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Interview with Rocco Bova, General Manager, Chable Yucatan: “Pleasure and well-being must be intimately linked”.

With some thirty international awards won in just a few years of existence, the two splendid Chable Resorts (Yucatan and Maroma) have rapidly established themselves as Mexico’s leading brand for luxury wellness breaks. With the promise of “redefining wellness”, these hotels stand out for their innovative approach to well-being. We interviewed general manager Rocco Bova, who, having previously worked for Aman and Four Seasons, is now bringing the Chable Yucatan to fruition.

Each villa has its own swimming pool (Photo: Chable Resort)

What do you mean by wellness?

Above all, it’s about being happy and having a sense of self-fulfillment, whether on a personal or professional level. We live in a very stressful world, with too much information coming at us from all sides. Wellness is everything that helps us feel stronger and more centered.

Magnificent bathroom (Photo: Chable Resort)

What do Chable Resorts customers come for?

Above all, they seek to reconnect with themselves and with nature. Chable Yucatan is located right in the middle of the jungle, and for a population that is increasingly urban, it’s a lifesaver. Everything in our design invites reconnection with nature. For example, we have huge bay windows everywhere, and the whole estate has been kept very natural, without the need for landscaping… I can see the transformation our customers go through between the moment they arrive and the moment they leave. They’re happier in the end, because they’ve learned to enjoy the moment.

The majority of our customers don’t come for a wellness retreat or to lose weight; they often come to celebrate a special occasion. These people are used to luxury, and when they arrive here, they discover the resort’s wellness facilities, and they love it! Our spa is extremely popular, and customers no longer have any problem paying $200 for a massage.

A massage by the cenote (Photo: Chable Resort)

What is the Chable Resorts concept?

We have a non-conformist vision of wellness. Our concept is to realize that pleasure and well-being must be intimately linked. Here, you can eat extremely well, to your heart’s content, and even enjoy a glass of excellent tequila, while taking part in a wellness program. We’re the opposite of clinic-like detox hotels. The pleasure of living is also wellness! By skilfully blending design, sensory experiences, space and the medical traditions of the strong local Aztec culture, we can take our customers on a journey to well-being.

Nature massage (Photo: Chable Resort)

What is a typical stay at Chable?

I’d say the average stay is 10 days. We also have a few 3-4 day retreats, but we operate mainly on an à la carte basis. We have a very exclusive clientele, accustomed to staying in the world’s finest palaces, and I can tell you that they love to let time pass at Chable.

Healthy cuisine (Photo: Chable Resort)

What are the plans for Chable Resorts?

We have several projects, all in Mexico, because we want to focus on this country. We’re going to open a new resort in La Paz, Baja California (also in Mexico), in 2020 or 2021. The aim is always to offer top-of-the-range wellness.

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