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Our Habitas Santa Teresa: Connection and awakening in Costa Rica

Our Habitas Santa Teresa in Costa Rica will open its doors in 2024! We can already imagine this tropical paradise, designed for lovers of well-being and adventure! This establishment is ideal for travelers looking fora luxury experience in a natural setting. Luxe Wellness Club invites you to discover this exclusive hotel, perfectly balanced between relaxed luxury and untamed nature.

Tropical paradise (Photo: Our Habitas Santa Teresa)

Our Habitas Santa Teresa: a tropical retreat between jungle and paradise beaches

A new dream oasis is about to open its doors on Costa Rica’s magnificent Pacific coast. Imagine your feet in the sand on a private beach, facing a brilliant blue ocean, while behind you stretches a lush jungle. This is the essence of the experience offered by Our Habitas Santa Teresa, a jewel nestled between heaven and earth.

Located on the Nicoya Peninsula, this region provides the perfect combination of heavenly beaches and lush rainforest. But Santa Teresa is best known for its surf spots! Indeed, this corner of paradise attracts surf enthusiasts from all over the world, thanks to its remarkable waves. The green hills and beaches of the peninsula also provide a spectacular backdrop for this seaside destination. From surfing at Playa Santa Teresa to hiking in the Cabo Blanco nature reserve, there’s something for everyone!

Cozy natural cocoons under the palm trees

Our Habitas Santa Teresa is the perfect setting for eco-sustainable retreats. In harmony with nature, the facility favors the use of natural and organic materials, minimizing its impact on the environment. From thatched roofs to breathable walls, every detail is designed to create a luxurious experience without compromising sustainability. If you’re looking for a memorable, eco-conscious adventure, this is the place to come!

Room overlooking the beach (Photo: Our Habitas Santa Teresa)

The luxury rooms and tents at Our Habitas Santa Teresa are carefully integrated into the landscape. They are nestled under palm trees and surrounded by lush greenery, just a stone’s throw from the beach. On the private terrace, the gentle murmur of the waves mingles with exotic birdsong.

Cozy accommodations using natural materials (Photo: Our Habitas Santa Teresa)

Awakening and connecting: Holistic well-being at Our Habitas Santa Teresa

Our Habitas Santa Teresa offers a range of treatments and rituals created for human connection, spiritual awakening and regeneration. Wellness is approached holistically. In fact, it encourages self-exploration by awakening concentration and motivation, on both a physical and energetic level.

Well-being permeates every aspect of the complex. You’ll find a varied program that includes daily movement and meditation activities. For example, yoga sessions in yoga shala or meditations. But also invigorating experiences in the cold baths, relaxing moments in the sauna and whirlpool, and refined spa treatments. What’s more, the experiences on offer include revitalizing bootcamps and bootcamp training courses, adding a dynamic dimension to your stay. In short, these activities aim to enhance your overall well-being, creating a balance between body and mind within this tropical retreat.

A wellness retreat in the jungle (Photo: Our Habitas Santa Teresa)

Finally, off-site excursions are an extension of this wellness experience, with opportunities to explore secluded beaches on horseback, mountain bike adventures through the jungle, and wilderness escapades. As an added bonus, you’ll have the freedom to indulge in water activities such as paddle boarding, fishing, diving and, of course, surfing.

Suawe, exquisite cuisine

“Suawe” takes its name from the indigenous Bribi language, meaning “exquisite” in Costa Rica. This restaurant offers a menu blending nature’s treasures with ancestral wood-fired cooking techniques. Suawe celebrates the region’s culinary wealth. The gastronomic experience it offers is a subtle tribute to local flavors. In this way, the restaurant invites everyone to feel an authentic connection through every bite.

The restaurant and beachside relaxation area (Photo: Our Habitas Santa Teresa)

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