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Our review : The detox program at Terre Blanche Resort in Provence

What better place in Provence for a detox cure than Terre Blanche, a 5-star resort lost in the beautiful Provencal countryside, just 35 minutes from Cannes, where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are said to have loved staying back in the day! Pascal Languillon, CEO of Luxe Wellness Club, had the opportunity to test Terre Blanche’s new detox program with his family. A warm welcome, professional staff, a gigantic spa – the list of the establishment’s assets is long. One of the resort’s strong points is its exceptional Kid’s Club, which makes for a serene and fulfilling vacation for all. Here’s the story of an extremely pleasant stay in a resort that has everything to please.

One of Europe’s top resorts

Pascal in his traditional suit of lights… in front of the spa entrance (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

I knew Terre Blanche by reputation, through its many awards won each year (Best Resort in France by the readers of Conde Nast Traveller), and the fact that it was formerly Four Seasons-stamped gave me an idea of the resort’s quality. When I arrived in late October 2023, I was immediately struck by the beauty of the green natural setting in such a densely populated region. Terre Blanche is nestled in the hills of Provence, offering breathtaking views of the picturesque countryside. The estate extends over 300 hectares, blending the natural beauty of the region with elegant, refined design.

The entrance to the resort is through a large gate that immediately sets the tone: this is a rare and privileged estate. The various villas, the central building and the spa are dotted around a beautiful wooded area.

The resort is home to two 18-hole golf courses designed by Dave Thomas. These courses, Le Château and Le Riou, are renowned for their exceptional quality and have hosted numerous international tournaments. Terre Blanche is also committed to sustainable development, with initiatives to protect the environment and promote local biodiversity.

The very large heated outdoor pool is truly magnificent! It offers distant views of the wooded hills. I really enjoyed swimming there, even at the very end of October.

A beautiful heated outdoor pool … and the late October sun (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

In addition to golf and spa, the resort offers a variety of activities such as tennis, hiking, cycling and children’s programs, ensuring fun and entertainment for all ages. Le Royaume des Enfants is a paradise dedicated to the very young, offering an unforgettable experience for children aged 2 to 12. The proof: my daughters are still talking to me about it months later!

Designed as a safe, playful space, this kingdom offers a multitude of activities for children to have fun, learn and blossom, while their parents enjoy the resort’s other facilities. My daughters particularly enjoyed the creative workshops, Halloween evenings and golf introductions. The real plus of this Kid’s Club is the very attentive and friendly staff.

The resort’s suites and villas offer comfort, privacy and elegance . Each accommodation is spacious and well appointed with modern amenities. We stayed in the Villa Premier, an oasis of luxury. Spacious and elegantly appointed, its interior design is imbued with Provencal charm , creating a warm, welcoming ambience.

The villa has a master bedroom with a soft, comfortable bed, which gave us a peaceful night’s sleep. The luxurious bathroom features a deep soaking tub and separate extra-large shower. We particularly appreciated the ultra-luxury Valmont cosmetics offered for each person as part of any stay with a detox program: detoxifying and oxygenating facials and a Primary Veil moisturizing mist to take home too. The resort’s generosity in this respect is truly commendable.

As part of the detox program, the room also contains a box of morning and evening herbal teas to aid the detoxification process .

Outside, the private terrace offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a morning coffee or an evening drink, while taking in the natural beauty of Provence…

Virginie observes the view from our terrace (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

An extraordinary spa

The spa building is reminiscent of a Tuscan palace, with two cypress trees and a large fountain. The spa’s spacious reception room opens onto a glass roof through which you can see the indoor swimming pool. There are a total of 14 treatment rooms!

The locker rooms are well-designed and meet all the standards you’d expect from a 5-star hotel. Each locker is equipped with bathrobes and flip-flops. The shower products are top-quality, and there’s also moisturizing body lotion. Bottled water and apples are also available. Once you’ve changed into your swimsuit, it’s time to return to the wetlands.

