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Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort: Catch your breath between lake and mountains

Surrounded by an immense park on the heights of the spa town of Evian-les-Bains, famous for its mineral water, Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort offers breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and the Alps. This 5-star palace invites you to reconnect with your inner essence in harmony with nature. With its sumptuous evian®SPA and fabulous Kid’s Club, the hotel is a first-rate choice for wellness breaks, whether for a rejuvenating weekend or even a full week! Enjoy a guaranteed upgrade with Luxe Wellness Club.

An imposing building (Photo: Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort)

A Belle Epoque Palace

The Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort stands out as one of France’s most sumptuous 5-star palaces, with a rich and prestigious history. Inaugurated in 1909, it was hailed at the time as“the most beautiful hotel in the world“. The establishment underwent a complete renovation in 2015, to sublimate the architecture of the building dating back to 1900, harmoniously integrating contemporary decor of exceptional elegance. Subsequently, the hotel was awarded the honorable distinction of “Palace” (a distinction awarded to only 31 establishments in France to date).

The Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort is a true icon of luxury, preserving a unique historical heritage. The establishment’s distinctive powder-blue signature has been carefully preserved and enhanced with bold, acidic touches, creating a classic yet contemporary ambience. The spaces are now adorned with noble materials such as Carrara marble, solid oak and teak, adding a majestic touch to every corner of the establishment. This successful fusion of old-world charm and contemporary elegance makes Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort a unique destination where modern luxury meets historic heritage.

Divinely regal rooms and suites

Room overlooking Lake Geneva (Photo: Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort)

Located high above the spa town of Evian, Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort boasts 150 rooms, including 32 prestige suites. In the rooms of the Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort, an immersion in art and history awaits you. The hotel houses an impressive collection of over 1,500 works of graphic and photographic art, meticulously selected from renowned artists. Every corner of the hotel is infused with creativity and culture.

Note that the most prestigious suites are on the 6th floor. They offer breathtaking panoramic views of majestic Lake Geneva and the surrounding Alps. At every turn, you’ll feel meticulous attention to detail and a constant quest for refinement. Rightly so, Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort is a destination where elegance is omnipresent.

Suite with private terrace (Photo: Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort)

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Tastefully decorated, all rooms have a balcony or terrace with views of the park, lake and mountains. Likewise, the Experiential Suites open the doors to a unique universe, where your passion for music and golf finds privileged expression. These suites offer total immersion in the worlds of two world-renowned personalities, each recognized for their unrivalled talent. A tailor-made experience awaits you, where luxury and passion blend harmoniously to create unforgettable memories.

Infinity pool overlooking the lake (Photo: Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort)

The hotel features two swimming pools, an aquagym pool, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi and gym facilities. The hotel’s famous golf course is in the immediate vicinity. Indoor and outdoor tennis courts are also available. Finally, at the heart of the establishment is the epicenter of entertainment. The prestigious Casino-Théâtre d’Évian-les-Bains offers a variety of areas dedicated to table games and slot machines, as well as three restaurants and bars, captivating evening shows and a plethora of exciting entertainment. Designed in 1911 by architect J.A. Hebrard, it occupies an important place in the history of the establishment’s heritage.

The evian®SPA, a case of rejuvenating luxury

New treatment rooms in 2023 (Photo: Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort)

The evian®SPA concept and the Evian® Natural Mineral Water journey in four dimensions

Here’s a true luxury spa, where 1200 m² are dedicated to body and mind in the heart of the Alps. Programs are concocted with La Vallée products, and the evian®SPA boasts top-quality facilities (treatment and relaxation cabins, pools, hydro-contact course). The indoor and outdoor pools and whirlpool course can be enjoyed all year round, as the outdoor pool is heated to 28°C even in the middle of winter.

Every element, from the design to the materials, from the personalized fragrance to the sound atmosphere, evokes the mountainous origins of water and its unrivalled power. Organized around four universes, the treatment menu recounts the fascinating journey of evian® natural mineral water. It all starts with the rain and snow that fall from the heavens and settle on the Gavot plateau. The water then passes through the glacial rocks, filtering and acquiring its unique mineral composition. Finally, it reaches its precious source and gushes forth with incomparable vitality. The treatments are therefore composed of four dimensions: Celestial, Mineral, Precious and Vitality.

Personalized sports programs

Sport is also part of the evian®SPA offer. You start by establishing personalized programs with sports coaches and comprehensive fitness assessments. This also includes a one-hour personal training session tailored to your specific needs, with coaching sessions available in the park, fitness room or pool. You can also enjoy a treatment at evian®SPA Le Minéral, followed by an hour’s activity of your choice, depending on the weather, including a fitness trail in the park, paddle gym, or a snowshoe outing.

Paddle yoga (Photo: Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort)

The Relax SPA Ritual

The Relax SPA Ritual is a unique opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of deep relaxation at the Hôtel Royal evian®SPA. The program includes a complete wellness experience inspired by the life cycle of evian® natural mineral water. You’ll enjoy access to the indoor aquatic facilities and fitness room, allowing your body to relax and revitalize. You can also choose from a selection of treatments at evian®SPA, such as Harmonie Sublime, Ressource Minérale, Complice du Corps, Richesse d’Éclat, Visage Lumière or Source Fondamentale, for deep relaxation and total harmony between body and mind. A timeless break for absolute relaxation.

The Afternoon Tea Ritual

Spend an afternoon of ultimate relaxation, enhanced by sweet delights, in a complete gourmet wellness experience. Whether you choose to experience it alone or to share it with others, in the heart of the evian®SPA at Hôtel Royal, you’ll be transported into a timeless interlude, where body and mind merge in perfect harmony. This package includes access to the indoor aquatic facilities and fitness room, followed by a delicious Afternoon Tea in the Bar. What’s more, you can choose from a selection of treatments at evian®SPA. A moment of pure bliss to soothe body and mind!

Sauna (Photo: Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort)

There are other Rituals to discover, tailor-made treatments designed as enchanted interludes by expert therapists. Also worth discovering is the Mom & Baby Program, specially designed for young mothers and their precious babies. This stay offers a real interlude of well-being and complicity. It’s an opportunity for the mother to relax and recharge her batteries, while strengthening the bond with her newborn.

The indoor pool (Photo: Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort)

Gastronomy with healthy options

Les Fresques is a gourmet restaurant (1 Michelin star) with a terrace offering panoramic views of the lake, and a ceiling adorned with Gustave Jaulmes’ magnificent frescoes. Customers love signature dishes like Lake Geneva crayfish on foie gras royale. Not the most detox-friendly, perhaps, but unbelievably good!

Michelin-starred restaurant in a sumptuous setting (Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort)

In summer, the l’Oliveraie restaurant offers casual lunches by the pool, while the La Véranda restaurant serves a variety of delicious world cuisine… Naturally, vegetarian menus and healthy options are available in every restaurant, and at the bar, you can enjoy diet cocktails made with herbs, fruit and vegetables.

One of the hotel’s signature dishes (Photo: Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort)

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