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Our review: the One&Only Royal Mirage in Dubai

The One & Only Royal Mirage is certainly Dubai’s most legendary resort. With its kilometre-long private beach and oasis atmosphere, it has an unrivalled charm! Famous for its magnificent oriental hammam, it offers a wellness experience rare in the region. Pascal Languillon, CEO of Luxe Wellness Club, tells you all about his stay at The Residence, the most intimate hotel in Dubai, with 50 rooms nestled in the heart of the resort.

Pascal in front of the Résidence swimming pool (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

Dubai’s most legendary resort

Located in the heart of Dubai, the One&Only Royal Mirage stands out as a jewel of the country’s hotel industry, even more than twenty years after its creation. This prestigious establishment, a true emblem of excellence and refinement, extends over a 25-hectare urban estate . At a time when Dubai was only at the dawn of its tourism boom, it took a bold move to build the Royal Mirage in the middle of what was once desert. Today, caught up in the galloping urbanization, the Royal Mirage unfortunately no longer has a horizon (the famous Palm is built opposite), and it is surrounded by skyscrapers and towers under construction… which makes it all the more precious! A little jewel of nature in a sprawling city !

Superb views (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

After staying at the wonderful One&Only the Palm, then the surprising One&Only One Za’abeel, it was time for me to discover Dubai’s very first One&Only… What struck me immediately was its historic charm. It’s funny for a European to talk about history when we’re talking about buildings that are only a couple of decades old, but on the scale of Dubai’s meteoric development, where a luxury hotel opens every week, the One & Only Royal Mirage is part of the legend !

It’s still a must-see sanctuary today, with its kilometer-long private beach, vast lush gardens, and wide range of leisure activities.

This complex is divided into three unique establishments: the majestic Palace, the peaceful Residence where I stayed, and the exotic Arabian Court, each offering a distinct experience to its guests. With meticulously manicured gardens, magnificent pools, a no less sumptuous spa, and a host of restaurants and beach bars, the Royal Mirage has something for everyone.

I was staying at “La Résidence”, which, with only 50 rooms and suites and a dedicated swimming pool, is in fact the most intimate hotel in Dubai. I relished my chance to stay here, because although I liked the other wings of the resort, I didn’t like the other wings, I much preferred the very exclusive atmosphere of the Residence. Nobody in the pool but me… Just a few tables for breakfast, and the sound of birdsong… A rare tranquillity in such a bustling city!

A spa with a magnificent hammam

The other advantage of staying at “The Residence” is that you’ll be right across the street from the spa! The architecture of the latter is remarkable, with its imposing domes, finely crafted arches and detailed decorations reflecting the local cultural heritage. It covers 2,000 square meters on two floors: the treatment rooms are located on the upper floor, while the first floor houses a traditional oriental hammam and a fitness center.

The spectacular hammam (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

When I entered the hammam, I knew immediately that I was in for an exceptional experience, similar to the traditional Moroccan baths. The soft light and majesty of the heated marble table immediately enveloped me in an otherworldly atmosphere.

Dressed in a pestemal, the traditional towel that seemed to retain the heat, I began by acclimatizing to the steamy, hot atmosphere of the hammam. This time is needed to prepare for the purifying experience promised by the ambient steam.

Then the expert hands of the staff, selected from among the most qualified therapists in Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, treated me to a exceptional exfoliation. I loved the black soap cleansing ritual (except when I accidentally got soap in my eyes)! Then it was the turn of a rhassoul body wrap, and finally the ritual moisturizing balm. Washed, shampooed and massaged, it was time for bed!

Gigantic suites

All accommodations are luxurious at One&Only Royal Mirage, and I was lucky enough to stay in one of the nicest categories: an Executive Suite, with its 118 m² of floor space ! It has a terrace where I could admire the lush gardens stretching out before me, a sight that never failed to soothe me.

The Suite room (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

Moments of relaxation continued in the marble bathroom, where I basked in my sumptuous bathtub. For me, these moments were a way to recharge my batteries in luxury and comfort! Special mention for the magnificent shower and its inlaid mosaic. And to round off the day, there was nothing quite like slipping into my king-size bed, a cosy nest that invariably offered a refreshing night’s sleep.

A wonderful culinary experience

The One & Only Royal Mirage boasts a dozen restaurants! I only had time to taste a small portion. Among these, I particularly enjoyed the magnificent iftar evening at the Courtyard. Iftar is the meal Muslims eat every evening at sunset during the fasting month of Ramadan.

The atmosphere was particularly welcoming, with an enveloping warmth mixed with the subdued light of traditional lanterns. The courtyard that welcomed us was a sight to behold: a perfect marriage of modern elegance and traditional touches. The tables sparkled under the carefully arranged lighting… The Iftar buffet, a veritable feast for the senses, stretched out before me in all its splendor. Each dish was an invitation to discover the rich and varied flavors of traditional cuisine. Between the delicately arranged dates, fresh salads, hummus and juicy meats, my palate was in celebration!

Another exceptional moment: breakfast at the Residence. Nestled in the heart of a lush palm grove, the setting is exceptional for Dubai. What a pleasure to hear the birds and watch their aerial ballet, when most of the city’s other 5-star hotels don’t even have outdoor space.

The Résidence buffet is a true celebration of diversity. Precision-cut exotic fruits display a rainbow of colors and flavors. Alongside, local and international cheeses, fine charcuterie and a selection of smoked fish offer a savory temptation, while the golden, crisp pastries promise a sweet delight. The true luxury of a gourmet and refined breakfast.

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The One&Only Royal Mirage has lived up to its reputation as one of Dubai’s legendary resorts. Its beautiful beach, numerous pools and rich and varied range of activities guarantee a relaxing stay. Don’t miss the sublime experience of the traditional Hammam, and opt for the “Residence” for real peace and quiet.

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