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Habitas Tulum: Authentic and spiritual stay in the heart of the Yucatan

Luxe Wellness Club invites you to discover Habitas Tulum, a corner of paradise where spirituality, Mexican traditions and immersion in nature blend harmoniously. This eco-resort is a haven for those seeking to revitalize themselves through holistic therapies, while immersing themselves in idyllic surroundings. Habitas Tulum celebrates Mexico ‘s cultural and natural richness with treatments inspired by ancient customs, tasty local cuisine, and cozy accommodations that blend into the splendor of the jungle.

Terrace with swimming pool (Photo: Habitas Tulum)

Habitas Tulum: between jungle and white sand beaches

If you’re dreaming of an escape where reasonable luxury meets authenticity, let us transport you to a corner of paradise: Habitas Tulum, in Mexico! Nestled between lush jungle and the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, this place is an invitation to live in perfect harmony with nature. After landing in Cancún, a two-hour scenic drive takes you to the eco-resort. It’s a great way to start, with spectacular views that prepare you for the Habitas experience.

Habitas Tulum is ideally located for exploring the Mayan ruins, refreshing cenotes and rich ecosystem of Tulum National Park within walking distance. Habitas Tulum offers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Whether around the infinity pool facing the sea, at the spa, or during a sunrise yoga session on the beach, you’ll feel connected to nature, to yourself and to others…

Accommodations: between reasonable luxury and nature awareness

At Habitas Tulum, the notion of luxury takes on a new dimension, emphasizing simplicity, comfort and proximity to nature. Rather than offering large, opulent suites, Habitas chooses tents or cabanas of around 45-50 m², designed to foster an intimate connection with the environment. Designed with sustainable materials, these accommodations offer open-air showers and jungle or beach views. The breeze and sounds of the jungle or ocean are an integral part of the experience. Finally, staying at Habitas Tulum is an invitation to live more consciously, to reconnect with yourself…

Terrace with swimming pool (Photo: Habitas Tulum)

Inside, the materials used are mainly local and natural, such as hand-worked wood, stone and natural fiber textiles. All this creates a warm , welcoming atmosphere. The beds, central in each room, are adorned with soft cotton sheets and mosquito nets. The living space, furnished with handcrafted furniture, is enriched by local works of art and design elements inspired by Mayan culture, lending a unique cultural dimension to the whole. Finally, the large sliding doors open onto private terraces, equipped with hammocks or comfortable armchairs.

Nice bathroom (Photo: Habitas Tulum)

A holistic and spiritual approach to well-being

Habitas Tulum offers a holistic approach to well-being, blending science and spirituality through a variety of treatments and rituals. These offerings aim to strengthen the human connection, awaken the spirit and regenerate the body, drawing on ancient knowledge systems and modern technologies. The aim is to transform body chemistry and physiology, increase vitality and achieve an optimal state of mind, while providing powerful tools for significant life change.

An ideal place for meditation (Photo: Habitas Tulum)

Signature treatments and body therapies

Signature treatments at Habitas Tulum offer a plunge into well-being with unique pampering. Traditional Mexican Sobada combines local herbs and ancestral techniques for alignment and relaxation. The Bain Circuit Colibri combines exfoliation with natural ingredients, while the Sobada Maya massage targets relaxation with an anti-aging effect. These treatments reflect the site’s commitment to using traditional practices for physical and spiritual well-being. Finally, massage options are varied and include Swedish, Deep Tissue, hot stone massages, and many others.

Yoga and Meditation

At the heart of Habitas Tulum, yoga occupies a privileged place, offering guests an immersive experience to harmonize body, mind and soul. Yoga sessions, designed for all levels, are guided by experienced instructors in an inspiring natural setting. Meditation also plays an important role. For example, Ancestral Earth Sounds offers a deep dive into sensory activation and balancing. This unique experience uses instruments, herbs and incense to raise your vibration, guiding you into a deep meditative state. It’s an invitation to explore meditation through sound, perfectly complementing yoga sessions.

Yoga with sea view (Photo: Habitas Tulum)

Holistic therapies and biohacking

Habitas Tulum offers a range of holistic therapies focused on balance and well-being. These include reflexology to stimulate circulation and energy, detoxifying lymphatic massage, and craniosacral therapy for deep relaxation. Added to this are crystal massage to harmonize energies andacu-bodywork, a combined approach that includes acupuncture to target specific needs. These treatments aim to restore harmony between body and mind, offering a complete revitalization experience. In parallel, biohacking includes modern methods such as IV infusion therapy and intramuscular nutritional injections, aimed at optimizing physical and mental well-being. These treatments are designed to improve quality of life by tailoring care to individual needs, supported by healthcare professionals.

Moro’s flavours: Cuisine inspired by nature

Restaurant Moro is Habitas Tulum’s center of conviviality. With an ideal location close to the sea, Moro is rooted in the surrounding natural splendor. The restaurant’s design, with its low seating and glass walls, encourages a deep connection with the land and the lush jungle.

In terms of cuisine, the focus is on local and seasonal ingredients. Gastronomy fuses tradition and innovation, with culinary creations that celebrate the flavors of the region while emphasizing a respectful approach to the environment. Overall, you can expect dishes that feature fresh seafood, local vegetables and a palette of flavors that reflects the culinary diversity of the Yucatan.

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