Superb indoor pool (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

The highlight, of course, is the magnificent indoor pool at the Terre Blanche spa, arguably one of the finest in France. Cathedral ceilings, white columns, large windows overlooking the park… Bathing here is a real pleasure, especially as the water is soft and leaves no chlorinated odors on the skin. I’ve been lucky enough to have this beautiful pool all to myself on several occasions… Ideal for lengths.

At the end of the pool, an ingenious automatic glass system opens onto an open-air Jacuzzi, with water heated to 35°C. A full range of invigorating jets and bubble beds is available. It’s lovely to be surrounded by greenery in the middle of autumn, but still warm. A whole hydrothermal circuit is suggested: these are the vitality sessions as part of the detox program.


Another must-see is the three heated rooms: the Finnish sauna, the steam room and the laconium, as well as the ice fountain, where you can invigorate yourself between sweat sessions. The laconium is heated to 65°C with 20% humidity, so it’s more suitable for those who can’t stand the sauna. These sweating sessions are recommended as part of the detox program.

The spa has 12 individual cabins and 2 private suites, allowing you to enjoy a treatment for two. Massages are performed using 100% natural oils, from a wide selection of relaxing, circulatory and energetic massages.

The Terre Blanche detox program

Terre Blanche’s detox program is a revitalizing experience designed to purify body and mind over a few days or a week. This holistic program combines specialized spa treatments, physical activities and a healthy diet to offer a true wellness cure.

We started our detox program with a meeting with a friendly nutritionist, Rosa, for diet coaching. It’s always interesting to get advice about your lifestyle. As part of the detox program, customers drink a delicious 100% organic Moco cold-pressed juice every day. This cold-pressing process extracts the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

The program includes a series of physical activities adapted to all fitness levels. These activities can include yoga, meditation, Pilates sessions, walks in the picturesque nature of Provence, or even personalized fitness classes. The aim is to stimulate circulation, improve flexibility and strengthen the body. Group classes are offered several times a day, including Aquagym, Aquabike, Body Sculpt, jogging, yoga and pilates. Some classes are held outdoors, in the spa’s garden.

Sports manager Caroline Laurence is lovely, and I’ve really learned some interesting things for my return to my real life: under her advice I bought a Technogym Swissball to improve my posture at the office, and I thank her every day for it.

The heart of the detox program lies in its exclusive spa treatments . These treatments are designed to eliminate toxins, promote relaxation and revitalize the skin. They can include lymphatic massages, body scrubs, wraps and facials using natural and organic products. We loved them all! Special mention for the Signature de la Ruche massage with beeswax and the sweet scent of honey. Heated, it transforms into massage oil… Delicious. Another treatment I loved was the aromatic pouch massage.

For body treatments, the spa uses the KOS Paris cosmetics brand, with its rich, enveloping textures. This range includes only products made from natural ingredients, rich in active ingredients. For facial treatments, the spa turned to Swiss anti-aging brand Valmont.

Healthy, delicious food

Terre Blanche offers a diverse culinary experience with several restaurants and bars. The menus reflect the richness of Provencal cuisine. The resort offers specially designed detox menus to complement the other aspects of the program. These menus are crafted with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, emphasizing balanced, nutritious and delicious dishes.

Michelin-starred Chef Christophe Schmitt has created original, healthy recipes for the detox program. We found the portions more than enough to satisfy our hunger. Sample dishes: Textured carrots with Zaatar spices; Roasted squash with garden herbs, feta and walnuts; Cod steamed with seaweed, spaghetti squash and saffron broth…

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Our feeling

This resort is the perfect destination for those looking to escape to a luxurious setting while enjoying the pleasures of Provencal life. A magnificent spa, attentive staff, quality dietetic cuisine and top-notch sports coaches. A detox program that we loved, thanks also to the possibility of leaving the kids at the wonderful Kid’s Club….What makes the difference here: the staff, very professional and friendly!

Luxe Wellness Club


Prices: from around 500 euros per night for accommodation, and around 500 euros per day per person for the detox program including full board. Benefit from exclusive Luxe Wellness Club advantages: guaranteed room upgrade .

Call us for the USA on +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK on +44 20 4577 3258

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