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Banyan Tree Buahan: a journey to the heart of intimate, authentic Bali

Looking for an intimate way to discover Bali? Banyan Tree Buahan is an unspoilt, peaceful and exceptional place. From the heights, admire Bali’s seven peaks and lush jungle, accompanied by the song of the Ayung River. A concept without doors or walls, the complex invites you to commune with nature and the wisdom of Indonesia’s ancestral traditions. Celebrate the Universe and connect with your Being at Toja Spa and through holistic healing experiences. Luxe Wellness Club reveals the secrets of Banyan Tree Buahan

The shared swimming pool, in an exceptional setting
The outdoor pool, in an exceptional setting (Photo: Banyan Tree Buahan)

Banyan Tree Buahan: a jungle Eden overlooking Bali’s seven peaks

The Banyan Tree Escape is nestled in a confidential, unspoilt spot in Bali. Here, paradise lies beyond the treetops, between Balinese jungle and rice paddies. Perched high in the verdant canopy, the hotel is close to the small village of Buahan. This is a very little-visited, yet very well-located spot, in an infinite layer of green, 40 minutes north of Ubud. A two-storey central pavilion and a magnificent infinity pool lined with sun loungers invite you to relax.

View of Bali's Seven Peaks, Banyan Tree Buahan
View of Bali’s seven peaks (Photo: Banyan Tree Buahan)

Banyan Tree Buahan is nestled in the central highlands of Bali, in the heart of a lush jungle and steeped in typical Balinese culture. The hotel’s concept of “no walls, no doors” gives the impression of living in nature. In Buahan, silence and tranquillity are the order of the day. If you’re looking to discover an intimate and authentic Bali, while enjoying a luxurious and comfortable experience, this is the place to set down your suitcases…

Banyan Tree Buahan sprawls across a site far from the tourist areas, so it’s the perfect place to disconnect. Contemplate the magnificent views of Bali’s seven legendary peaks, stroll by the Ayung River where the impressive waterfall awaits you. Enjoyan experience in total communion with nature

Banyan Tree Buahan: a signature concept without walls or doors

What makes Banyan Tree so special is its signature concept of no walls, no doors. The sixteen villas pay homage toBalinese architecture, using local and recycled materials. The complex aims to be environmentally friendly, and takes great care to reduce its impact on the environment. It also ensures a positive impact on the community.

Villas without doors or walls
Villas without doors or walls (Photo: Banyan Tree Buahan)

You’re immersed in nature: each accommodation is completely open-plan and opens directly onto a large terrace, an infinity pool and an outdoor lounge. Only curtains and bamboo blinds in case of rain surround the villas. Buahan’s superb views and jungle offer a sense of elevation and freedom. Experience the concept of inner-outer life and enter into introspection with your soul…

Rainforest Pool Bale

Take refuge in the heights of Rainforest Pool Bale, enveloped in tropical jungle. With a partial view of the mountains, you’ll be able to enjoy the horizon over the green rice paddies without moderation. These eight Balinese villas are set in a quiet, intimate enclave. Enjoy a breath of fresh air on your terrace with infinity pool. With a book and a cup of tea in hand, contemplate the intense green of the landscape…

Terrace, pool and views of Bali's peaks
Terrace, pool and view of Bali’s peaks (Photo: Banyan Tree Buahan)

Buahan Valley Pool Bale

Your wake-up call at Buahan will be magical… With the idea of being at one with nature, you’ll sleep in a cozy king-size bed open to the outside. With a total surface area of 165 m², these three unique villas provide a magnificent backdrop to Bali’s seven peaks. Your terrace with infinity pool offers superb panoramic views of the Buahan Valley and the lush jungle. You’ll love the beautiful wooden bathroom with its outdoor copper bathtub, ideal for relaxing in a bath, with a direct view of nature.


Riverside Jungle Pool Bale

Enjoy the best views of the resort in one of the Riverside Jungle Pool Bales. Nature invites itself directly into your secluded villa. Enjoy panoramic views over the Buahan valleys, where lush vegetation reigns supreme. With its living spaces, cocooning corners, superb bedroom and outdoor bath, this cocoon is an immense source of well-being.

Indoor-outdoor living
Indoor-outdoor living concept (Photo: Banyan Tree Buahan)

Pleasant evenings await you on your 125 m² terrace, by the fire or by the pool. In the morning, wake up to the chirping of birds, accompanied by the song of the Ayung River and the nearby waterfall. The light mist on the peaks gives way to a lovely cameo of green… Take a deep breath and get ready to enjoy a wonderful morning at the spa.

