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Zannier Bãi San Hô Vietnam: Wellness through the path of the Five Elements

Let’s set off on a wonderful journey to the Land of the Dragon, Vietnam! Between the hills, rice paddies and blue waters lies the authentic and delightful Zannier Bãi San Hô. In the heart of a lush natural setting between land and sea, you’ll discover a region of Vietnam still largely unknown: the Phu Yen coastline. Bordered by a white sandy beach, this complex welcomes you in its typically Vietnamese cocoon. You’ll love the peaceful surroundings, the Hoa Sen Spa and the delicious cuisine. So many reasons to visit this country of a thousand secrets and customs.

Phu Yen coastline (Photo: Zannier Bãi San Hô)

Zannier Bãi San Hô: treasures from the discreet province of Phu Yen

Zannier Hotels Bãi San Hô is located in Phu Yen province, on the south-central coast of Vietnam. Your stay takes place off a secluded peninsula surrounded by rice paddies, green hills and white sandy beaches. A 245-hectare seaside resort still largely unknown to tourists, the hotel boasts 73 independent villas, four restaurants, a bar and a large spa. The complex is nestled in an unspoilt natural environment, in complete confidentiality.

When you arrive at Zannier Bãi San Hô, you’ll be immersed in a captivating natural setting where mountains and beaches envelop the place. Under Vietnam’s golden sun, you’ll discover the traditions of this peaceful country and the beautiful province of Phu Yen. There are many seaside fishing villages to visit, as well as the town of Tuy Hoa, capital of the region.

Superb communal pool (Photo: Zannier Bãi San Hô)

Criss-crossing the beaches, you’ll spot hidden coves surrounded by fabulous rocky peaks… Diving enthusiasts, admire the colorful corals in the crystal-clear waters. Trekking enthusiasts will be won over by the inland and gently sloping mountains. The scenery gives way to sweeping views of this peaceful province.

Swimming pool just a stone's throw from the sea
Swimming pool by the sea (Photo: Zannier Bãi San Hô)

Zannier Bãi San Hô: authentic, typically Vietnamese villas

The villas offer absolute privacy and seclusion, while blending seamlessly into their surroundings. Four categories of one- to four-bedroom villas, designed in traditional Vietnamese architectural styles. These charming cocoons are located in the heart of rice paddies, on hilltops or by the sea. With the exception of the Paddy Field Villa, each accommodation features an infinity pool with exceptional views of nature.

Paddy Field Villa

These wooden villas on stilts resemble traditional fishermen’s huts. Built in Vietnamese architecture, they overlook the rice paddies. You’ll enjoy a lovely, comfortable 49 m² space, with a king-size bed and twins, which can accommodate two adults and a child. The bathroom features a double sink, bath and separate shower. The private terrace lets you enjoy the lush gardens and natural surroundings.

Terrace Paddy Field Villa Zannier Bãi San Hô
Paddy Field Villa terrace (Photo: Zannier Bãi San Hô)

Hill Pool Villa

Hill Pool Villas have a choice of one or two bedrooms. These villas perfectly respect traditional Vietnamese architecture. Inside, you’ll find furniture in natural materials such as rattan and wood. This style lends a peaceful ambience to the space. In the early morning, enjoy a steaming cup of tea on your terrace with swimming pool, with Bãi San Hô bay on the horizon. From the top of the hill, enjoy these privileged moments and the unique view of the green vegetation and the sea…

Terrace of the Hill Pool Villa Zannier Bãi San Hô
Terrace of the Hill Pool Villa (Photo: Zannier Bãi San Hô)

Beach Pool Villa

Beach Pool Villas with one or two bedrooms are set in the shade of palm trees, on a white sandy beach. Under a thatched roof, the bedrooms with king-size four-poster beds, the pretty living room and the functional bathroom immerse you in an atmosphere of serenity. The interior is adorned with rattan and wood furniture anddecorative elements inspired by the earth and nature. A subdued atmosphere where every space is designed with your well-being in mind.

Beach Pool Villa two rooms Zannier Bãi San Hô
Two-bedroom Beach Pool Villa (Photo: Zannier Bãi San Hô)

Only a few meters separate you from the beach: you can choose to swim in the blue waters of the sea, or in your private infinity pool. Share these sweet moments with family or friends by choosing the two-bedroom Beach Pool Villa, for more space and comfort.

Grand Bay Pool Villa

The essence of luxury and comfort at Zannier Bãi San Hô can be found in the Grand Bay Pool Villa. Large accommodations with three- to four-bedroom options, extremely well thought-out for stays with family or friends. They are designed to be spacious and ultra-hospitable. The three-bedroom Grand Bay Pool Villa is built on two levels. Large lounge and common areas, spacious kitchen where you can share convivial meals with the help of a butler if you wish.

