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Equinox Hotel New York: Luxury and fitness in the heart of Manhattan

Nestled in the dynamic Hudson Yards district, Equinox Hotel New York embodies a revolution in the world of luxury hospitality, elegantly blending avant-garde architectural design with a philosophy deeply rooted in well-being and performance. The concept? The fitness club hosts the hotel, not the other way around! Designed for those who make no compromises between work, rest and play, Equinox Hotel offers an experience where luxury meets total regeneration in an environment that is both sumptuous and soothing.

Best place for a sunset: the rooftop! (Photo: Equinox Hotel New York)

Equinox Hotel New York: where luxury and regeneration go hand in hand

Aware of the explosion in wellness and sports tourism, Harvey Spevak (CEO of Equinox) was quick to target his future clientele: ” We appeal to the demanding consumer who has a very active lifestyle and wants to extend it with a hotel experience “. NYC’s first hotel features a 5500 m2 gym and indoor and outdoor pools.

The hotel stands proudly in Hudson Yards, New York’s newest neighborhood. Welcome to wellness immersion in a reinvented urban universe! This district, which is fast becoming a hub of innovation and culture, offers a myriad of attractions, from green spaces to breathtaking art installations such as the Vessel honeycomb structure. The Equinox Hotel, located on the edge of the Hudson River, offers breathtaking views of the city and river, creating a spectacular setting.

The architecture of the Equinox Hotel is a celebration of modernity and luxury. With its clean lines, glass façade and refined interior design, the hotel creates an atmosphere of serenity and contemporary luxury. Every detail, from the subtle lighting to the noble materials, has been designed to create a harmonious environment. All this reflects the Equinox brand’s commitment to excellence and well-being.

Hotel entrance (Photo: Equinox Hotel New York)

Breathtaking views and uncompromising comfort

With eight room categories, from Deluxe King to Penthouse Suite, the Equinox Hotel offers a wide range of options to suit every guest’s desires. Huge bay windows bathe the rooms in natural light, amplifying the generous dimensions of each space and highlighting the breathtaking views over the city. Luxurious bathrooms add an extra touch of refinement, ensuring that every aspect of your experience is imbued with luxury.

What’s more, the hotel hasfitness/wellness training equipmentin all 212 rooms, 48 of which are suites. The idea is also to create an environment that stimulates a healthy lifestyle, starting with optimal sleeping conditions.

Lounge area (Photo: Equinox Hotel New York)

Some rooms and suites feature a sitting area, offering extra space for relaxing and enjoying the city from a unique angle. Breathtaking views of New York from these rooms reinforce the sense of exclusivity and privilege.

Sleep science at the heart of the experiment

Beyond its impressive design, the Equinox Hotel New York offers rooms designed specifically to promote restful sleep. Each room is totally soundproofed (a rarity in New York), guaranteeing unparalleled tranquility, essential for rest and relaxation. New-generation blackout blinds and integrated technology enable effortless personalization of space.

At the heart of the sleeping experience is the COCO-MAT king-size bed, covered in natural fibers that regulate temperature for maximum comfort. These meticulously-designed mattresses promise individual restorative rest, and can be adapted to your body shape! Equinox Hotel goes one step further by offering the services of an Equinox sleep coach, designed to optimize relaxation and regeneration.

Room with city view (Photo: Equinox Hotel New York)

Equinox Club and exclusive wellness experiences

The health club is, of course, the highlight of the hotel. Hotel guests have access to the fitness area during their stay, with advice on high-performance approaches and muscle regeneration and recovery techniques.

Equinox Hotel New York takes the wellness experience to the next level with a holistic approach that fuses fitness and spa in a luxurious environment. Whether you want to maintain your usual routine or explore a new one, access to Equinox’s largest fitness club is an invaluable asset. Unlike standard hotel gyms, which are often uninspiring, Equinox promises a motivating experience. You’ll be immersed in a vibrant community and have access to top-notch personal training services, Pilates, and breathtaking indoor and outdoor pools.

Fitness room (Photo: Equinox Hotel New York)

The Spa by Equinox and 5 wellness circuits

At the Equinox Hotel spa, the approach to well-being and regeneration is innovative and integrated. This approach combines intermodal treatments for a holistic experience that includes cryotherapy, infrared sauna, NutriDrip IV drops, and quantum harmonic sessions. You can also opt for massages, body and skin therapies, or even create your own personalized treatment circuit by adding amplifiers. All these treatments are developed by a team of internationally renowned medical experts and therapists specializing in advanced healing techniques.

The wellness tours offered by the Equinox spa fall into five main categories, each designed to meet specific needs and promote different aspects of health and well-being:

  • Beauty : this tour focuses on aesthetic treatments and skin therapies to invigorate appearance and promote radiant skin.
  • Performance Healing: ideal for athletes or those undergoing active recovery, this circuit uses therapies to enhance performance and accelerate muscle recovery.
  • Temperature Therapy: harnesses the benefits of thermotherapy and cryotherapy to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate metabolism.
  • Inner Body: focusing on inner well-being, this circuit offers treatments designed to improve digestive function and detoxification, contributing to an overall sense of health.
  • Sleep : designed for those seeking to improve the quality of their rest, this circuit uses specific techniques and treatments to promote restful sleep.

Each wellness tour at Equinox Hotel is an invitation to explore and invest in your health in a targeted and personalized way, promising a spa experience like no other.

A unique outdoor pool in New York

The outdoor rooftop pool, accessible year-round, stands out as one of the few in New York to offer this possibility. In summer, it becomes a relaxing haven where you can bask in the sun on sun loungers, while during the winter months, the pools are heated and complemented by terraced barrel saunas .

Refined cuisine and relaxing moments

The Equinox Hotel’s culinary proposal, embodied by the Electric Lemon restaurant, offers a taste experience that marries creativity and nutrition. With a terrace offering spectacular views of the sunset over the Hudson, the restaurant offers seasonal menus designed around fresh, wholesome ingredients. For those in search of relaxation, the hotel lounge is the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day, cocktail in hand, in elegant, comfortable surroundings.

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