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New sexual health unit by Sha Wellness Clinic

Our latest visit to the Sha Wellness Clinic was also an opportunity to talk to the professionals in charge of the new unit dedicated to sexual health. Once again, Sha Wellness Clinic demonstrates its resolutely integrative, multidisciplinary approach. What is the purpose of this service and what support is offered?

Sexual well-being as an expression of health status

Why is Sha Wellness Clinic, a medical spa and health reference, venturing into the field of sexual health? In the end, it seems quite natural. The starting point for the Sha Wellness Clinic teams is that sexual well-being is a manifestation of general health. And as life expectancy increases, so does the length of sexual life. It’s not uncommon to make a fresh start, to meet a new love at the age of 60, to face hormonal changes. How can we support patients during these structuring moments in their lives?

Philosophy of the sexual health unit

Sha Wellness Clinic’s aim is to enable patients and residents to live a fulfilling sexual life in a healthy body. This new unit looks at sexual well-being from a physiological, hormonal, emotional and psychological perspective. Sha Wellness Clinic combines sexual well-being with the health objectives of its patients, far beyond the bioidentical hormone therapy already offered (in the treatment of peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms, for example).

This health unit is therefore based onhormonal and sexual optimization, while encouraging emotional well-being. It is dedicated to the study of sexual function and well-being. The new center is headed by Cinthya Molina Garcia (psychologist). True to Sha Wellness Clinic’s DNA, this unit uses a cross-disciplinary approach to optimize the foundations on which desire, self-esteem and sexual function are built and flourish.

Content and schedule

As mentioned above, the emotional dimension plays a key role in this approach. It begins with a discussion and consultation with Cinthya Molina to take stock of the patient’s physical, emotional and psychological state. At the same time, we encourage them to approach the subject of sexuality and sexual well-being more freely, just like other aspects of their health.

This diagnostic phase is followed by a neuro-endocrine axis assessment to evaluate the hormonal functioning of the patient’s body. Hormones control so many essential functions and reactions. They have an impact on sexual well-being, as well as on the cardiovascular and digestive systems.

Urology consultation (Sha Wellness Clinic)

Following the specialists’ conclusions, other disciplines can be mobilized to optimize hormonal and sexual function. In particular: gynecology,urology, regenerative medicine (stem cells),endocrinology, aesthetic gynecology, male erectile dysfunction treatments or pelvic floor strengthening using specialized physiotherapy.

Spotlight on leading treatments

Even if each case is different, we can only invite you to contact us to set up the right support for your needs. We feel it’s important to share with you, below, some of the treatments proposed to address the issues raised by sexual well-being.

The tests & diagnostics section includes, for example:

  • a standard analysis
  • a genetic test
  • transvaginal ultrasound
  • a mammogram

Among the most popular treatments:

Aesthetic gynecology improves vaginal vascularization and collagen production through cutting-edge techniques and the use of non-invasive radiofrequency and fractional laser.

For example:

  • Emfemme Non-invasive radiofrequency procedure for the treatment of vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction. Evenly distributed heat in the vaginal area (internal or external) increases local blood circulation and remodeling of elastin and collagen fibers.

  • Emsella Emsella: treatment to stimulate the pelvic floor area with deep electromagnetic contractions toimprove blood circulation in the area and help restore neuromuscular control. Recommended for urinary and/or fecal incontinence in men and women, erectile dysfunction or extreme pelvic floor weakness.

  • TIAI session pelvic floor physiotherapy that stimulates the nerve cells, musculoskeletal tissues and blood vessels in this area to treat sexual alterations and dysfunctions naturally and painlessly.

  • Intimate Female Rejuvenation A non-surgical laser-based genital rejuvenation procedure that prevents infections, improves the pelvic floor and reduces urinary incontinence. It’s an advanced technology for the complete restoration of a woman’s intimate health.

  • High-intensity inductive treatment Neuromodulatory treatment using high-density magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells, musculoskeletal tissue and blood vessels to produce anti-inflammatory, analgesic, tonic and tissue-regenerating effects.

  • Manly treatment with longitudinal shockwaves Treatment used to improve deficient erectile function. This technique, which is not insensitive, is painless and takes place according to different protocols (continuous or intermittent) with sessions lasting around 15 minutes. Low-intensity radial waves (up to 40 mm) are applied directly to the surface to be treated, causing a tilting microtrauma that improves circulation and generates blood vessels not previously present. It is only contraindicated in the case of anticoagulant treatment.

Sha Wellness Clinic mobilizes regenerative medicine to treat erectile dysfunction using stem cells. It involves the application of stem cells and autologous platelet-rich plasma to the corpora cavernosa of the male member.

Sha Wellness Clinic, the benchmark for health and longevity, reaffirms its commitment to helping patients add years to their lives and quality of life to their years. Without taboo or judgement, through advanced techniques and protocols with an integrative approach to well-being that considers the physical, psychic, hormonal and emotional aspects.

Book SHA Wellness Clinic (with exclusive benefits)

Rates: a minimum of 6,000-7,000 euros for a single person for a week, around 11,000-12,000 euros for a couple. We recommend booking a few weeks in advance, as the establishment is often fully booked.

Exclusive benefits for Luxe Wellness Club guests staying a minimum of 7 nights:

  • free room upgrade subject to availability
  • one 50-minute massage per person
  • possibility of arriving earlier and leaving later than the official check-in/check-out time.

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