The rooms are decorated withlocal arts andcrafts. You’ll find paintings and prints on silk, rattan lighting, Vietnamese ornaments of all kinds… Beautiful personalized cocoons with a peaceful ambience, well integrated into their surroundings. Each pool and terrace gives you the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable moments and views of rice paddies, the bay and the hills.

At 300 m², the four-bedroom Grand Bay Pool Villa is the hotel’s largest. It can accommodate eight adults and several children. There’s a master bedroom with shower and bath, two en suite bedrooms with private bathrooms, a loggia, several outdoor areas and a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the sea. The 225 m² terrace is the centerpiece of this sumptuous cocoon, where you can spend unforgettable moments together…

Large terrace with pool and panoramic views
Large terrace with pool and panoramic views (Photo: Zannier Bãi San Hô)

Wellness through the Five Elements of Life at Zannier Bãi San Hô

Wellness is at the heart of the resort. Here, well-being is based on the five elements of the Universe and Life. You’re off on a journey that brings all your senses to life, body and mind in harmony. Hoa Sen Spa reveals an anthology of holistic Vietnamese therapies, guided by nature and the alchemy of the five principles of existence.

Hoa Sen Spa, Zen and a symbol of wisdom

Literally translated as “Lotus Flower”, the 372 m² Hoa Sen spa is a peaceful wellness sanctuary with a comprehensive approach. It boasts seven treatment cabins (including three duo cabins), several steam rooms and saunas , and a pleasant tea room. Numerous cosy relaxation areas, in a beautiful natural setting, for relaxing breaks. Therapeutic baths, massages of all kinds, traditional beauty rituals, yoga sessions and meditation… Here’s a great opportunity to freeze the moment and detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

One of the seven treatment rooms
One of the seven treatment rooms (Photo: Zannier Bãi San Hô)

Holistic treatments and rituals guided by the Five Elements

The spa offers you its ancestral Vietnamese know-how, based on plants and ancient healing knowledge. At the gateway to well-being, therapists welcome you to share the power and benefits of plants. Holistic treatments in which the five elements are at the heart of these rituals. Balance and the center of your Being become the watchwords of this wellness journey. A perfect tuning of body and mind, inspired by Buddhist philosophy.

Healing with local products
Healing with local products (Photo: Zannier Bãi San Hô)

Here are a few treatments from the wellness brochure, inspired by the five elements:

  • Earth : various holistic therapies based on plants, medicinal herbs, detoxifying mud, ground coffee, sea salt, green tea and rice. Hot stones are also used in certain rituals.
  • Water: ancient forest herbal baths, Hoa Sen Essentials Bath with jasmine, cedar wood and Vietnamese chù dù essential oil. Or Tay Bac balancing bath with ginger.
  • Fire :acupressure treatment to stimulate the flow of divine energy, Tay Bac body treatments using herbs and phytotherapy inspired by ancestral culture. Complete volcanic stone treatments to melt away stress and rebalance energy flows. But also deep-tissue massage.
  • Air : Iced face massage with Vietnamese-influenced fruits, exfoliation using local products, customized treatment for men focusing on yin and yang energies.
  • Ether or Spirit : yoga practices, conscious body movements, breathing and meditation.

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Zannier Bãi San Hô: excellent traditional Vietnamese cuisine

Discover the essence of Vietnamese cuisine in the hotel’s three restaurants. Three culinary experiences to try out regional traditions, on plates bursting with flavor. The bars add a friendly touch to your gastronomic journey. Each restaurant offers authentic recipes, Vietnamese food filled with aromas, sweetness and spices.

Vietnam’s culinary culture in an intimate and friendly atmosphere

Take in the panoramic views from the hilltop restaurant Nhà ở. Menus are served all day in the bright patio or on the terrace. On your plate, you’ll find the flavors of Southeast Asia, generous and full of aromas. A convivial place to share meals with a superb view of the surrounding countryside. The outdoor bar by the main pool is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing drink.

The resort’s traditional restaurant, Bà Haï takes you on a culinary journey inspired by Vietnamese culture. You’ll be immersed in the authentic flavors of Vietnam, in a charming setting dotted with bamboo, rattan and wood… Bà Haï offers four menus and ten dishes to share, honoring the gastronomy of North, Central and South Vietnam.

Located right on the beach, Làng Chài is reminiscent of a fishing village restaurant. Typically Vietnamese, this pretty straw hut built on stilts faces the deep blue sea. So you dine with your feet in the sand! Enjoy menus inspired by land and sea: fresh fish, grilled meats and freshly caught seafood. For more casual dining, a barbecue hut offers wood-fired pizzas and traditional Vietnamese Bánh Mì sandwiches.

Restaurant on the beach
Restaurant on the beach (Photo: Zannier Bãi San Hô)

Hầm Bar, modern and intimate Vietnam

Have a drink at the Hầm Bar, very intimate and modern. A French-Vietnamese fusion serving elaborate cocktails in a rococo decor, with a touch of Indochinese design. Try the spirits, selected sparingly, or a delicious, creative house cocktail devised by our expert mixologists.

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