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COMO Laucala Island: paradise on a private island in Fiji

Enter the Edenic lands of COMO Laucala Island, Fiji. Dedicated to the sweetness of life and well-being, this magnificent private resort welcomes you to one of its 25 residences, set in a lush, colorful natural environment that we never tire of admiring. An idyllic, eco-responsible island escape, where every element of the earth and ocean is honored. Traditional Fijian massage at the COMO Shambhala Spa, with the sounds of nature in resonance, or coconut milk baths in the open air… Life here is a timeless interlude, in harmony with respectful luxury and wellness. Zoom in on COMO Laucala, a little paradise on the sea worthy of the most beautiful postcards…

An intimate paradise setting (Photo: COMO Laucala Island)

COMO Laucala Island: an island paradise surrounded by lush, multicolored nature

When you arrive at COMO Laucala Island, you’ll be greeted by nature in full bloom. Extraordinary landscapes set the tone for your stay. The resort is located in the province of Cakaudrove, on theprivate island of Laucala in the Fiji archipelago. Can you resist landing on this five-star resort’s own runway? As an exclusive destination, your island escape promises to be very intimate. You’ll experience a complete change of scenery, in a dream setting dotted with palm and coconut trees, white sandy beaches, tropical forests, turquoise-blue lagoons and an ocean of multicolored coral reefs.

White sand beach and palm trees (Photo: COMO Laucala Island)

At COMO Laucala Island, you’ll find slightly oval architecture, curved design and graceful, flowing shapes. Glass and metal blend perfectly with natural materials: thatched roofs made from sago leaves, local wood, fern stems and traditional coconut shell weaving. A luxurious, eco-responsible showcase, designed down to the last detail.

The highlight of the show is the rectangular infinity pool, immersed in the immense crystal-clear lagoon-like pool. Add to this an ultra-complete spa and unparalleled wellness services, and you have a perfect symbiosis of luxury, well-being and nature.

COMO Laucala Island: a handful of luxury residences for an intimate experience

COMO Laucala Island is more than just a resort: here, you’ll stay in one of 25 independent houses. Cozy little nests cradled by the waves, nestled on hilltops in the middle of the rainforest. Each residence is unique, with one, two or three bedrooms, each decorated in a style influenced by the island’s natural materials: thatch roofs, coconuts, sea rushes, palm trees… All have their own private bathroom. private swimming pool and terrace where landscapes merge with the interior.

The curved lines and natural materials of COMO Laucala Island homes
The curved lines and natural materials of the residences (Photo: COMO Laucala Island)

Plantation Residences

For these residences ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 square meters, one- to three-bedroom options are available. These gigantic accommodations are situated on their own stretch of white sand. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the turquoise sea. Take advantage of the solarium and outdoor relaxation areas and admire the superb sunsets from your terrace. You’re sure to fall in love with the coconut-shaped bathtub with its direct view of nature.

The Seagrass Residences

Surrounded by lush vegetation, these huge residences can accommodate up to six people (with the option of one to three bedrooms). The Seagrasses are located in a greener zone, shaded by banana and coconut trees: a lush environment, ideal for observing the island’s unique birdlife. Inside, note the magnificent decor influenced by sea rush, wood, rattan… all colored in very natural tones. Overlooking the ocean, enjoy the peace and quiet of your own terrace.

Les Plateau Residences

These residences draw ideas and raw materials from the surrounding natural environment. Ranging in size from 1,500 to 2,000 square meters, these homes are located at the top of the Nawi hills, overlooking the sea. The architecture is inspired by the tropics, blurring the boundary between indoors and outdoors to reveal a magnificent stone-lined terrace with private pool. The house gives way to curved lines and the island’s noble, local materials: wood, coconut and shells… Résidences Plateau have one or two bedrooms and can accommodate up to four people.

Nice bedroom with natural materials
Lovely bedroom with natural materials (Photo: COMO Laucala Island)

WAI Residences

Two-bedroom villas on stilts and two levels, floating above a turquoise lagoon. Imagine your evenings on your private terrace, in your private rock pool with solarium. Endless view of the ocean, with sunset on the horizon. These accommodations are ideal for sunset lovers who enjoy romantic evenings. The furnishings and materials are all natural, and the decor is inspired by thelocal crafts with weaving of coconut husks, sea rush, shells… The distinctive feature of the Wai Residences is the private jetty and mooring facilities with direct access to boats, kayaks and jet skis.

Udu Residences

Surrounded by rolling hills and the emerald ocean, these rock-perched residences are the most secluded of all. With private access to a heavenly cove and a 220-degree view of the sea and neighboring islands, this peninsular villa offers the best sunset panoramas.

