative medicine. It rejuvenates immune cells to regress cancer cells and helps fight cancer.

Ozone therapy is a process that cleanses the blood by means of a filter. The blood is then oxygenated and ozonated, eliminating toxins, infections and chemicals. This therapy strengthens the immune system, enhances self-defense and rebalances the body.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, on the other hand, is the medical use of oxygen to help your blood deliver more oxygen to your body’s organs and tissues, with the aim of preventing chronic fatigue, stroke, aging, chronic illness and pain, and much more.

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State-of-the-art technologies (Photo: Atlantis the Royal)

State-of-the-art treatments and quality care

Other regenerative medicine therapies offered by the clinic : functional medicine (self-healing of the body), IV therapy (delivering various vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream), peptide therapy, cold laser therapy, sports medicine (repairing or replacing damaged cartilage, tendon and ligament tissue), naturopathy, and many others.

The Aeon Clinic is also a benchmark for aesthetic care (injection treatments, skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatments).

Indoor pool and relaxation area
Indoor pool with relaxation area (Photo: Atlantis the Royal)

Awaken Spa: holistic wellness experiences

Discover the Royal Atlantic Dubai Spa’s unique holistic treatments, combined with modern technologies. Rediscover your inner harmony and pamper your body and mind in luxurious surroundings. Exclusive treatment cabins, outdoor and indoor pools, meditation pavilion, Sensorium steam room, individual hairdressing salons and state-of-the-art fitness center are all at your disposal.

Treat yourself to one of our sumptuous massages: the one combining aromatherapy and Reiki energy healing is perfect for improving the flow of positive energy. Choose from revitalizing, moisturizing, firming and anti-aging facials, used with a selection of top-of-the-range products.

Vibrate high and nourish your soul with sound immersion sessions to fully connect with your inner world. Here, you’re bound to find a treatment to suit your needs…

Cuisine prepared by some of the world’s finest chefs

Atlantis The Royal Dubai has brought together some of the world’s finest chefs to offer you a culinary experience like no other. No fewer than seventeen restaurants and bars, each with its own signature style.

Restaurant Jaleo (Photo: Atlantis the Royal)

Here too, it would be difficult to describe them all, but to give you an idea, we have listed the restaurants owned by famous chefs:

  • Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (contemporary English cuisine)
  • Jaleo by José Andrés (Spanish)
  • Ariana’s Persian Kitchen (Persia)
  • La Mar by Gastón Acurio (Peruvian)
  • Estiatorio Milos by Costas Spiliadis (Greek – Mediterranean)
  • The Little Venice Cake Company by Mich Turner Specialty (Art de la Pâtisserie)
  • Nobu by the Beach (Japanese-Peruvian fusion)
  • Ling Ling by Tao Group Hospitality Contemporary (Asian cuisine)

You’ll also find numerous other catering areas Malibu 90265 American (signature restaurant), The Royal Tearoom (café-tea room), Cloud 22 Skypool (night bar and entertainment), four Lounge-Bars, a gourmet Food-Hall, an international cuisine Food-Court… As you can see, there’s no shortage of choice: something for everyone !

Food hall overlooking Dubai (Photo: Atlantis the Royal)

Book a health stay at the Royal Atlantis Dubai

Take advantage of our expertise in wellness breaks and contact us for a personalized quote for the Aeon Clinic at Atlantis the Royal – Dubai.

Rates : From around 800 euros per night, excluding treatments. Contact us for care packages.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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