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Sha Wellness Clinic’s Leaders Performance program

For many years, the world’s top decision-makers have placed their trust in Sha Wellness Clinic to take care of their physical and mental health. The benchmark medical spa was able to respond appropriately to their most crucial and personal aspirations, winning them over with its innovative approach combining integrative medicine, natural therapy and healthy eating. Sha Wellness Clinic has recently designed a program dedicated to them: Leaders Performance. Ambre Vénissac, Travel Designer at Luxe Wellness Club, tells you all about it.

Sha Wellness Clinic: the health partner for decision-makers

Who better than Sha Wellness Clinic to think up and design a wellness package dedicated to leaders? After years of working alongside them, Sha Wellness Clinic recently unveiled a program for people in decision-making positions. The goal? Take time for your health in an overloaded schedule to preserve your health,increase your performance andoptimize your productivity.

Constant quest for productivity (Unsplash)

This program is therefore aimed at individuals who are subject to high levels of stress and activity, who are responsible for making informed and strategic decisions, and who wish to achieve their health goals and optimize their performance in a hectic daily life punctuated by business travel.

Overconnection (Source: Unsplash)

A condensed formula for maximum efficiency

It’s often a challenge for individuals to find and make time for their well-being. All the more so when you hold a position of responsibility. That’s why Sha Wellness Clinic has put together an intensive 7-day package combining the most effective scientific and holistic medical treatments and methodologies for which it is renowned, for optimum performance on both physical and mental levels. Once again, one of Sha Wellness Clinic’s strengths is its ability to take a cross-disciplinary approach to wellness.

Main areas of work

If you opt for this program, you’ll see that it is built around several key , complementary components :

  • the medical axis: including consultations for general medicine, revitalizing medicine, cardiology, dermo aesthetics, advanced preventive diagnosis, hormone assessment, ECG, dental health diagnosis, initial emotional breathing assessment, Performance Biological Profile and Oxytest, stress management session, ozone therapy and serum, hair health assessment, neurocognitive assessment, etc.
  • nutrition: consultation with an expert in nutrition and natural therapies, development of a tailor-made nutritional program, natural therapeutic drinks on prescription, nutritional follow-up, etc.
  • natural therapies such as: osteopathy and physiotherapy consultations and sessions, integrated bioenergy assessment with electromagnetic field mapping, traditional Chinese medicine sessions, colon hydrotherapies, infrared heat…
  • wellness , including a transformative breathing session, underwater therapy, hydro-energetic detox treatment, lymphatic drainage or detoxifying seaweed wrap, access to the hydrotherapy circuit
  • The transformative breathing session is accompanied by a psychological follow-up by the two inspiring women behind the Breathing Well package: yoga and mindfulness teacher Salomé and psychologist Cinthya Molina Garcia. You’ll learn to feel your breath and become aware of its power to liberate and moderate your emotions. Breathing is an invaluable key to stress management and a lever of resilience for coping with the more or less comfortable situations we encounter along the way.
  • physical activity and preparation, including functional assessment with a trainer, and training sessions (stretching, body tone, aquagym, HIIT, TRX, Pilates, etc.)
  • The Healthy Living Academy: educational content

Example 1: Images of a Chinese medicine consultation

During my stay at Sha Wellness Clinic, I was able to discover some of the therapies recommended as part of the Leaders Performance package, such as the Chinese medicine consultation. I was taken care of by Beatriz Rubio Sola.

She carried out a clinical examination according to the principles of Chinese medicine: color and appearance of the tongue, taking the pulse, and asking me questions. I was struck by the specialist’s great intuition . Her advice resonated with me, she shows great enthusiasm, humanity and sees you in your integrity.

TCM principles

A beautiful encounter with yourself that continues with a treatment, in my case an acupuncture session with an electromagnetic heating lamp. Specialist Beatriz Rubio Sola positions the needles painlessly to work on the areas to be rebalanced.

As part of the Leaders Performance program, you’ll meet her several times, and before you leave, she’ll give you invaluable advice, leaving you feeling re-energized.

Example 2: Images of a functional assessment

I had the opportunity to be followed by Luis, a passionate runner. After carrying out a functional assessment with a very keen eye and approach to human anatomy, we created a personal session adapted to my practice (vinyasa, surfing, running, walking and dancing), my aptitudes and my needs (based on the advanced preventive diagnosis).

Book SHA Wellness Clinic (with exclusive benefits)

Rates: a minimum of 6,000-7,000 euros for a single person for a week, around 11,000-12,000 euros for a couple. It is advisable to book a few weeks in advance, as the establishment is often fully booked.

Exclusive benefits for Luxe Wellness Club guests staying a minimum of 7 nights:

  • free room upgrade subject to availability
  • one 50-minute massage per person
  • possibility of arriving earlier and leaving later than the official check-in/check-out time.

Benefit from our expertise on this establishment and our advice on how to book a stay at SHA Wellness Clinic :

Call us for the USA on: +1 (646) 980 6652to discuss your stay, or +44 20 4577 3258 for the UK.

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