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Clinic Les Alpes in Montreux, Switzerland: the best place in the world to fight addiction

In an exceptional setting overlooking the town of Montreux and Lake Geneva, Clinic Les Alpes welcomes its patients in a secure environment where the sole aim is to ensure their emotional, physical and mental well-being. The clinic is distinguished by its therapeutic focus on the treatment of addiction and related disorders, and relies on a team of doctors, psychiatrists and therapists to guarantee excellent care. Clinic Les Alpes is one of the most advanced rehabilitation clinics in the world, and a leader in its field. is one of the most renowned health addresses on the Swiss Riviera.

An exceptional natural setting (Photo: Clinic Les Alpes)

Stay in an authentic Alpine castle

In 2018, after 10 years of determination to bring this project to fruition, Clinic Les Alpes opens its doors on the site of the former Sonloup hotel, completely renovated and modernized.

Although “far from it all”, Clinic Les Alpes is easily accessible from Geneva or Lausanne and their international airports. Used to dealing with famous and influential patients, everything is organized to ensure that patients and their families arrive at the clinic with the utmost discretion, and that their stay is out of sight.

A cosy room with a view (Photo: Clinic Les Alpes)

If you feel the need to start afresh and free yourself from your problems, you can stay in one of our 27 rooms. Warm, traditionally decorated rooms create a cosy, comforting setting. All offer superb unobstructed views of the mountains, meadows, forests and lake. Privacy, comfort and relaxation are the watchwords.

As in a large family home, common areas are ideal for relaxation, conviviality and sharing. Elegant British styling, Persian carpets and antique furniture give this place a very gentle atmosphere.

Lounge and library (Photo: Clinic Les Alpes)

For founder Patrick Wilson, “gentleness holds enormous power, and at Clinic Les Alpes, compassion, understanding, respect and individual development go hand in hand with personalized treatment”.

The clinic’s approach is comprehensive and enveloping. You will be guided with kindness and professionalism.

Freedom from addiction

There can be no health without freedom from the most severe addictions. Clinic les Alpes specializes in the treatment of severe addictions toalcohol, drugs, medication, compulsive shopping, pornography… Whatever the disorder, recognizing your addiction is a sign of courage and a first victory on the road to liberation.

Special attention is also paid to patients’ families and loved ones, who often bear a heavy burden in these situations of addiction to a substance or behavioral disorder.

Regaining vitality (Photo: Clinic Les Alpes)

Themultilingual team of professionals orchestrates treatments throughout your stay. Doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, micro-nutrition specialists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, sports coaches: the team is large in number, but above all expert in each of its fields, enabling the holistic approach needed to treat these pathologies. Naturally, programs are customized to meet the specific needs of each patient.

According to the principles of the Minnesota model, the framework of care can be based on practices such as abstinence, individual counseling, group therapy, art therapy and adventure therapy.

Art therapy room (Photo: Clinic Les Alpes)

You will also receive after-care support to help you integrate the new practices into your daily life after the clinic.

Care planning includes the family, who will also need support and reassuring exchanges to get through the spiral of dependency.

A place to let go of body and mind

The indoor pool (Photo: Clinic Les Alpes)

Engaging in therapy without taking care to relax, unwind and let go of tension in the body is half the battle. That’s why a medical spa occupies an entire floor of the center.

Relaxing treatment (Photo: Clinic Les Alpes)

Relaxation rooms, treatment rooms, yoga and pilates studios, as well as a fully-equipped gym, saunas and steam rooms are available throughout your stay. We can’t fail to mention the incredible swimming pool, both indoor and outdoor, which allows guests to swim while enjoying a magnificent view of nature.

Rebalancing cuisine

The terrace of the clinic’s restaurant (Photo: Clinic Les Alpes)

Nutrition is an integral part of the recovery program. Addictions are often accompanied by dietary imbalances. A link has been established between psychological pathologies and oxidative stress, altered intestinal microbiota or deviant eating habits. As with other substances, food or behavior related to its consumption (or non-consumption) can be used to regulate mood. A doctor specialized in micro-nutrition is involved in your recovery program. Your Chef creates unique menus based on natural products.



Take advantage of our expertise and attentiveness to organize your rehabilitation stay, and contact us for a personalized quote for Clinic Les Alpes.

Pascal Languillon, CEO of Luxe Wellness Club, visits Clinic Les Alpes

Prices : From 180,000 Swiss Francs/Euros for a complete 4-week therapeutic program (minimum duration).

Call us for France: + 33 1 85 73 22 14 or for Switzerland: +41 22 501 75 16 , or for the USA on +1 (646) 980 6652 to discuss your holiday plans.

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