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Almières Retreat: a spiritual yoga retreat overlooking the Gorges du Tarn

More than a yoga retreat, Almières Retreat is an encounter with the Self. Passionate about the world of living beings and their energies, Marise and Monia, the owners of this top-of-the-range ecolodge, use all their knowledge to subtly touch the sacred. Immerse yourself in the world of yoga, discover the power of sound, contemplate nature and share moments of great conviviality. Conquered by the inspiring philosophy of Almières Retreat, Luxe Wellness Club unveils this address of spiritual awakening.

The site from the air (Photo: Almières Retreat)

A carnal return to nature

After touring the world’s best ecolodges, Marise and Monia created the holistic retreat of their dreams, one where the poetry of life resonates. Located on a Unesco-listed site, this place of introspection and contemplation is surrounded by nothing but nature. Here, there’s no wifi, no cell phones, no electromagnetic fields: we forget the virtual and turn towards nature and ourselves for the duration of a yoga retreat.

Charming rooms (Photo: Almières Retreat)

This atypical address, whose strong ethic is to respect the environment and the history of Almières, has been renovated with great eco-responsibility and in co-construction with local actors. Everything has been designed to preserve the soul of this sacred place.

Bathrooms with large bathtubs (Photo: Almières Retreat)

Not only is the landscape overlooking the Tarn Gorge breathtaking, but the site is also particularly charged with telluric energy. As you’ll have gathered, Almières Retreat is a destination like no other: we go there to indulge in that precious moment of introspection.

In a small hamlet

This small hamlet is perfectly suited to a small group of 8 to 10 people, creating a family atmosphere that’s sure to make for great get-togethers. You’ll be able to choose from a range of very different accommodations. While some take refuge in the small monastic room, others prefer the more spacious volumes found in the suites and the maisonnette caussenarde.

A very warm atmosphere (Photo; Almières Retreat)

The more poetic may turn to the lodge with its magnificent panorama of the Tarn gorges. Whichever accommodation you choose, the historic spirit of the buildings is preserved and beautifully decorated in natural tones.

The living room (Photo: Almières Retreat)

Nature, the best place for well-being

Almières stands out for its roots in nature and spirituality. So don’t expect to find a swimming pool and all that goes with it. Spanning 8 hectares and with small areas scattered everywhere to discover, the surrounding nature will be your greatest space for well-being. A little further down, you can admire the Tarn gorges while enjoyinga Nordic bath.

The Nordic bath (Photo: Almières Retreat)

Just like the rest of this extraordinary ecolodge, the temperature of the spring water has not been chosen at random: 39°, the ideal temperature for warming muscles and regenerating.

In the hamlet’s former stable, you’ll also find a charming Almières relaxation area. The sauna and baths help to purify the body.

A retreat to reconnect with your inner self

The retreats organized by the ecolodge owners take place every month, and are specially chosen according to the lunar calendar. Almières’ philosophy celebrates the living, so the activities and rituals of your retreat will be intimately linked to the lunar phase and nature.

Yoga class (Photo ; Almières Retreat)

During your stay, you’ll practice yoga at its most experiential. We’re not talking about vinyasa or ashtanga, but rather about discovering your own balance, between effort and abandonment. You don’t learn, but you immerse yourself in gestures and energy flows. Marise will guide you towards theexploration of your breath and your inner self.

Gong baths (Photo; Almières Retreat)

The retreats include not only yoga but also energy treatments performed by Monia. The vibration of Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and gongs will take you on an inner journey. Almières Retreat also invites a “nun” to share her knowledge behind the lunar cycle and its influence on the body and the living. Other discovery workshops, guided meditations and nature walks will punctuate your day, leaving you plenty of time for yourself.

Ayurveda in the kitchen

During the retreats, you will be asked to practice intermittent fasting. In other words, you start your day without breakfast to give your body time to rest and regenerate. In fact, around 16 hours of fasting will help you free yourself of toxins.

A large communal table (Photo ; Almières Retreat)

For lunch and dinner, we serve tasty cuisine based on Ayurvedic science at the large communal table. The chef uses his creativity and his knowledge of Ayurveda to serve a lively, plant-based and natural cuisine using local produce. They’re good for all your senses, your taste buds, your body and your mind.

A place to discover!

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Prices: 5-day retreat from 1920 euros per person, full board.

Call us for the USA on +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK on +44 20 4577 3258

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