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My Arbor: wellness hotel perched in the trees in the Dolomites

Welcome to My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel in the Dolomites. A place where elegance meets the serenity of nature. Inspired by the quiet power of trees, this establishment invites you to recharge your batteries in the heart of the Italian mountains. You’ll sleep in the peaks, dream above the clouds and let go in one of the saunas surrounded by shades of green. My Arbor is the ideal place for a wellness break in the heart of nature.

An idyllic location close to nature (Photo: My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel)

Exceptional nature in the heart of South Tyrol, Italy

Do you dream of staying high up in a tree, surrounded by nature? If so, My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel has what you’re looking for. This enchanting tree-top hotel offers a unique experience in a quiet, peaceful forest. You’ll find it in the tranquil mountains of South Tyrol, close to the charming town of Bressanone (Brixen) in north-east Italy. This true haven of peace is in perfect harmony with its surroundings, making it the ideal getaway for nature and wellness lovers.

When it comes to well-being, the My Arbor hotel makes it a priority. With such an idyllic location, first-rate spa facilities and a range of soothing treatments, it undoubtedly offers a superb experience for relaxation and rejuvenation. After all, what could be better than relaxing in the great outdoors?

The beauty of winter landscapes (Photo: My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel)

My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel: a place of elegance and harmony in the heart of a peaceful forest

The hotel is distinguished by its unique architecture, erected on stilts at a height of 25 meters, skillfully merging with the forest canopy. The 104 suites offer the enchanting sensation of being suspended amidst lush greenery and majestic fir tree tops. My Arbol is the brainchild of Markus Huber, his family and architect Gerhard Tauber. As you can see, the design stands out for its authentic luxury and remarkable elegance. It is characterized by meticulous finishes in harmony with the soul of the region on the outside, but also on the inside thanks to wood, glass, delicate fabrics such as linen, or ceramic tiles with a stone effect.

Cozy cocoons (Photo: My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel)

You’ll feel right at home in this hotel. It’s a place where you’ll naturally want to cocoon, to melt into a bubble of well-being to the rhythm of the surrounding nature. It’s an oasis of tranquility, where every detail is carefully thought out to offer you a warm and soothing experience, in perfect harmony with nature.

Add to this a welcoming team, ensuring that every guest is pampered during their stay. Finally, the hotel’s proximity to the ski slopes makes it the ideal location for a memorable winter vacation. It should be noted, however, that this establishment is for adults only.

Cozy cocoons suspended in the trees

My Arbor room - Plose Wellness Hotel
Beautiful room with mountain views (Photo: My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel)

You’ll have the chance to stay in a real cosy nest. Each accommodation is carefully designed to envelop you in the comfort and absolute calm of the forest. Here, you can dream peacefully while listening to the soft whisper of the wind through the branches, while the clouds float above, creating an atmosphere of unrivalled serenity. Each room and suite is an intimate, soothing refuge.

The My Arbor hotel offers a selection of exceptional suites, each offering a unique experience for two. These include the Nest Suite, Hangout Suite and Treetop Suite, ranging in size from 38 m² to 100 m². However, the Treetop Suite is even more luxurious, featuring a terrace with an outdoor hot tub and its own private sauna.

In each room, a soft bed invites you to relax, while large windows offer breathtaking views of peaks and trees. You can also enjoy the fresh air from the balcony, with its breathtaking view over the Eisack valley, imbued with the heady scent of larch trees. The interior of the suites is characterized by a combination of natural colors, charming style and a warm atmosphere, perfectly reflecting the character of the mountains.

A lovely bathroom with private sauna (Photo: My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel)

Whichever suite you choose, your stay at My Arbor will be marked by unrivalled comfort, elegant design and breathtaking panoramic views.

Wellness lurks beyond the treetops

Open the doors to well-being at My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel. It’s a place where you melt harmoniously into the present moment. The spa immerses you in all the elements, and so begins your relaxation. It’s here and now that your inner and outer dimensions come together, where silence envelops you and nature merges with you.

An ideal place to get together (Photo: My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel)

The My Arbor sauna experience – Plose Wellness Hotel

In My Arbor’s saunas, light drops of steam graze your skin while calm envelops your mind. For deep relaxation, five unique saunas are available in the 2,500 m² spa area. A true refuge for all seasons.

