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Habitas Bacalar in Mexico: a journey to the heart of Mayan wellness

Your adventure in Mexico begins in Habitas Bacalar, in the state of Quintana Roo. In this holistic oasis, tranquility and silence reign supreme. Here, nothing is more important than nature and your well-being. Habitas is also a philosophy of life, an innovative concept in which six pillars are honored to give you an immersive experience: wellness, healthy food, music, art, adventure and sharing. These words resonate like a mantra that Habitas calls ” Luxury for the soul. “

Habitas Bacalar opposite the lagoon, surrounded by mangroves and jungle
A haven of peace opposite the lagoon, surrounded by mangroves and jungle (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

Habitas Bacalar: a thousand-coloured paradise between lagoon and Mexican jungle

We enter the Mexican southeast, in the state of Quintana Roo, best known for its crystal-clear lagoon. The complex is set on eight hectares of land, facing the turquoise lake and surrounded by tropical Mayan jungle. This dream camp blends harmoniously into the wilderness. A truly comfortable change of scenery to get away from it all and restore calm through exceptional wellness practices.

You connect deeply with nature, with your Being, and with Humanity. This is what Habitas Bacalar is all about: offering you Mexican hospitality, creating a magical world in which you become much more than a traveler, you become part of a family. Here is the greatest of luxuries: sharing and well-being to expand your mind and nourish your soul…

Habitas Bacalar: breathtaking view of the turquoise lagoon
Breathtaking view of the turquoise lagoon (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

The establishment is highly respectful of nature and fully committed to sustainable development. Habitas Bacalar makes a point of sourcing local and organic products to support its communities. They use environmentally-friendly building materials to minimize their carbon footprint and protect our planet. Habitas is committed to preserving the surrounding landscape and the lagoon’s ecosystem, taking care of the mangroves, stromatolites and lagoon.

Eco-designed accommodation with deep respect for the environment

Habitas Bacalar is designed in an eco-sustainable way in a unique and extraordinary area of Mexico, lost among the immensity and beauty of the landscape. This typical, authentic camp is full of positive energy. Between the lagoon in seven shades of blue and the flamboyant green of the Mexican jungle, you’ll stay in cozy, elegant accommodations. Far from being a hotel without charm, Habitas Bacalar has a real soul!

There are 34 thatched huts with A-shaped roofs. Each interior pays tribute to Mexican craftsmanship. The rooms, as sober as they are warm, offer all the comfort and tranquility you need to rediscover inner peace. A primitive yet refined design, soft colors combined with pretty Mexican ornaments. All accommodations face the lagoon. Take advantage of our communal gathering areas, as cosy as they are comforting, in direct contact with nature.

lagoon deck
A convivial break on the Lagoon Deck, blue as far as the eye can see

Lagoon rooms

The Lagoon pyramid-shaped tented rooms are absolutely charming! The interior is inspired by the earth, with a simple, elegant style. Natural furnishings in suave colors blend perfectly with the typically Mexican decor. When you wake up in the morning, enjoy your outdoor terrace as you contemplate the myriad hues of the lagoon, mangroves, stromatolites and mineral clay banks… With a direct view of the lagoon, these delightful huts invite you to recharge your batteries by connecting with nature.

Habitas Bacalar inside tents
Cosy interior with a Mexican touch (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

Jungle rooms

Jungle Rooms are nestled among lush palm trees, offering the ideal setting for reconnecting with nature. These magnificent cabins are comfortable and ultra-cosy. Take a close look at the Mexican craftsmanship and the soft colors of the tastefully selected furnishings. Beautiful natural light bathes the interior of your cocoon, bringing a sense of serenity… A true earthly paradise dedicated to your comfort.

Huts surrounded by jungle
Huts surrounded by jungle (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

Lagoon Breeze rooms

A halo of color surrounds your pretty A-frame cabin. Enjoy the comfort of Lagoon Breeze rooms without restraint. Indigenous decor and natural furnishings create a comforting, peaceful ambience. You’ll love the delightful marble and wood bathroom with outdoor shower. Between views of the lagoon and lush jungle, you’ll be enveloped by an incredible sense of freedom and space. Enjoy your private open-air terrace to savor every moment, with full awareness.

Outdoor shower
Exterior shower and bedroom details (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

Habitas Bacalar: well-being honors Mayan traditions

At Habitas Bacalar, wellness is a top priority. Nothing is left to chance: food, sleep quality, physical activity, dance, art, connection and sharing, care of body and mind.