Udu residence with ocean view
Udu residence with ocean view (Photo COMO Laucala Island)

Relax in the hammocks, in your cliffside pool or in your cozy outdoor lounge. The interior features wood and leather furniture and natural raw materials. The irresistible rock-cut bathtub offers a direct view of the ocean. The Udu Residences are ideal for two people, perfect for stays in total privacy.

Superb rock-cut bathtub
Superb rock bath (Photo: COMO Laucala Island)

The COMO Shambhala Spa: a place of happiness and peace

Embracing relaxation and timeless living in a dream landscape, cocooned by the warmth and generosity of the Fijian people: a winning bet for the COMO Shambhala Spa. In Sanskrit, Shambhala means “place of happiness and peace”, and alludes to thebalance between body and mind. The spa is characterized by a holistic approach to well-being and celebrates nature, so the name borrowed from Sanskrit is perfectly appropriate.

With a wide range of 100% organic treatments and therapies, all performed in a natural environment, the spa is committed to offering you the very best in well-being. The island abounds in natural resources, and the team uses local ingredients such as aromatic herbs, flowers, stones and fresh fruit! High above the wooded hillside, surrounded by tropical birds, you plunge into a wellness trail that reconnects you to your senses, in perfect syntonization with the universe.

Dive into turquoise waters
Dive into turquoise waters (Photo: COMO Laucala Island)

COMO Shambhala is all about rebalancing and harmonizing the three dimensions of your Being: body-mind-soul. To achieve this, therapists combine modern science with more ancient practices. Several treatment villas with outdoor baths, Vichy showers and hammams, yoga pavilion and well-equipped fitness center, not to mention the fabulous glass-lined swimming pool, are at your disposal!

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Traditional Fijian Bombo massage and other deliciously exotic treatments

This Fijian massage transports you into a state of intense well-being. The therapist uses his hands, forearms, elbows and even his feet! Don’t be surprised, this traditional technique works wonders… It deeply relaxes muscles and joints and releases all tension. This massage is both relaxing and invigorating.

Of course, there are a myriad of other services. Like the facial with Fijian herbs that improve blood circulation, or the refreshing after-sun care with aloe vera and cucumber, star moisturizing ingredients. Try the spa’s signature treatment: a salt, yogurt, honey and coconut oil scrub to deep-cleanse the skin, followed by a papaya and banana leaf body wrap.

To round off your wellness journey in style, take advantage of the outdoor baths overlooking the ocean. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a delicious bath in Laucala’s fresh coconut milk, a nourishing Fijian ritual. Or the “Senikau” bath, using tropical flowers from the island. Signature gourmet treatments that immerse you in a rich palette of aromas and colors…

Ultra-fresh Fijian cuisine: a nutritional bomb on your plate!

In the kitchen, COMO Laucala and her culinary team are committed to bringing you the flavors of Fiji. The island’s local produce is used to great effect in all the menus of the various restaurants and bars. Authentic specialties, full of flavors and above all focused on health, well-being and sustainable development.

Plantation House: refined, 100% local dishes

COMO Laucala grows its own organic fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, and raises its own poultry and wagyu cattle. The restaurants are self-sufficient and prepare tasty dishes with the utmost respect for the environment. A culinary philosophy based on farm-to-table, sea-to-plate meals.

Chef Daniel of the Plantation House restaurant offers refined gastronomy and top-quality wines, as well as older vintages. An inventive menu that changes daily depending on the harvest and fishing, to offer you virtuous food and wine pairings. The restaurant is surrounded by mango, cinnamon and majestic palm trees.

Seagrass fuses Pan-Asian and Fijian influences: local fish, fried squid with mango and cashew nuts, tartares, sashimi and sushi… Fresh cuisine from the ocean and the hotel garden, to share with the best panoramic views. A cliffside restaurant, ideal for admiring the sunset as you dine.

Exceptional aperitif spots at COMO Laucala Island

Climb up to the basalt rocks, haloed by the forest where you’ll find Rock Lounge, a bar overlooking the bay. The team concocts tasty cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for romantic evening sunsets.

Beach Bar and its dream setting COMO Laucala Island
Beach Bar and its dream setting (Photo: COMO Laucala island)

As for the Beach Bar, it’s sure to be your favorite aperitif spot, with palm and banana trees accompanying you in these convivial moments. A seaside setting with two bars: one overlooking the ocean, the other by the pool. Fresh fruit juices and locally-influenced island cocktails are served.

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