The different saunas are :

  • The Bio-sauna at 60° with 40-50% humidity.
  • Wood-fired Sauna at 80° with 10-20% humidity.
  • The Forest Sauna at 90° with 10-20% humidity.
  • Steam bath at 45° with 99% humidity.
  • Sauna in the pool area at 40° with 40% humidity.

What’s more, it’s mountain spring water that you’ll hear crackling as it evaporates on the stones! Finally, to regulate the heat, the sauna master uses snowballs impregnated with essential oils. Every cell in your body is revitalized, while every fiber of your being is revived. Deep relaxation on all levels…

In addition, each sauna session can be complemented by sensory rituals called “Infusions“. These rituals transcend your moment of relaxation by adding enchanting fragrances, soothing melodies and subtle vibrations, plunging you into a bubble of absolute relaxation. These scents add to the experience and instantly soothe your mind.

Sauna My Arbor - Plose Wellness Hotel
One of the saunas and its breathtaking view (Photo: My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel)

For a unique sensory experience, try “Singing Bowl Infusion”: the sound vibrations calm your nervous system. Or opt for “L’Infusion Vitalité“, enriched with grandiose melodies and stimulating aromas. If you’re looking for an invigorating experience, don’t miss “L’Infusion Feu et Glace”. Last but not least, “L’Infusion Forestière ” invites you to enjoy essential oils inspired by the healing benefits of the forest.

A range of exceptional treatments

At My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel, a range of exceptional treatments awaits you. Our range includes signature treatments. For example, the Rituel de l’Arbre offers a peeling, sauna and massage. If you’re looking for anti-aging treatments for the face and body, detoxification, or energy treatments for in-depth rebalancing, the team will advise you on the treatment that’s right for you. Indeed, there’s no shortage of treatments!

My Arbor treatments - Plose Wellness Hotel
Exceptional treatments (Photo: My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel)

There are also light therapy treatments, a variety of facial and body treatments, and ultrasound regeneration treatments. A range of Ayurvedic treatments is also available. A great opportunity to explore the benefits of this ancient Indian practice for harmonizing body and mind.

Wellness Packages

To meet your every need and desire, My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel offers a variety of wellness packages. Each of these packages has been carefully designed to offer you a unique and revitalizing experience.

Here is a list of the wellness packages you can discover:

  • My Regeneration: Restore your vital energy and balance your body and mind.
  • Mon Énergie: Recharge your batteries to face everyday life with vitality (this program includes lifestyle coaching and physical exercise).
  • Ma Purification: Purify your body and mind in depth (detox, fat loss workout, breathing).
  • Mon Bien-être: Treat yourself to a soothing getaway for a complete wellness experience.
  • My Sensuality: Reconnect with your senses and radiate beauty.
  • My Ayurveda: Discover the benefits of this ancient Indian healing practice to balance your being.
  • Me & You: Share moments of relaxation as a couple with this package designed for two.

Personal trainings – Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Lifestyle

Finally, My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel offers individual coaching to help you achieve total well-being. Coaching includes Wav-E electrostimulation sessions, personal lifestyle consultations, forest baths, mindfulness meditation hikes, as well as a choice of private classes: yoga, Pilates and meditation. These customized sessions are designed to meet your needs.

My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel: Gastronomy inspired by nature

According to the hotel’s philosophy, “Your body is your temple, your soul is your home.” That’s why food plays such an important role in the health and well-being of each and every one of us. In the restaurant, you’ll discover surprising tastes and delicate textures on your plate. Local South Tyrolean cuisine, healthy, creative and gourmet, prepared with care.

My Arbor Terrace - Plose Wellness Hotel
Magnificent panoramas for your meals… (Photo: My Arbor – Plose Wellness Hotel)

Every day, the culinary team will surprise you with a different menu, inspired by different themes. For starters, Mondays are reserved for the delights of nature, Tuesdays for international cuisine and Wednesdays for a skilful combination of Alpine and Mediterranean flavours. Thursday is dedicated to authentic Italy with a selection of 100% DOP Italia products, while Friday invites you to explore the essence of water. And last but not least, let’s indulge ourselves at the weekend!

Here, gastronomy lies somewhere between simplicity and boldness, always with nature as inspiration. But if you prefer to eat out, you’ll find the Grissino restaurant, located in the heart of Bressanone’s historic center, between the ancient walls of the picturesque alleyways. Finally, don’t forget to taste the delicious lightness of Italian wines to accompany your dishes.

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