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Terme di Saturnia: Tuscan charm and thousand-year-old thermal baths

The Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination hotel is a true place of rejuvenation located on the path of a thousand-year-old spring with many virtues. Cosy rooms, refined decor and tasty Italian cuisine round off any stay at this resort. In addition to its thermal waters, the wellness center includes the Natural Spa, an award-winning Beauty Clinic, fitness, yoga and aesthetic medicine areas, making this destination a must for beauty and wellness in Tuscany.

Cascate del Mulino (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

The skilful marriage of beneficial thermal spring water and Italian luxury

The special attraction of this hotel is its ancestral thermal spring, whose virtuous water feeds the swimming pool. Known to mankind for over 3,000 years, it is famous throughout Italy. A powerful source that fills the pool several times a day. The water then rushes into the pools of the hot springs next to the complex, forming jets of water and torrents. From there, it flows for almost two kilometers through the Saturnia meadows, finally gushing into the limestone to form the iconic waterfalls. We’ll make you want to! The Terme di Saturnia site is breathtaking.

Dive into purifying thermal waters (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

This water traveled underground for 40 years before coming to the surface. It has protective, antioxidant and purifying properties. It is known to act on the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and bone systems. Its constant temperature of 37° and high mineral content make each bath your first treatment.

Terme di Saturnia is located in Tuscany, in the heart of the Maremma, a land of contrasts between wild garrigue and Roman remains.

Pitigliano al tramonto – a pretty village in the region (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

The hotel can be reached from the airports of Rome Fiumicino (150km from the resort) and Pisa (220km). You can also reach the hotel by private flight from Grosseto airport.

A décor that recreates the unique atmosphere of Saturnia’s springs

The five-star hotel has succeeded in integrating seamlessly into this natural environment of stone, earth, light and water. The architecture preserves the style of the region with its ancient structures, while adopting that absolutely delightful Italian elegance.

Superior room (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

The resort offers 124 rooms and suites, with the largest measuring 75m2. The latter are laid out like an apartment, with a marble and travertine bathroom, living room and dining room for total privacy. The rooms are decorated with refinement and warmth.

Large suite with bathroom (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

We were talking about alchemy, and it’s perfect everywhere.

A wellness center combining thermal treatments and innovative techniques

The Beauty Clinic has won numerous awards for its expertise in wellness and spa treatments. Recognized as one of the world’s most innovative beauty centers, our treatments range from massage to aesthetic medicine and naturopathy.

Bathing as first aid (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

Saturnia’s water derives some of its properties from bioplankton. Present in large quantities in spring waters, exfoliating and balancing, it contributes to a healthy cardiovascular system, muscles and bones.

The thermal pool from the air (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

During spa treatments, water is inhaled to clear the bronchi, drunk to detoxify and cleanse the liver in particular, and applied to the skin for its immense exfoliating, nourishing and anti-aging virtues.

A range of cosmetic products has been developed based on this bioplankton. It is used in all the spa’s beauty treatments.

The water is also sulfurous, carbonaceous, sulfated and alkaline. This richness makes it highly beneficial for fragile, sensitive skin, ENT and respiratory problems, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

Body care (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

Drawing on these many assets, the Beauty Clinic offers an extremely wide range of treatments.

Thermal water is used for thermal mud wraps, which are highly effective for osteoarthritis, joint problems and rehabilitation after fractures. Water can also be used for inhalation cures to treat chronic ENT inflammation. It is also the star of the hydroponic cure, designed to regulate the gastrointestinal and hepatic tracts.

All of these treatments are subject to prior consultation with a doctor, in order to draw up the protocol best suited to your needs.

53 treatment cabins for anti-aging and regenerating programs

Duo treatment cabin (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

If you’re more interested in the “beauty” aspect, the Beauty Clinic and Aesthetic Medicine offers a wide range of treatments: hyaluronic acid fillers, Botox injections and micro-injections, bio-stimulation and polydioxanone lifting threads. You benefit from the most advanced anti-aging techniques.

The wellness center also offers cryotherapy sessions for cell regeneration and slimming treatments using CELLU-M6-Alliance technology.

Finally, the holistic approach remains at the heart of Terme di Saturnia’s wellness programs. That’s why we also offer naturopathic consultations, as well as energy treatments and reiki, to help you complete your journey to wellness.

Revitalizing facial (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

We offer a wide range of programs lasting from three to six days.

The Rebalance program is a complete six-day rebalancing program.

It combines physical activity, a balanced diet, spa treatments and beauty to restore your physical and mental energy and shed a few pounds thanks to LPG and detox, for example.

Glam Beauty is a 3-day program dedicated to your skin. Aesthetic consultation, personalized care, LPG endermologie, oxygen infusion, a blend of manual techniques and non-invasive aesthetic technologies to improve skin texture and smooth fine lines.

The Signature Saturnia program is Terme di Saturnia’s ultimate wellness experience. Three days to enjoy the finest natural SPA treatments, including scrubs and plankton, massage, thermal mud wraps and exclusive di Saturnia nourishing treatments.

Don’t hesitate to contact Luxe Wellness Club to find out which Wellness program is right for you.

Italian cuisine in all its facets

Three restaurants will mark out your stay at Terme di Saturnia.

Fine dining at 1919 (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)

The 1919 Restaurant is the hotel’s gourmet restaurant, where local produce is brought to life in tasty, light, wellness cuisine. Trattoria La Stellata is the resort’s latest address. A table that reinterprets traditional flavours in a warm, informal, family atmosphere. Finally, the Drink & Food Library Bar is the place to be for breakfasts and lunches: fruit cocktails, detox juices, teas, infusions… A relaxing corner with an enchanting view of the spring.

The terrace of the 1919 (Photo: Terme di Saturnia)


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