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You’re probably used to associating the island of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands with turquoise beaches, towering cliffs, lounging on the beach or the party atmosphere that reigns in certain parts of the island. Yet Mallorca was a rural island where nature was celebrated before it became a leading destination for sun-seeking Europeans. This is the spirit of the original Majorca that Es Racó d’Arta seeks to recapture by offering the luxury of simplicity. A confidential hotel of irresistible charm, with daily yoga and meditation classes.

Es Racó d’Arta: a confidential nugget in northeast Mallorca

Sublime outdoor pool (Photo: Es Racó d’Artà)

The hotel is a former finca d’Artà, restored by two people with a passion for Mallorca, architecture and the environment. They have brought this finca back to life as an exceptional haven of peace and tranquillity . They also showed the utmost respect for the surrounding natural environment. Using natural or recycled materials for construction, a huge organic garden, orchards and traditional plants, every corner of the estate encourages connection with nature and reconnection with oneself.

Slowing down, being instead of doing, feeling – that’s how we live at Es Racó, and that’s the spirit in which the hotel welcomes you.

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Your secret holistic address in Majorca

View of the restaurant at dusk (Photo: Es Racó d’Artà)

Artà is an hour’s drive from Palma de Mallorca international airport. You’re in an extremely unspoilt part of the island, where you can discover or immerse yourself in Mallorca’s enchanting nature while enjoying the island’s spectacular coastline.

The hotel is just a five-minute drive from the sublime Cala Rajada or the Artà caves, natural concretions of great beauty.

A traditional building with a certain charm (Photo: Es Racó d’Artà)

The estate covers 185 hectares of mountains and plains, with oak, olive, carob, pine and cypress woods.

The owners have restored this finca using recycled and natural materials, with a strong focus on respect for nature and people.

A bedroom of pure design (Photo: Es Racó d’Artà)

Energy is supplied by solar panels and a geothermal system. The organic vegetable garden is also one of the great successes of this renovation. It occupies 2,000 m² and supplies the products for the hotel’s delicious catering service. The oil and honey come from the estate.

Read our article: We tested Es Raco d’Arta, a wonderful wellness hotel in Majorca.

Sunny terrace (Photo: Es Raco d’Arta)

To fully immerse you in this atmosphere, 34 keys are scattered around the estate.

Sa Possessió: 8 suites of approx. 45 m² with private patio and/or terrace.

Casitas: 21 small homesof approximately 115 m² with private terraces, 5 of which have private swimming pools.

Sa Meva Casa: 2-bedroom house with en suite bathroom, living room, private terrace and swimming pool.

Sa Finqueta: The small property, independent 3 bedroom villa with bathrooms, kitchen, living room, private terraces and swimming pool.

A small lounge (Photo: Es Racó d’Artà)

The choice of neutral colors, sober materials and warm minimalism give each home a feeling of well-being.

Health, vitality and disconnection

As you can see, Es Ràco is more than just a hotel. It’s a place into which the owners have breathed soul. It’s a place to transform yourself, to reconnect with life and its purest expression. All the harmony achieved between architecture, gardens and materials aims to recreate the subtle balance of nature in which man finds his completeness.

Some villas have private swimming pools (Photo: Es Racó d’Artà)

Es Racó is a place for highlighting the real, the true. It’s not just a question of “disconnecting” by staying here, but rather of “connecting” to oneself and to others.

So rather than talking about wellness, here we’re talking about a journey towards oneself .

The wellness area welcomes you with its indoor pool, sauna, steam room and treatment rooms to indulge in a truly holistic approach.

A meditation and breathwork room is specially dedicated to these practices. They are guided every morning if you wish.

Nutritional recommendations, coaching to guide you towards your transformation, and mindfulness practices are all part of your wellness and reconnection program.

Daily yoga and meditation sessions (Photo: Es Racó d’Artà)

In the heated pool, you can enjoy the benefits of Watsu massage. This technique uses lullabies in the water to help you disconnect from the outside environment and guarantee a real sense of letting go. Warm water loosens muscles and frees the body from the weight of gravity. Water allows for greater fluidity of movement and offers gesture possibilities impossible to reproduce on dry land. It’s enough to make your mind think you’re levitating!

The spa entrance (Photo: Es Racó d’Artà)

Numerous other treatments are available in the wellness center. These treatments will be adapted and recommended by the experts according to your needs and preferences. Yoga is practiced daily. The primary aim of this ancestral practice is to unify body and mind, enabling them to soar.

Numerous outdoor activities are also available to complement the treatments, such as mindfulness hikes. Or simply to explore the surrounding area, ride a horse, play a round of golf, discover medicinal and aromatic plants

The owners are passionate about their place, Mallorca and the power of nature over man. They like to share, and are equally keen to see transformation through exchange, conviviality and encounters.

There’s a strange alchemy at work here. A powerful, soothing calm, an environment that’s impossible not to respect. Here, contemplation prev ails and the energy of a sparkling life seeps through the veins.

We like to quote the founders:

“Unleashing human potential and being free doesn’t depend on changing and fixing the world, but on seeing it as it is, and healing ourselves in that same world. “

Organic, local and tasty

An organic garden, 200 fruit trees, 1,200 olive trees, an herb garden – everything you find on your plate comes from the garden or from local organic production. The protected earth feeds you, and everything that can be recycled, transformed and returned to the earth is.

The dining room (Photo: Es Racó d’Artà)

Your diet is respectful of the environment and your personal journey. Here, meals are a time for sharing and joyful moments that you’ll never tire of.

Our Video

Important note: children appear in this video, but in reality there are very few children at Es Raco.

Read our article: We tested Es Raco d’Arta, a wonderful wellness hotel in Majorca.

Book Es Raco d’Arta

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Rates : From around 350 euros per night in low season in a double room, or 600 euros per night in summer. Yoga and meditation classes included. Exclusive Luxe Wellness Club benefits: room upgrades subject to availability, early check-in/late check-out, and a complimentary bottle of organic wine on arrival.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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