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Mii Amo: reconnecting with yourself in the heart of Arizona

We lift the veil on the new Mii Amo! This wellness flagship in the USA, which needs no introduction, opened its doors 22 years ago. Winner of several awards and prizes, it has undertaken a major restoration (on the order of $40 million). Following its reopening in March 2023, we present Mii Amo in a new, post-renovation and expansion guise. Here, the destination is not just Arizona, but well-being for inner renewal.

A sumptuous setting for reconnecting with yourself and the elements

A frame that will leave you speechless (Photo: Mii Amo)

Situated in the heart of the reddish, rocky headlands of Boynton Canyon in Sedona, in a setting worthy of the finest films, the resort reveals itself between steep canyons and pine forests. The site enjoys a mild, clement climate, the air is particularly pure and the energy emanating from it is almost magnetic. Since opening its doors in 2001, Mii Amo has won numerous awards – including Best Spa Destination in the UK’s Travel & Leisure magazine – not least for the quality of its Amerindian-inspired therapies and treatments.

More than just a stay, here you embark on a personalized, all-inclusive journey, in 3, 4, 7 or 10-night formats. The resort is for adults only (aged 16 and over). Your experience includes: a dedicated welcome, accommodation, a spa credit, delicious dietetic cuisine, access to facilities, activities, courses and conferences.

Following its renovation, orchestrated by the architectural firm behind the original project: Gluckman Tang, the Mii amo Resort now boasts 19 rooms and suites, each offering luxurious finishes and an intimate setting. These rooms are divided into three different categories: casitas, junior suites and suites. All accommodation options feature king-size beds, beautiful fireplaces, private outdoor spaces, heated floors and, for the new suites, a private courtyard.

Welcome to your casita double queen (Photo: Mii Amo)

A benchmark for well-being

At Mii Amo, there’s a choice of several fitness programs in different formats. Here are some of the resort’s most popular packages:

Breathing new life (Photo: Mii Amo)

“Healthy Body in Balance”: Designed for any level of health and fitness, this retreat re-energizes and motivates you to achieve an optimal weight. Mii Amo’s experts advise customers on healthy nutrition, supplements and exercise routines.

De-Stress Mind, Body ‘ Spirit”: This retreat allows you to refocus and calm down. A series of treatments, sessions and activities show you how to reconnect with an open heart, achieve clarity of mind, and effectively deal with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stressors in your life.

Spiritual Exploration : This program explores the inner self and offers balance and peace. This retreat includes energy work, crystal therapies, Native American-inspired traditions and guided meditations.

“Transformational Wisdom “: During this transformational stay, treatments and activities are designed to help you launch into a new stage of your life. The program is tailored to the current transition. It can be a personal or family milestone, a fresh start or a period of contemplation where guidance is invaluable. The focus is on improving communication, balancing life’s challenges, nutrition and well-being to achieve a positive, healthy transformation.

“Soulful Essence” : This stay is specially designed with treatments, sessions and activities based on your past experiences and focused on your current needs. Soulful Essence allows you to heal certain wounds and continue on your path.

On the road to slow wellbeing

Mii Amo’s expansion isn’t just about adding new sections to the original establishment. But the embodiment of a unique philosophy: slow wellbeing. A new standard of at least 75 minutes per session has been introduced. Spaces inviting rest and introspection have been created.

The spa now features 21 treatment rooms: 14 massage cabins, three dedicated to facial treatments, two rooms equipped with floating tables, a cocoon for sound therapy and a cabin for duo rituals.

The hammams and saunas have been renovated. Also of note is the creation of the Crystal Grotto space, a ideal haven of peace for meditation and relaxation, or Living Room, a sunken lounge where guests can relax and reconnect with the earth, sky and sun, thanks to a lounge and sensory garden with reflexology path.

Finally, a consultation wing with a relaxation area has been integrated to accommodate sessions with mindfulness therapists.

As movement is an essential component of well-being and health, the focus has also been on fitness & movement studios.

A signature kitchen

Each stay at Mii amo includes three meals a day of contemporary, eclectic cuisine that combines regional flavors with healthy cooking using a variety of grains, legumes and seasonal produce.

Cameo salad (Photo: Mii Amo)

Meat and fish are on the menu, but a variety of vegetarian and vegan options are available, and most dishes offer a tofu or meat-free protein alternative. The completely redesigned Juice Bar offers a wide selection of energy drinks and smoothies throughout the day, and transforms into a wine bar in the evening.

New features include the signature restaurant Hummingbird This inventive cuisine places well-being at the heart of the plate and its approach, using seasonal produce from the chef’s garden and neighboring farms, ranches and orchards.

The new Hummingbird (Photo: Mii Amo)

Book Mii Amo

Take advantage of our expertise in wellness breaks and contact us for a personalized quote for Mii Amo.

Rates: from around 600 USD per night.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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