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A 100% vegan suite at the London Hilton Bankside

A vegan hotel room, but what does that mean? While this is obviously a marketing initiative on the part of the Hilton group, it is based on a genuine desire to offer a service in line with the aspirations of vegans.

The Hilton Bankside Hotel is a five-star London establishment that was, all in all, quite classic until its manager decided to launch an innovative and somewhat surprising concept: a completely vegan suite, designed entirely using eco-friendly and animal-friendly materials and features.

Photo; Hilton Bankside

Bamboo flooring, recycled organic cotton carpets, furniture made from natural leather, buckwheat or millet pillows… everything has been thought through to the smallest detail so as not to offend the sensibilities of those who dream of a more ethical world.

The little detail that really catches the eye: the mini-bar is stocked with vegan products, including vegetable protein powder… You can also order a vegan menu served in your room!

Photo; Hilton Bankside

In the bathroom, you’ll find organic and cruelty-free toiletries. And of course, chemical cleaning products are out of the question, so all our cleaning products are natural and not tested on animals.

Photo Hilton Bankside vegan
Photo: Hilton Bankside London

According to the hotel’s general manager, “veganism is no longer just a gastronomic trend, it’s become a way of life.” Vegan enthusiasts will be delighted to finally be able to enjoy a guilt-free stay in a luxury hotel.

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