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Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain: rediscovering well-being in China

Well-being is intimately linked to spirituality, and beyond the Six Senses hallmark, what attracts us to this establishment is the journey offered, both an inner journey and, above all, culture in the cradle of Taoism. Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain is located at the entrance to Dujiangyan Nature Reserve, an exceptional UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can walk in the footsteps of explorer Marco Polo and watch the pandas… Try your hand at adventure in this sacred place where old and new worlds magically meet. A beautiful address off the beaten track.

Tradition and modernity: harmony restored

Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain is a sanctuary. Located an hour from China’ s Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport(CTU) , the resort is your gateway to the majestic mountains of the same name in Sichuan province.

On the road to rejuvenation (Photo: Six Senses)

These mountains are home to a UNESCO World Heritage site: the Dujiangyan irrigation system, known as one of the oldest in the world, built over 2,000 years ago.

They are also home to numerous Taoist temples, the best preserved of which is the Jiànfu Gõng temple, where around a hundred monks still live. Last but not least, they are the sanctuary of the Sichuan Giant Panda, which you can get up close to during your visits. On nearby Mount Emei, visitors can admire the world’s largest stone-carved Buddha. This short list is just a taste of the many unique experiences and cultural discoveries the region has to offer.

A cultural voyage of many experiences (Photo: Six Senses)

While honouring its commitment In keeping with the Six Senses Group’s values of responsible luxury, the hotel is inspired by the neighboring buildings and is respectfully integrated into the site. The villas and suites have been designed with the village in mind, and the architecture celebrates sustainable woods, rattan and materials found in traditional homes. This virtuous design, in harmony with this exceptional setting, makes Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain a journey imbued with meaning.

Presidential Villa and exterior (Photo: Six Senses)

Even the most modern elements blend so seamlessly that the notion of time seems fluid. The main pool is located in the heart of the Six Senses village and its magnificent surroundings. Another large heated and covered swimming pool lets you enjoy baths all year round. The sumptuous Six Senses Spa will rebalance your Qi (energy) with treatments drawn from the Taoist tradition. The state-of-the-art fitness room offers workouts tailored to your needs and abilities.

The Kid’s Club(Grow with Six Senses) will also take your children on a journey through the rich cultures of Sichuan. Resolutely family-friendly, Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain offers children’s cooking classes, a private cinema in the gardens, organic garden discovery workshops and a variety of games.

A cinema offers regular evening screenings, but you can also enjoy quiet moments in the hotel’s magnificent library. Welcome to a timeless placethat promises tranquility, authentic luxury, nourishment for the spirit and a rejuvenating escape.

A Taoist symphony in your suite

Among its many practices, the wisdom defended and embodied by Taoism is reflected in the mantra “follow the same path as nature“. A return to our roots, to authenticity as an ideal of carefreeness, spontaneity and individual freedom, a return to the cycle of nature.

As a result, the resort’s rooms, suites and detached houses are all furnished in noble materials, bright, sober tones, with exposed beams and high ceilings for an atmosphere of calm and lightness.

The suites are designed to be enjoyed individually or to create memories with family and friends, forming a kind of private community. For example, a set of four suites can open onto a central courtyard, like a private garden. 102 suites welcome you with their own view, garden or private courtyard, depending on how your stay suits you. From 78 m² to 120 m² in some cases, the suites with garden or courtyard are little jewels in themselves.

Outdoor areas of a pool villa (Photo: Six Senses)

19 villas with private garden or pool are also available at the resort. Just like traditional houses…but much larger, from 212 m² for the smallest to 330 m² for the largest.

All villas have two bedrooms, while the larger ones have a private kitchen and dining room, a games room and magnificent outdoor spaces or terraces.

The Presidential Villa features 4 suites and a dedicated room for your butler. The villa’s swimming pool is heated. Fully-equipped kitchen, dining room, library, wine cellar, spa room on site. All bathrooms overlook the outdoor gardens, and this villa offers the ultimate in exclusivity and privacy.

