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Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel: A state-of-the-art medi-spa in Portugal

Renowned for its expertise in integrative medicine, the Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel medi-spa (Longevity Alvor) offers preventive solutions to complex chronic illnesses. Located on the southern tip of Portugal, this fitness center offers a clever blend of serenity and technology. It combines the most modern cosmetic surgery techniques with alternative medicine and offers a wide range of personalized health programs from 3 to 21 days. Recently opened, it has already established itself as a benchmark medi-spa in Portugal.

Exterior view of the medi-spa (Photo: Longevity Hotel)

Medical innovation combined with natural therapies

Many people today suffer from chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or certain immune system disorders. These ailments lead us to look at medicine from a different angle, with an emphasis on preventive action. At least, that’s what the Longevity principles are based on. This medicalized hotel specializing in complementary medicine and holistic well-being analyzes the biochemical constitution of each guest to create customized regenerative stays.

Reception (Photo: Longevity Hotel)

Longevity broke ground at the end of 2019 on the southern tip of Portugal, less than an hour’s drive from Faro airport. The Algarve region, where history and culture rub shoulders with magnificent crystal-clear beaches, is prized for its traditional gastronomy and 450 km of hiking trails.

A comfortable, quiet hotel

Longevity Health & Wellness accommodations offer just the right balance of modernity and functionality. From standard rooms to the largest suite, “The One”, all our homes feature balconies for outdoor relaxation.

The hotel offers beautiful sea views (Photo: Longevity Hotel)

The very contemporary style of the hotel’s rooms and suites combines simplicity with elegance. The calm, relaxing atmosphere is ideal for recharging your batteries.

Room with all-glass bathroom (Photo: Longevity Hotel)

A well-equipped spa

The medi-spa’s main mission is wellness and the prevention of chronic illness, and to achieve this it has equipped itself with a small, state-of-the-art clinic. Theequipment is high-tech, the therapists are experts in a wide range of fields, and the treatments are perfectly up to date.

The alcohol-free bar (Photo: Longevity Hotel)

Apart from the sixteen treatment rooms, the 2,500 m² health and wellness center is designed as a sensory discovery trail.

After some exercise in the magnesium sulfate pool, guests enjoy a moment of relaxation in the two herbal saunas… Facilities include chromotherapy sessions in the hammam, ice fountain, 34% saltwater pool, reflexology trail and sensory showers using natural elements such as crystals and salt to stimulate the body.

Hammam (Photo: Longevity Hotel)

A multitude of wellness programs

A wide range of Longevity programs are available to medispa guests, enabling them to choose the best treatment for their individual needs. They range from just three nights for the least intensive stays to 28 nights for the most ambitious. They fall into various categories, from emotional well-being to optimizing overall health. Weight loss and detox also have their own programs. Other programs focus on physical performance,aesthetics and dermatology to prevent skin cancer.

Indoor pool (Photo: Longevity Hotel)

Take the five-day Longevity Essential Detox program, for example. After a full medical consultation with a specialist, each day is punctuated by a variety of spa treatments. These include anosteopathy session and an Iyashi Dôme session, which uses infrared rays to combat skin aging, sleep and toxins. All programs include menus and beverages designed to enhance the effect of treatments.

Healthy Mediterranean dishes

As true pillars of the programs offered by Longevity, the restaurants’ organic menus have been ingeniously created by combining delicious flavors with the nutritional values of the ingredients. These are chosen for their local provenance as well as for their bioactive, anti-inflammatory and alkaline components. Gourmet yet additive-free, the dishes served are designed to inspire people to adopt healthy eating habits.

Treatment room (Photo: Longevity Hotel)

Catering for all diets, the hotel’s two restaurants offer Mediterranean cuisine with vegetarian, protein-rich, gluten-free and low-glycemic variations.

Video presentation

Official video of the Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel

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Rates : From 155 euros per night in low season, plus the cost of a health program. For example, the Longevity Essential Detox program starts at around 2,000 euros. Many other programs are available. Please consult us.

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