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Interview with Anne Capdevielle-Toselli, Ostium Cosmétiques: a luxury organic anti-aging range

For once, we’re talking about something other than wellness breaks, because we’ve fallen in love with Ostium Cosmétiques, a new organic range unique in the world for theeffectiveness of its anti-aging formula, with scientifically proven results. We met the brand’s founder, Dr Anne Capdevielle-Toselli, a specialist in public health and the fight against ageing, at her home in the Basque Country. After testing these products, we at Luxe Wellness Club decided to offer our best customers a travel kit from this unusual brand, a UFO in the world of cosmetics!

Anne Capdevielle-Toselli, founder of Ostium Cosmétiques

How does your cosmetics brand stand out in this ultra-competitive landscape?

It’s quite simple: Ostium Cosmétiques is the first certified organic cosmeceutical brand with scientifically proven anti-aging results. In three words: Luxury, efficient and organic!

Luxury through the quality of its textures, fragrances and packaging.

Effective thanks to its dual protective action on the epidermis and restructuring action on the dermis, as demonstrated by a study carried out by an independent research center with spectacular results on the synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans.

Organic by obtaining the European ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC label, formally rejecting all petrochemical derivatives recognized as a health risk.

Tell us about the genesis of Ostium Cosmétiques

I practiced as a geriatrician for ten years, and in this profession we look after every organ except the skin, yet I’ve seen the havoc that bad skin can wreak on the morale of the elderly. Aging well has become essential, as we live longer and longer, but this implies a radical change in our habits, with a renewed emphasis on prevention and skin protection.

For beautiful skin to help it stand the test of time, you need cosmetics that contain an equal number of active ingredients to protect the epidermis from oxidative stress and restructure the dermis over the years to compensate for physiological deficiencies in collagen synthesis. This is the choice I’ve made, choosingthe most powerful anti-oxidant in the plant world and a patented active ingredient with a genetic effect on the extra-cellular matrix of the dermis.

Huge advances have been made in medical imaging, enabling us today to see active ingredients penetrate the different layers of the skin. This has enabled us to prove that our products have a deep effect on the dermis, unlike the vast majority of cosmetics on the market.

The Ostium Cosmetics travel bag, offered to the best Luxe Wellness Club customers!

Why are your products so effective?

The OSTIUM range is based on a unique registered phytocomplex: OPUNTIA 14G (named for its ability to reactivate the 14 genes involved in collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan synthesis). It combines 4 rare, high-tech natural active ingredients, highly concentrated in our formulas:

  • Prickly pear seed oil, organically grown: the most powerful antioxidant in the plant world, the most luxurious and expensive oil in the world, with remarkable anti-wrinkle power,
  • The fertile base ofAlga Undaria Pinnatifida (Wakamé algae in Japan), a patented active ingredient of natural origin, for its remodeling and plumping action,
  • Hyaluronic acid, obtained by extraction from wheat, a naturally-occurring active ingredient encapsulated using a patented technique, for its contribution to maintaining an optimum level of hydration over 24 hours,
  • Xylitylglucoside extracted from wheat and wood, a naturally-occurring active ingredient, for its role in harmonizing water flows.

Our patented OPUNTIA 14 phytocomplex acts effectively on the skin thanks to its regenerating, plumping and smoothing properties.

I recommend that womenuse itfrom the age of 35, because you don’t have to wait until you have wrinkles to treat them. Prevention is essential.

Anne Capdevielle-Toselli with her family

What’s your range like?

I don’t think it’s worth having a thousand different products… We focus on the essentials, with just 4 products:

  • Organic Day & Night Rich Cream, a rich, creamy pearly emulsion that melts on contact with the skin, with a fresh, subtle scent of fresh fig.
  • an organic anti-wrinkle Tensor Serum, a pearly elixir with a fresh, sheathing texture, offering immediate lifting power. It acts on all signs of loss of firmness through a dual protective and restructuring action. It’s like a cosmetic facelift, but without the injections.
  • Organic Cleansing Oil with prickly pear seed oil. It has an oily texture that transforms into milk when rinsed off with clear water. It removes all impurities and make-up without aggressing the skin.
  • an organic Plumping Mask that completes the brand’s overall anti-aging routine with a supplement of active ingredients adding their antioxidant, moisturizing and softening effects to those of prickly pear seed oil. It smoothes and plumps the skin, while protecting it from external aggressors.
The most powerful organic anti-wrinkle Tensor Serum on the market


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Free delivery in France.

Pss, pss, we’ve got a little secret to share…The best Luxe Wellness Club customers will receive an Ostium Cosmetics travel bag on their return from their wellness break!

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