A 1,700 m² spa to restore unity

The corridor leading to the circular, open spa (Photo: Six Senses)

As throughout the resort, this alliance between contemporary and Taoist tradition is perfectly orchestrated. For the Tao, all things are unified and connected. At the Six Senses Qing Cheng Spa, all ten treatment rooms overlook waterfalls and gardens– a true connection to nature! Treatments combine local rituals and Six Senses signature treatments for an enriched approach to well-being.

Haven of serenity: treatment cabin (Photo: Six Senses)

The spa also features a men’s and women’s sauna and hammam, a communal relaxation area, a Tai Chi garden, a yoga and meditation studio, not to mention the aforementioned gym and indoor pool.

A yoga class between purification and listening to oneself (Photo: Six Senses)

In terms of treatments, treatments such as Gua Sha promote circulation and reactivate the body’s metabolic functions. Thanks to an ancestral treatment technique that uses palpation and stimulation of the epidermis by pressure from a rounded-edged instrument, a kind of pebble, you’ll discover Sha. The sha hand is the one that applies pressure. This treatment may cause tiny red spots that fade quickly. This is a good sign that your sha has been effective and is boosting your blood circulation! Blood stagnation is considered pathogenic in Chinese medicine.

Tui Na is a Chinese manipulative technique based on Taoist principles. It helps restore the body’s overall balance, balancing Ho (support, compensation) and Sha (support, power) as in certain Shiatsu practices. Moxibustion, a traditional Chinese treatment discovered over a thousand years ago, uses moxa (dried plant material) to stimulate pressure points, invigorate and balance qi (energy) and treat existing or developing health problems.

Facial massage and targeted pressure (Photo: Six Senses)

And let’s not forget Sublime Skin Deluxe Lift, a deep-acting anti-aging facial that regenerates, prevents and corrects.

True to its connection with and roots in the surrounding natural environment, Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain makes the most of local plants in its treatments , such as the green tea scrub with natural rice pearls, or even local honey.

Indoor heated pool with large picture windows (Photo: Six Senses)

At the spa, you can also discover the healing properties of many of the herbs, spices and ingredients used in spa products during wellness workshops at the Alchemy Bar.

Tai Chi session at Puzha Temple (Photo: Six Senses)

Yoga and tai chi prolong the beneficial, anti-aging effects of your treatments. Tai chi classes are held at the magnificent Puzha temple, followed by a Zen tea ceremony. Don’t hesitate to contact us to choose the treatment rituals that suit you best. Preventive Chinese medicine is at your fingertips in this award-winning spa to activate the healing powers of Taoism while aligning your qi.

The refinement of Chinese cuisine

Six Senses’ four restaurants offer a choice of local or international cuisine. From garden to table, the vegetables, condiments and herbs used are all sourced from the hotel’s own kitchen garden. Other products are largely sourced from local communities, as part of Six Senses’ ongoing commitment to offering the best products to its guests while having a positive impact on the local economy.

The resort’s organic garden (Photo: Six Senses)

To savor these delicacies, ten locations throughout the resort offer a variety of enchanting experiences.

  • Farm to fork is THE restaurant that only works with garden produce and local products. Taste the rhythm of the seasons.
  • Zi Qi Yuan will be your rendezvous for fine Chinese cuisine. Inspired by the Sichuan region you’re in, you’ll also discover Cantonese, Jiangsu and Shandong cuisine.
The Moon Bar (Photo: Six Senses)
  • Treat yourself to THE View, the rooftop of Thai restaurant Sala Thaï. Breathtaking views and an intimate experience in total harmony with cuisine inspired by the Chiang Mai and Phuket regions.
  • Then you’ll stroll between The Square, the tea room where you’ll discover extremely delicate teas, and the LadyBug Hotpot Hut and its bamboo “street restaurant” style, absolutely delicious thanks to the ultra-fresh produce sourced exclusively from the organic garden. Your taste for cocktails will be satisfied at the Moon Bar. And if you’re staying in a private villa, you’ll be able to dine in the privacy of your own villa, with a service that’s totally dedicated to you!

For the ultimate in personalized service, you can choose to dine exclusively vegetarian during your stay…or perhaps try the “Special Caviar Tasting” experience: a dinner in a private room for a tasting of caviar and fusion cuisine between East and West.

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