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Awakening Hotel: a wellness wonder planned for Mexico in 2023(or later)

This new project in Mexico will focus on a “transformational” travel experience designed to raise customers’ level of consciousness and help them live happier lives. Quite a program. In any case, the photos make you dream!

Cocoons on the water’s edge

With its clever slogan “Sleep once and wake forever”, Awakening Sanctuary will comprise a hotel perfectly integrated with nature in the heart of the Yucatan peninsula, 80 minutes from Cancun. The first phase of the 2020 opening will offer customers a series of workshops, experiences, seminars and coaching focused on personal development and the pursuit of happiness.

Guests will stay in “Human Cocoons” designed to allow guests to fully experience the soothing sound of the jungle and connect with nature, while enjoying an upscale, eco-friendly boutique hotel experience.

A hotel room in the shape of a cocoon… We love it!

Awakenings will also offer experiences conceived by founders Chardi and Loeffler as a way of “further awakening customers’ spirits and nourishing their souls”. These transformative activities will comprise several modules:

“Awakening Adrenaline” – a series of action sports and other high-adrenaline activities that help connect with the here and now, overcome fears and push personal boundaries.

“Awakening Sensuality” – created for couples looking to deepen their physical, emotional, spiritual and erotic connection as close to nature as possible.

“Awakening New Perspectives” – a new and deeper experience of Mayan culture to gain a new perspective on life and more clarity towards the present and future.

“Awakening Just for You” – fully customized personal development programs designed to be carried out individually, as a family, in a group or as a company/organization.

We can’t wait to see this very promising project take shape. Investors are currently being sought to speed up the construction process… If you don’t know what to do with your money, here may be a clue.

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