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Joali Being: the new 100% wellness hotel in the Maldives

Joali Being is the new ultra-luxury wellness address on its own island in the Maldives. An architecture designed to be sustainable and completely integrated into the environment: 68 private villas, on the sand or on the water, immersed in the island’s lush forest for a unique wellness concept and an all-natural holistic approach. Rediscover well-being based on 4 pillars: mind, skin, microbiome and energy. Joali Being is clearly one of the world’s finest luxury wellness hotels. An address we invite you to discover as a matter of urgency!

The resort from the air (Photo: Joali Being)

The first wellness hotel in the Maldives

A short seaplane ride from Malé airport, on the remote island of Bodufushi in Raa atoll, Joali Being is a hotel that’s already causing a stir.

Unique architecture (Photo: Joali Being)

Let the sea and Mother Nature’s energy do its work. The design of the hotel follows the codes of biophilia, which means “love of nature”. Great efforts have been made to preserve all the island’s forests, offering a powerful sense of immersion.

Sumptuous rooms (Photo: Joali Being)

Nature is a central element here, both in the design and in the care given to visitors. Everything works together to eliminate negative energies and make you feel the flow of the environment. The outdoor shower, for example, is fed by rainwater, both for ecological reasons and so that nature can permeate everything during your stay.

A bathroom like no other (Photo: Joali Being)

Your accommodation takes the form of private villas, either on the beach or on the water. Each has its own swimming pool, musical instruments for meditation, entertainment and anti-stress activities. Villas, ranging in size from 85 m² to 500 m², offer two, three or four bedrooms. They all have a wellness room for your yoga, fitness or meditation classes in total privacy.

Private pool (Photo: Joali Being)

Your butler is also a jadugar (“experienced magician” in Dhivehi, the official language of the Maldives), and is at your disposal for any requests you may have.

There are endless views of the lagoon, the better to admire its variations and disconnect from everything.

A holistic approach to make you light and free of tension

To guarantee effectiveness and restore your health to the way it should be, stays last a minimum of 5 days. But of course, it’s advisable to stay longer, and some programs accompany you for 3 weeks of total detox and regeneration.

A truly extraordinary spa (Photo: Joali Being)

Designed with Gerry Bodeker, professor at Oxford University and expert in traditional and integrative medicine, the aim of our treatment and retreat programs is to rebalance the 4 pillars of well-being: your mind, your skin, your microbiome and your energy management.

As soon as you arrive, our team of naturopaths, therapists and coaches will diagnose your needs and determine the most appropriate treatments for your stay. Perhaps you’ll concentrate more on your physical strength and vitality, or hormonal rebalancing for women in particular, digestive rebalancing and weight loss, orstudying your sleep. It’s this holistic approach to body, mind and food that guarantees real transformation.

The incredible spa reception area (Photo: Joali Being)

The wellness areas to accompany your transformation are breathtaking, and spread across the island to suit each technique. A hydrotherapy room immerses you in the divine benefits of water. The sensory deprivation room, or sensory isolation, involves weightlessness in Epsom salt baths, to achieve a state of deep relaxation, similar to a meditative state.

Splendid baths (Photo: Joali Being)

A bania (Russian sauna), a salt inhalation room or the sound therapy room are all innovative approaches to transformative wellness experiences.

The Ocean Sala, the terrace dedicated to meditation, opens onto the infinite and allows incredible immersion with the ocean, its sounds and breezes. Needless to say, the colors, light and location of this terrace make it a dream come true.

Salt inhalation room (Photo: Joali Being)

At Joali Being, Nature also means plants. That’s why we’ve created an herbalist’s shop called AKTAR. Inspired by the healing power of plants, your herbalist prepares blends of herbs, spices and essential oils to suit your metabolism and needs. Workshops are also organized to teach you how to create your own body care products, facial masks or massage oils, and take your precious essences home with you.

The Aktar herbalist shop (Photo: Joali Being)

Innovative, healthy cooking with the “Farm to Table” concept

At first glance, there’s nothing original about it! And yet it does. In such remote and isolated areas, it’s not always easy to promote local produce and short distribution channels. The table at Joali Being promises the traceability of all ingredients and offers fresh, locally harvested produce. The group supports small farmers and sustainable agriculture.

The Flow restaurant, an unusual space (Photo: Joali Being)

In the quest for your holistic balance, dishes are selected with the help of nutritionists to be “healthy…and indulgent“. No success without pleasure.

The main restaurant is Flow. It’s open and interactive, with kitchens offering different options such as “Vegetarian” or “Su”, from ocean to table.

The “Mojo” is the resort’s refuge. Situated on a sunny three-level pontoon, it’s ideal for lunch or a refreshing dip by the pool. This is also where you’ll find the “Sai”, the tea room specially composed by the Aktar herbalist.

Le Mojo, poolside (Photo: Joali Being)

Finally, JOALI BEING guests can also enjoy healthy cooking classes at the retreat’s culinary learning center. As a result, you’ll go home healthier and richer in new insights.

Committed to turtle conservation and environmental preservation

JOALI BEING is home to a Maldivian turtle conservation sanctuary. A reef restoration project and a coral nursery will also be supported by the establishment. The brand works with EarthCheck on long-term sustainability initiatives.

Preserving local wildlife (Photo: Joali Being)

Environmental protection on the island is reflected in a number of very concrete actions: a desalinated water bottling plant, a rainwater collection and grey water recycling system, a glass crusher and recycler, a food waste composter and a plant waste crusher for fertilization, a biological wastewater treatment plant for healthy wastewater disposal. The list is long, but it’s worth mentioning because the natural spaces in the Maldives are so fragile. For Joali Being, it’s inconceivable to take care of your inner ecology without preserving the ecosystem. We’ve come full circle.


Take advantage of our expertise in wellness breaks and contact us for a personalized quote for the incredible JOALA BEING MALDIVES.

Rates : Villas from around 3,300 euros per night and programs from 1,500 euros. Contact us for special offers.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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