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An unusual wellness cure at the Hotel Imaret in Greece

Built in 1817 in the middle of the historic town of Kavala in northern Greece, Imaret is an unexpected oasis of tranquility. This hotel
monument is one of the few masterpieces of Ottoman architecture in Europe, located in a little-known region.

The 5-star hotel features 26 richly decorated rooms combining period oriental style with modern luxury, surrounding nearly 3,000 m² of gardens and numerous relaxation areas, including a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, a spa with traditional hammam, massage rooms, and a gourmet restaurant.

An enchanting place (Photo: Hôtel Imaret)

As Hippocrates said prevention is better than cure “With this in mind, Hotel Imaret has teamed up with PREVITAL, a Greek center specializing in natural preventive medicine and immune system enhancement, to offer three new “medical wellness” therapies for all overworked bodies, featuring state-of-the-art equipment.

Sea views (Photo: Hôtel Imaret)

Get a boost with intravenous vitamins

In just a few hours, this intravenous vitamin therapy strengthens the immune system through the administration of nutrients and other elements essential to the body. A fast, safe therapy with instant results and no need for rehabilitation to combat modern ailments!

  • Reinforce:large infusion of vitamin C and powerful antioxidants to boost the immune system and reduce stress. Price: €250
  • Rehydrate:to ensure proper hydration.treatment can be supplemented with a dose of vitamins B or C. Price: €200
  • Recharge: the most advanced administration of glutathione, the best antioxidant for fighting chronic fatigue. Price: €300
  • Relax: infusion of amino acids to help men and women feel better. Price: €200.
Views from the terrace (Photo: Hôtel Imaret)
  • Restart: a combination of vitamins and amino acids to restore the internal clock and counter the effects of jetlag. Price: €250
  • Revivre : a combination of vitamins and amino acids to fight hangovers, support the liver and kidneys and keep you hydrated. Price: €250
  • Revivre Super: “Revivre” therapy with immediate results.
  • Total prevention: the best vitamin C cocktail, B vitamin complex, glutathione, amino acids and much more. Price: €400
A room (Photo: Hotel Imaret)

Hyperthermia to combat burn-out

For over a thousand years, the idea of increasing body temperature has been associated with healing and prevention, with purifying virtues. Fever is one of the body’s natural defense mechanisms against viruses and bacteria.

Hyperthermia helps combat burn-out and depression, reduce muscle spasms and chronic inflammation, activate the hormonal and immune systems, speed up the nervous system and detoxify. Price: €850 per session.

The hammam (Photo: Hôtel Imaret)

360° well-being with the oxygen therapy protocol

Oxygen therapy involves the artificial delivery of oxygen – an essential element for life and the body’s daily well-being and vitality – to relieve discomfort, prevent illness or aid healing.

A bathroom (Photo: Hôtel Imaret)

In fact, lack of exercise, pollution, disease and aging all contribute to lower oxygen levels in the blood, which can lead to cardiac arrest and the risk of carcinogenesis.

Combined with nano-bubble technology and tank experience, this therapy stimulates collagen production in the skin. 360° O2 oxygen therapy protocol at €350.


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