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Habitas AlUla: immersive desert experience in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Habitas AlUla, an impressive oasis in the province of Medina, northwest Saudi Arabia. A precious spectacle of nature, this jewel of the Saudi desert is a haven of peace, anchored in the midst of a geomorphological landscape of majestic beauty. The AlUla Valley is one of the few places on the planet where you can feel like an explorer. Live your adventurous dream and enter uncharted territory… Luxe Wellness Club presents Habitas AlUla, an authentic masterpiece and confidential spot offering an extraordinary wellness experience.

Private terrace with impressive view
Private terrace with impressive view (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

Habitas AlUla: a sensational setting to nourish your soul

With its end-of-the-world feel in the heart of the Saudi desert, AlUla has all the hallmarks of a secret, intimate destination. You’re in total communion with nature, surrounded by vast expanses of canyons, rock formations and a labyrinth of sandy valleys. Habitas AlUla is like a place of spiritual pilgrimage, where raw landscapes blend into the complex’s magical setting. The accommodation is simply a luxury for the soul… The hotel boasts a large infinity pool with adjoining bar, an agora for outdoor yoga, a fully equipped gym and a magnificent Spa.

Infinity pool overlooking the cliffs
Infinity pool overlooking the cliffs (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

At Habitas AlUla, you’ll enjoy an immersive, creative experience, sharing a deep human connection, all in a setting of pristine beauty. Surrounded by the most beautiful natural vistas, the hotel is inspired by the heritage of a 7,000-year-old civilization.

View from the pool (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

AlUla is an open-air museum shaped by wild nature. There are very few tourists here! The unspoilt surroundings plunge you into peaceful silence, and your eyes explore the unknown against the backdrop of the mighty desert. At Habitas AlUla, your spirit gracefully encounters the immensity of Mother Earth’s wonders… immersing you in a timeless journey, one that nourishes your inner soul.

Luxurious, comfortable villas surrounded by canyons

Habitas AlUla is a five-star accommodation, sustainably designed with respect for the Ashar Valley environment. Scattered across the awe-inspiring desert, all villas offer panoramic views of the canyons and feature a large private outdoor terrace for admiring the breathtaking scenery. All rooms feature king-size beds, indoor and outdoor showers and coffee makers.

Magnificent Villa with terrace in the desert
Magnificent Villa with terrace in the desert (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

Les Villas Célestes

The Heavenly Villas emerge between gigantic canyons. These 100-square-meter accommodations offer large, comfortable spaces for lounging and soaking up the spectacular views. Surrounded by desert landscapes, every evening you can admire the sunsets caressing the reddish cliffs. Inside the villas, warm tones and natural colors, wooden furnishings and sober, chic Berber decor. The room features a king-size bed, two meters long: your nights promise to be restful and calm. A cozy lounge area with plenty of poufs, a dining area and a magnificent bathroom dress up the soul of your cocoon.

Inside the Villa Céleste
Interior of Villa Céleste (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

Alcove Villas

Alcove villas add a soft accent to your divine stay. With its breathtaking desert views, this magnificent 45-square-meter villa infuses vibrations of peace and well-being. The interior exudes serenity thanks to warm tones, natural colors and uncluttered decor with oriental touches. King-size bed, lounge area with comfortable poufs, intimate indoor and outdoor bathrooms, comfort is at its best. In the evening, the sun sets over the canyons, slowly giving way to a sublime starry sky. Admire this spectacle from your private terrace overlooking the sandstone cliffs.

Terrace (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

Canyon Villas

Illuminated by the suave warmth of the orange cliffs, the Canyon Villas reveal a remarkable view of the infinite desert horizon. These 45-square-meter accommodations bring out the full beauty of the surroundings. Soft, natural shades envelop the interior of this cocoon, while the wood furnishings lend it a sober, uncluttered style. You’ll love the Bedouin nomad-inspired decor, with its pink, ochre and cream colors. The cozy living room and elegant bedroom are the perfect setting for a luxurious, comfortable stay. In the evening, enjoy your private terrace and the magical scenery, with your feet in the sand and your eyes on the stars.

Inside Villa Canyon
Interior of Villa Canyon (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

Holistic wellness at Habitas AlUla: the secrets of Middle Eastern beauty

Thuraya Wellness Spa inspired by Bedouin culture

Spa Thuraya takes its name from a constellation of stars used by Bedouins to travel. Thuraya Wellness focuses on holistic well-being, nurturing your physical and energetic body to open the way to awakening and self-discovery. The Spa is the ideal place to recharge and relax. Each of the therapies and rituals on offer aims to generate well-being, thanks to ancestral Middle Eastern and global practices. A peaceful lounge area, treatment rooms, fitness center, yoga sessions outdoors or in the studio – there’s plenty of choice to spoil you.

Habitas AlUla Spa treatment room
Spa treatment room (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

Enchanting holistic treatments and therapies

Wellness is omnipresent in the peaceful world of the Spa. Skin and facial treatments, massages, anti-cellulite or anti-aging treatments, reflexology or aromatherapy… the choice is yours! Thuraya Wellness uses organic and local oils, plants and clays: all ingredients are natural and of rare quality. You’ll find treatments based on fresh roses, dates and oats, which are widely used in Saudi culture. Discover the finest varieties of products: the alchemy bar offers local essential oils, herbal teas and natural body scrubs. A sensory stroll to get closer to the secrets of your personalized treatments.

Yoga and meditation with spectacular views of the cliffs

Practice yogaand meditation in the outdoor agora, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. For those magical moments, the gentle rays caress your face at sunrise or sunset. Habitas AlUla is the perfect place to harmonize your energies and your body with the ancient practice of yoga. And what could be better than this dream setting to accompany you during your sessions? For the more sporty, there’s the option of physical training and fitness in the open air or in the fully-equipped gym, with a specialist coach.

Outdoor yoga session
Outdoor yoga session with breathtaking views (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

Savoury Saudi cuisine at Habitas AlUla: authentic and friendly

Restaurant Tama reconnects all your senses with delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. Tama means “here and now” in Aramaic: it’s a place for conviviality, gathering and sharing, with a clear conscience. Take an immersive culinary journey through time. Tama’s dishes are inspired by world cuisine and Saudi traditions.

Succulent, authentic gourmet dishes, prepared with fresh, local ingredients from the valley’s farms, enhance the restaurant’s dishes. Smell the spices, travel in the footsteps of the famous Incense Route… All these aromas bring to life the unique and generous flavors of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi cuisine at Habitas AlUla
Restaurant Tama, delicious Saudi cuisine (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

Thrilling and original experiences at AlUla

Habitas AlUla invites you to step out of your comfort zone. Punctuate your trip with unforgettable experiences Discover the remains of ancient civilizations off the beaten track; camel rides in the desert; stargazing with a local guide; crossing narrow canyons in a UTV buggy; adventure trekking on cliff paths; guided tour of the old town of AlUla…

Let yourself be transported by the vibrations of art and traditional music, take part in artistic or wellness workshops, the place has the particularity of calling for creation. All these enriching activities will leave you with unique memories of Saudi Arabia.

discovering ancient civilizations
Discovering ancient civilizations (Photo: Habitas AlUla)

Video Habitas AlUla

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