Banyan Tree Buahan: well-being between ancestral wisdom and ancient cures

Le Toja Spa: wellness refuge in the jungle

Discover Banyan Tree’s expertise. An intimate refuge, the Toja Spa (meaning “water” in Indonesian) welcomes you in a setting as breathtaking as ever. Here, nature rhymes with well-being: the spa is in the open air to open up your sensory perceptions and connect you to the environment. You’ll be lulled to sleep by the trickling Ayung River, adding a layer of zen to your experience. Toja Spa highlights: homemade, 100% local products, scrubs and baths and the signature Buahan Bliss treatment.

The open-air Toja Spa at Banyan Tree Buahan
The open-air Toja Spa (Photo: Banyan Tree Buahan)

Buahan Bliss signature treatment

The spa’s treatments draw on the island’s riches and Indonesian wisdom. The signature treatment has been created to offer you a unique experience of well-being. The therapist begins to exfoliate your skin naturally by dry brushing with a soft brush. This is followed by a stimulating massage inspired by the flow of sacred rivers, known to improve energy and circulation channels. The final step completes this regenerating therapy with a heated body wrap, using herbs and spices from the garden. This signature treatment, combining Indonesian healing and local products, is a true detox for body and mind…

Voyage of Enlightenment: spiritual experiences and discovery of Bali’s ancestral traditions

Banyan Tree Escape likes to combine ancient, local healing techniques with more modern methods, forming the backbone of your well-being. Through a holistic approach to wellness, celebrate the universe and connect with divine energy in sacred Balinese rituals. Let yourself be guided by astrological sign readings in a village temple.

If you’d like to gain a better understanding of Indonesian traditions and beliefs, we invite you to take part in purification and blessing ceremonies guided by local healers. These are immersive experiences that lead you to rediscover your inner self and recreate a connection with the world around you, both visible and invisible…

Voyage of Enlightenment in a local temple
Journey of Lights in a local temple (Photo: Banyan Tree Buahan)

Yoga and meditation at Banyan Tree Buahan

Embark on meditation sessions near the Ayung River, for an immersive experience in the heart of nature: disconnection guaranteed! Experience the benefits of Fly Yoga, with classes led by expert teachers. Using silk fabrics, this type of yoga lets your body unfold in aerial movements, like a poetic dance… A great opportunity to relax and connect with the element of Air. Fly Yoga is also very beneficial for back pain and joint problems. Also on offer: Flow Yoga classes.

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Finally, enjoy an introduction to lunar yoga, with moon salutations. This practice is ideal for channeling energies. Around the pool, flickering candles and singing bowls accompany your session. Full moon or new moon rituals are a beautiful way toexpress your intentions, connect with your intuition and renew your energies.

Lunar ritual by the pool
Moon ritual by the pool (Photo: Banyan Tree Buahan)

Banyan Tree Buahan: healthy local cuisine and zero waste

The Open Kitchen

The Open Kitchen offers predominantly plant-based, 100% local menus. In her open kitchen, friendly chef Eka Sunarya prepares dishes inspired by Balinese culture. You’ll discover ancestral cooking techniques using rare plants and herbs. Taste medicinal nutrition in the forgotten flavors of Bali. The restaurant’s concept is based on a zero waste menu, in collaboration with Agency X, a Balinese consultant specializing in local cuisine.

Local farm products
Local farm produce (photo: Banyan Tree Buahan)

You can immerse yourself in the open kitchens, and watch the chefs concoct dishes using farm-fresh produce. Moringa leaf and coconut soup, local mushrooms wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled over a wood fire, or Balinese bongkot…

The Botanist Bar

As for The Botanist Bar, it too celebrates local herbs and medicinal plants, picking them straight from the garden. Sip homemade kombuchas, local ciders and beers, and tasty cocktails.

Wild foraging and cooking classes

Last but not least, workshops to discover the garden’s wild plants are also available. You can pick, smell and taste the wonders of the local flora. What could be more satisfying than identifying what’s on your plate?

Picking plants in the garden
Picking plants in the garden (Photo: Banyan Tree Buahan)

For even more immersion in the daily life of the hotel, take part in cooking classes, and bring home culinary souvenirs. The hotel’s traditional “Peacock” kitchen teaches you to prepare authentic Bali recipes, using spices and herbs from the garden.

Finally, please note that children are not allowed on the premises, to guarantee you even more tranquillity… This trip to Banyan Tree Escape is therefore ideal for lovers, or for travellers looking to reconnect with Self…

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