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Six Senses Svart: the first smart and sustainable energy-positive hotel (2024)

Six Senses: the pioneering hotel group reaffirms its forward-looking, aspirational stance for the entire industry with this highly disruptive project that tests our patience to the limit. In fact, we’ll have to wait until 2024 to discover Six Senses Svart, the first positive-energy hotel and the first Six Senses property in Scandinavia.

A hotel at the foot of a glacier, above a fjord

Six Senses did not choose the setting for this absolutely unique hotel by chance. Set course for Norway, on the edge of the Arctic Circle: an exceptional site for observing the fascinating spectacle of nature. Six Senses Svart stands at the foot of the country’s second largest glacier: the impressive Starvisen (370 km²).

In Norse, “Svart” means blue and black, in homage to the glacier’s characteristic hues. The structure was erected on poles above the crystal-clear waters of the Holandsfjorden fjord (Meløy municipality) to ensure a minimal environmental footprint on the seabed and Nordic ecosystems.

The new Six Senses at the foot of the Starvisen colossus (Photo: Six Senses Svart)

An ambition worthy of this exceptional site

This new kind of project a catalyst for the entire industry, will see the light of day in one of the world’s most environmentally sensitive regions. More than just another Six Senses address, this hotel has the means to change the rules of the game. Rich in meaning, it aims to redefine the very notion of travel by combining innovation, technological prowess, carbon neutrality and revolutionary design. Norwegian architects Snøhetta and their partners have come up with Svart, a smart, sustainable building that creates exceptional, virtuous experiences.

Six Senses Svart complies with the highest energy efficiency standards in the northern hemisphere. It aims to meet the environmental standards of the Paris Agreement. Svart marks a turning point on several levels: by demonstrating to industry players that carbon neutrality is achievable and profitable , and by offering customers a new conception of travel: an adventure that is virtuous, enriching and memorable.

A futuristic building in the heart of nature (Photo: Six Senses Svart & Snøhetta)

A project with a positive impact

Six Senses Svart will be the first positive-energy hotel. It willsave 85% energy compared with other hotels, and will generate more energy than is needed for its design and operation. The hotel and its services will be self-sufficient in electricity, independent of the power grid within five years. It also aims to be self-sufficient with its own waste and water management. Collaboration with local sustainable farming and fishing operations will be encouraged.

Without going into technical considerations, the Six Senses Svart design incorporates a number of processes to ensure self-sufficiency. The roof of the building, for example, has been covered with solar panels manufactured in Norway. The location of the rooms, restaurants and terraces has been meticulously studied to make the mostof the sun’s energy, depending on the season and time of day.

The first energy-positive hotel (Photo: Six Senses Svart & Snøhetta)

Futuristic design for authenticity

This notion oftechnological innovation serving preserving nature, spaces and authenticity is at the heart of the Six Senses Svart approach. The seemingly futuristic design is also inspired by the local structures used by fishermen: “fiskehjell” and “rorbue”. Six Senses Svart is striking not only for its unique location, but also for its almost surreal ring-shaped form, set lightly at the foot of the glacier. Here, innovation is combined with raw, organic materials with low environmental impact.

Front row seats (Photo: Six Senses Svart & Snøhetta)

The building’s circular shape goes beyond aesthetic considerations. It creates an effect of transparency, an openness to evolve in full awareness in connection with this pristine nature. Panoramic views are maximized, and this configuration increases the distance between rooms, contributing to the feeling of intimacy.

For even greaterexclusivity and personalization, 94 rooms equipped with contactless technology Svart Touch technology. This allows customers to modulate ambience, temperature and brightness as they wish. A true bubble of well-being.

Six Senses Svart cradle of conscious-traveling

According to official press releases, the new sustainability showcase will include an Earth Lab dedicated to raising awareness, and an educational Svart Design Lab that will act as anincubator for innovation.

The Marketplace, the zero-waste restaurant , will blur the lines between the various links and stakeholders to create an engaging and stimulating environment.

Six Senses Svart offers more than just an experience, it’s a truly virtuous adventure in the heart of unspoilt nature and incomparable flora and fauna. Beyond its design prowess, this facility has a profound educational impact. Designed to inspire and (re)awaken awareness, Six Senses Svart has the power to change mindsets, enabling tomorrow’s traveler to contribute to sustainable growth without compromising onultra-comfort and modernity.

On the road to well-being (Photo: Six Senses Svart & Snøhetta)

Nordic wellness by the book

Wellness is intrinsically linked to the Svart concept of caring. Self-sufficiency, a minimal environmental footprint, respect for local flora and fauna, a rich but virtuous experience for its customers, Six Senses Svart responds to the various dimensions of the notion of well-being.

To experience it for yourself, head for Svart Spa Health & Wellness Clinic. Designed over two floors and divided into three discovery zones: Active, Wet and Quiet. The Six Senses Svart Spa will feature state-of-the-art equipment and wearable technologies. The perfect alliance between traditional Nordic remedies and modern therapies to anticipate the ever-changing consumer aspirations. The local dimension will be expressed by supporting local communities in the sourcing of herbs, plants and marine resources for Svart spa treatments.

Each zone will have its own olfactory signature to stimulate your senses and encourage movement and exploration, while creating a sense of well-being and serenity.

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