Bacalar is a divine gift of nature! Here, plants with age-old healing powers grow in abundance, and the cultivation of cocoa and melipone honey is considered an art. Spa therapists use products directly from the botanical garden, paying homage to Mayan culture. You have the opportunity to connect deeply with Mother Earth and the ancient Aztec civilizations. You can try traditional Mexican therapies such as Temazcal or cocoa ceremonies. Other activities include group meditation sessions with chants and bowls, yoga and Janzu relaxation.

yoga session lake bacalar
Yoga session by the lake (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

Habitas Bacalar’s Wellness signature: the Janzu

Janzu is an aquatic relaxation technique, a powerful water therapy that works to release fears and emotions while realigning energy flow. Through gentle, active movements, the shamanic aquatherapist transports you into a meditative floating dance. Janzu comes directly from Mexico, inherited from a long shamanic tradition that aims to release all tensions and blockages. True relaxation and total release!

Janzu session in crystal-clear water (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

Temazcal ceremonies: Mexican shamanic rituals

Enjoy a breathtaking, purifying experience as you try out the sacred Temazcal ceremony. This word means “house of warmth” in the Nahuatl language. Also known as zumpul-ché in Mayan, this ancestral shamanic tradition focuses on relaxation and purification of body and mind. You are immersed for 1h30 in a sweat lodge with hot stones and herbal vapors, with your master of ceremonies. Shamanic music and chanting draw you into deep meditation and a trance-like state, releasing toxins from the body and purifying the mind. This gentle yet powerful moment envelops you in intense love and joy, like a feeling of protection in Mother Earth’s womb. As you leave, you are overwhelmed by sensations and emotions that will quickly lead you into an ocean of serenity… A magnificent healing for the soul!

Honey and cocoa treatments inspired by Mayan culture

Habitas Bacalar combines local ingredients such as honey, cocoa and coconut for its remedies. Melipone honey comes from one of the world’s smallest bees, found exclusively in tropical areas. Its honey is a miracle elixir ! Grown in the Bacalar region, it is used in the Spa’s wellness cures, such as facials, massages and body wraps(Bee Well Therapy). This honey is also excellent for disease prevention, and you’ll have the privilege of consuming it throughout your stay.

Cocoa is also used for treatments and wraps(Cacao Therapy), as well as for the traditional cocoa ceremony! Inspired by the Mayans, this ancestral therapy aims to celebrate the moment with a cocoa drink. This special elixir was considered a sacred medicinal heart-opener. The ritual is guided by music to connect and create a space of gratitude and transformation.

Honey care habitas bacalar
Honey and plant care (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

Paddle yoga and meditation in the heart of nature

Drawing healing powers from nature, Habitas Bacalar offers daily group meditation sessions with singing bowls, Paddle-Yoga classes on the lagoon or other practices of this millenial art in the Shala. Experience mindfulness, in a state of flow where all the senses are intensified, as body and mind harmonize.

Paddle-Yoga in breathtaking surroundings (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

Other wellness services and signature spa treatments :

  • Relaxing and energizing Swedish massage ;
  • Aromatherapy with herbal vapors decongests and boosts the immune system;
  • Aromatherapy massage with hot stones and essential oils to rebalance the chakras, relieve tension and relax;
  • Tailor-made holistic massage: with various combined techniques such as reflexology, Deep Tissue to eliminate stress and pain;
  • Deep Tissue Massage: to soothe certain disorders or sensitive points in your body;
  • Lymphatic drainage ;
  • Traditional sobada: ancestral cupping techniques or rebozo massage of Mexican origin for pregnant women.
Habitas Bacalar massages
Massages in serene surroundings (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

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Local, healthy and innovative Mexican cuisine

We’re off on a culinary voyage of a thousand colors! At Siete, the tranquil atmosphere is just like the lagoon: soft and peaceful. The two-storey restaurant, built among the jungle treetops, offers a superb panorama of Bacalar’s colorful hues. Authentic, refined Mexican cuisine is served, highlighting the power of plant-based foods.

Mexican cuisine Habitas Bacalar
Typically colorful Mexican cuisine (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

Siete believes that food is medicine, so seasonal ingredients are hand-selected from local farms, carefully chosen for their health and wellness benefits. The varied recipes are prepared with the finest fresh local produce from Quintana Roo! Try innovative, gourmet Mexican specialties: guacamole with spring peas, ultra-fresh ceviche, aguachile negro, fried yucca, chayote salad, tacos of all kinds – you get the idea: Mexican excellence on your plate ! An array of flavors, colors and history in a myriad of lovingly crafted dishes.

Colorful Mexican cuisine
Siete’s delicious, colorful cuisine (Photo: Habitas Bacalar)

Finally, sip a selection of tasty mezcals on the Lagoon Deck as you enjoy the view and the sunset, while soaking up the unique, friendly Mexican spirit…

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