SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico: the best medi-spa in the Americas

Set off for an exceptional wellness destination north of the Riviera Maya, opposite Isla Mujeres, Mexico! The brand-new SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico opens its doors in January 2024! This luxury wellness resort extends over seven hectares of unspoilt wilderness. In perfect harmony with dreamy landscapes, Mayan culture and health, SHA Mexico offers a complete range of wellness and medical analyses and programs, all in a heavenly setting.

A paradise setting for wellness retreats (Photo: SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico)

Exceptional natural beauty combined with Mayan cultural heritage

SHA Mexico is located just 30 minutes from Cancún airport. Surrounded by lush flora and fauna, the resort is surrounded by endless white sand and crystal-clear waters. With half a kilometer of pristine white beaches and a cenote, this place becomes an unspoilt natural gem in the Quintana Roo region. Underwater, an incredibly rich ecosystem is revealed! Opposite the beach lies the largest coral reef in the northern hemisphere. Protected local marine species evolve here, offering you a breathtaking underwater spectacle. Colonies of birds fly overhead, while turtles lay their eggs in the warm sand. All this adds a poetic touch to this heavenly setting.

Finally, the privileged location plunges you into the heart of Mayan culture. The Mayans considered Isla Mujeres to be sacred. There are archaeological remains and an ancient civilization to explore.

SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico: luxurious, eco-friendly design

Discover a brand-new establishment entirely dedicated to well-being, where style is an experience in its own right. The design of SHA Mexico was entrusted to two eminent figures: the famous Mexican architectural firm, Sordo Madalenoand the remarkable interior designer Alejandro Escudrero. Built at different heights, the hotel is surrounded by gardens and blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings, thanks to its meticulous design from the inside out. The complex’s spaces are designed to perfection, with luxurious finishes.

However, SHA Mexico’s approach is based on sustainability. On the one hand, the designers sought to reduce the impact on the environment by favoring renewable energies. On the other hand, a carefully considered approach has led to the clever use of materials such as marble, Mexican ceramics, wicker and native fabrics, contributing to a decor that is both natural and local. Last but not least, all the landscaping was carried out by Maat Handasa, who meticulously designed the exterior spaces, paying particular attention to the preservation of local species. The result is a fusion of luxury, elegance and respect for the environment.

Exclusive accommodations in the Mexican Caribbean

Accommodation SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico
Bright, tastefully decorated accommodation (Photo: SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico)

At SHA Mexico, you’ll discover 100 suites and 35 remarkable residences and rooms. Combining well-being and pleasure, these luxurious cocoons reach new heights. Fusing contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship, this sanctuary of well-being has been designed to ensure that every detail provides unrivalled comfort.

SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico room
A spacious, elegant room (Photo: SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico)

Situated in a secluded part of the region, SHA Mexico offers exceptional accommodation with suites and residences on the seafront. Immersed in tropical gardens, the accommodations offer panoramic views over the turquoise waters of Mexico’s Caribbean coast. All these luxurious cocoons have private balconies, and some have magnificent infinity pools and beach access.

Terrace SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico
Cosy terraces with sea views (Photo: SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico)

SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico: an integrative and holistic method for full health

Following in the footsteps of SHA Spain, named the world’s best wellness clinic in 2023 at the World Spa Awards, SHA Mexico is shaping up to be an exceptional wellness destination too!

Treatment room with view (Photo: SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico)

The SHA method

At the SHA Wellness Clinic, discover an unprecedented approach to wellness, bringing together a variety of tools to maximize your potential. Our expert health and wellness team brings together all the methods to help you develop your inner resources to the full. This holistic approach integrates a range of disciplines, called the SHA Method, including :

  • Health Nutrition: Healthy eating for energy and balance.
  • Natural therapies: Natural treatments to promote your well-being and strengthen your immune system.
  • Healthy Living Academy: Practical training for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • Healthy Ageing: To slow down the process of cellular degeneration and prevent (or reverse) premature ageing.
  • Regenerative Medicine: Innovative approaches to stimulate cell regeneration.
  • Revitalizing medicine: Treatments to restore energy and vitality.
  • Aesthetic Medicine: Carefully designed aesthetic procedures for natural beauty.
  • Inner Balance: Practices for cultivating serenity and emotional stability.
  • The Science of Fitness: Training programs adapted to your needs and objectives.
  • Cognitive Stimulation: Exercises to boost mental clarity and concentration.

Each of these pillars is carefully integrated into the SHA method. You’ll enjoy a holistic experience that goes beyond simple relaxation, as these programs aim to revitalize your body and mind in a holistic way.

Health experts SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico
You are accompanied by health professionals (Photo: SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico)

SHA Wellness Clinic, a worldwide reference in health programs

SHA Wellness Clinic’s worldwide reputation is based on its holistic approach, exceptional scope, quality offering and state-of-the-art facilities. Accompanied by a team of multidisciplinary experts, the clinic offers meticulously tailored health programs. “Optimal Weight”, “Detox”, or the complete “Intensive”, a clever combination of “Optimal Weight” and “Detox”. For those who aspire to healthy aging, Healthy Ageing is designed to meet your specific needs. Finally, discover “Rebalance”, a holistic program designed to reharmonize your body and mind.

The art of health nutrition at SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico

At the heart of the SHA Mexico experience, nutrition is of paramount importance. It’s more than just a necessity, it’s a philosophy. Good health begins with a healthy, balanced diet. In this way, gastronomy at SHA Mexico harmoniously complements the full range of wellness offerings.

Restaurant SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico
A restaurant with a refined design (Photo: SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico)

The culinary program at SHA Mexico is individually tailored to each customer. At the main SHAmadi restaurant, menus are prepared using local, organic and seasonal ingredients. The plates are sophisticated, colorful and healthy. Unlike the Spanish center, SHA Mexico will also offer a unique gastronomic experience with Earthy, a second restaurant dedicated essentially to the delights of the sea.

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