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Interview with Dr George Gaitanos, Scientific Director of the Chenot Group: “We want to breathe new vitality into you”.

We met Dr George Gaitanos during our stay at the Chenot Palace Weggis, flagship of the eponymous brand. Dr. Gaitanos joined the Chenot Group in 2013 and quickly became Henri Chenot’s right-hand man, before the latter retired and handed over operations to him in 2020. Dr Gaitanos is now responsible for the operational success of all Chenot facilities worldwide, as well as for continuous innovation. He also heads up Research & Development for Chenot dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Luxe Wellness Club: Can you tell us about your career?

George Gaitanos: I began my career as a metabolism specialist, after obtaining a PhD in England. I’m also a physiotherapist and acupuncturist! I’ve worked for many years with top athletes, Olympic champions… So my real specialty is sports medicine and performance. That’s why today we’re looking to use the most advanced technologies in our Chenot centers to improve physical fitness and combat aging.

How has the Chenot Method evolved in recent years?

The Chenot Method is not static, as it follows the evolution of science, which is itself dynamic. Our understanding of the body and aging is constantly evolving. Our method aims to detoxify the organism and restore the body’s energy. We want to breathe new life into you! In fact, I often use the analogy of an electric battery. As we get older, the battery is drained, but we can recharge the battery and put vitality back into it so that this energy lasts longer. In fact, our bodies are designed to live up to 120 years. That’s the limit, but I’m sure that in the future we’ll have more and more people reaching that age. However, the important thing is not just to die as late as possible, but above all to age well, in good shape and with enough energy to do lots of things.

Our bodies are designed to live up to 120 years. But the most important thing is to age well, in good shape and with enough energy to do lots of things!


At Chenot, we speak of vitality indexes. It’s a score we can calculate following all the diagnoses we can make at the beginning of the stay. This index is made up of a set of physiological parameters (the “Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers”), namely: vascular age, oxidation, glycation, intoxication, skin collagen thickness, bone density, muscle function, subcutaneous and visceral fat, emotional stress, resting metabolic rate, spine study, stability, bioresonance. Sometimes an older person can have a better vitality index than a younger person. The aim of a Chenot cure is to rejuvenate, in the sense that you leave with more vitality. This is what we call the “life reset”… resetting the counters to zero and giving the body back the memory of its youth .

Is your method based on a scientific reality?

Of course, the various aspects of our method have been validated many times over. The various innovations we use are also based on a scientific reality. Take, for example, the neuro-acoustic deep relaxation we use here.

At first glance, it just looks like normal headphones and you might wonder if it’s a joke, but studies from Harvard Medical School have proved that 20 minutes of use of this process created by the NuCalm brand corresponds to 2 hours of deep sleep. This technique reactivates the parasympathetic nervous system and signals the body to enter a state of deep relaxation.

Our success lies in the synergy between our different departments, with Western and Chinese medicine working hand in hand.

Thank you Dr Gaitanos, and good luck!

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