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Amanpuri: holistic wellness and luxury medical tourism

A leading name in luxury hotels and a pioneer of resort spas in the 1980s, the Aman Resorts chain has always sought to offer a holistic wellness experience that cares for body, mind and spirit. As of February 2019, the Amanpuri resort in Phuket, Thailand, has expanded its offerings with the introduction of medical services in its new wellness center. A new form of luxury medical tourism has emerged. Explanations.

Exercises on the beach (Photo: Aman)

A new holistic wellness center

Amanpuri is the brand’s first resort to go beyond the hotel business to provide medical care. These are now provided in a holistic wellness center by a medical team from Thailand’s leading wellness center, Thanyapura. Amanpuri’s medical care is divided into three categories: anti-aging and preventive medicine, aesthetics and sports performance. The medical team now complements the existing team of renowned experts in ancient healing techniques and alternative therapies.

Massages and treatments (Photo: Aman)

Extensive medical analyses

Clients embarking on medical therapy at Amanpuri will first be assessed by a qualified physician during a diagnostic consultation. Tests include blood and urine analysis, as well as a food intolerance test and a heavy metal OligoScan. Perhaps even more surprising is the possibility of taking a DNA test and interpreting it according to one’s current state of health.

Analysis of all test results, together with in-depth discussions of lifestyle and personal goals, may lead to the prescription of specific medical treatments as part of a customized well-being to do on the spot, then continue once you’re back home. This is accompanied by a personalized nutritional plan created by Amanpuri’s experienced naturopaths and vegan chefs.

Paddle yoga class (Photo: Aman)

A wide range of treatments

All medical treatments prescribed at Amanpuri will be conducted and supervised by Thanyapura director Dr Narinthorn Surasinthorn and his specialized team of doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, traditional Chinese doctors and Ayurvedic physicians. What a program! Of course, customers will still be able to indulge in massages, facials and body wraps using Aman Skincare’s new cosmetics range .

In addition to medical services, the Amanpuri Holistic Wellness Centre continues to offer its range of energetic treatments and alternative therapies, including Tai Chi, Qigong, craniosacral therapy, meditation…

Amanpuri swimming pool (Photo: Aman)

A la carte well-being breaks

Holistic wellness stays require a minimum of five nights. Choose from our detox and weight management program, our anti-stress and mindfulness meditation program, our sports recovery program and our rejuvenation program. For those in a hurry, Amanpuri also offers two shorter experiences: a two-day Wellness Discovery program designed for those concerned about their state of health, and a one-day Introduction to Wellness program…

Faced with this myriad of options, a team of specialized wellness concierges is on hand to help guests choose the wellness experience best suited to their needs. This is done in advance of your stay, by telephone and e-mail.

Amanpuri from the air (Photo: Aman)

An exceptional resort in every sense of the word

Let’s not forget Amanpuri’s number 1 attraction: its privileged location on a private peninsula overlooking the turquoise waters of Phuket’s spectacular west coast, and the quality of its rooms and villas.

Located at the heart of the property, theAmanpuri Holistic Wellness Centre features, in addition to new medical services, a 12-suite Aman spa with infrared saunas and a hydrotherapy area. There’s also a two-storey fitness center with a Pilates studio, a Muay Thai studio with boxing, yoga pavilions, a glassed-in gym and a juice bar.

We’re sure that with all these improvements, Amanpuri can now proudly claim to beone of the best “destination spas” in the world.


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