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Amanemu: Regenerate in a Resort-Spa Onsen in Japan

Welcome to the serene setting of Amanemu, a rare gem nestled in Japan’s Mie prefecture. This establishment, the fruit of the Aman Group’s elegant vision, immerses you in a luxurious experience imbued with the Japanese soul. Discover sumptuous Spa treatments inspired by ancient traditions and immerse yourself in soothing thermal baths. Luxe Wellness Club takes you on a tour of this jewel of Japan!

Amanemu: Between the Ise-Shima hills and Ago Bay

Discreetly nestled among the wooded hills of Ise-Shima lies the Amanemu resort. This luxury resort is located in Japan’s Mie prefecture. It is part of the Aman Group, renowned for its upscale establishments around the world. Amanemu is particularly appreciated for its location near Ago Bay, surrounded by magnificent natural scenery. In fact, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in mineral-rich hot springs, onsens in the heart of nature.

The resort is largely inspired by Japanese ryokans, while adding a modern, luxurious touch. In addition, the design emphasizes traditional Japanese aesthetics while offering world-class facilities and services. What’s more, you can discover the region’s rich history. It’s an ideal place to immerse yourself in spirituality and wisdom by exploring ancient pilgrimage trails. Finally, the sublimely beautiful surrounding coastline invites contemplative strolls, creating a spectacular backdrop for this wellness getaway.

Amanemu bay of Ago
The resort surrounded by greenery and Ago Bay (Photo: Amanemu)

At the crossroads of tradition and luxury, Amanemu celebrates the very essence of Japan. For travelers in search of a luxurious and cultural getaway, this establishment is a must-see destination. This retreat will delight wellness enthusiasts looking fora soothing, authentic Japanese getaway.

Suites and villas inspired by traditional Japanese ryokans

Amanemu offers two categories of accommodation, suites and villas, each designed to provide an exceptional level of comfort and privacy. A reservation gives you access to our wellness facilities, including onsen baths, steam rooms, outdoor pool, yoga studio and fitness center. A full Japanese or American breakfast is served in the restaurant every day.

Uncluttered style and spaciousness (Photo: Amanemu)

Mori, Sora and Nagi Suites

The Mori, Sora and Nagi Suites are a contemporary tribute to the traditional Japanese Ryokan inn. With a surface area of 99 square meters, they feature a bedroom with king-size bed and a beautiful bathroom. All suites are bathed in light and feature a minimalist, uncluttered Japanese-style design. The spaces merge with the outdoors, offering total immersion in the surrounding nature. Some suites offer garden views, others overlook the magnificent Ago Bay. The woven textile shutters, traditional of ryokans, open onto a large terrace with a dining area, allowing you to enjoy the view. Finally, the distinctive feature of these suites is their private Japanese onsen, where you can enjoy a thermal bath at your convenience.

Villas overlooking Ago Bay

For an even more luxurious and comfortable experience, the Amanemu Villas are perfect. These accommodations offer more space, private gardens and a private courtyard. These villas are designed to comfortably accommodate six people. Villa Tsuki, for example, has a surface area of 366 square metres! All have the distinctive feature of a living space that merges with the outdoors. True to traditional Japanese ryokan design, the shutters open onto magnificent gardens overlooking Ago Bay. Each villa has its own private onsen. The decor and design feature natural materials and a very soothing atmosphere, in keeping with the clean, minimalist Japanese style.

Villa with Ago Bay view
A villa overlooking Ago Bay (Photo: Amanemu)

Traditional Japanese well-being: a wellness getaway at the Amanemu Spa-Onsen

A 2000 square metre spa dedicated to your well-being

Amanemu is renowned for its commitment to well-being, offering a holistic experience that integrates the natural beauty of its surroundings with Spa treatments of exceptional quality. The Amanemu spa measures no less than 2,000 square metres! It is designed to provide a relaxing escape, combining traditional Japanese methods with modern wellness practices. It offers a wide range of treatments, from soothing massages and facials to wellness rituals inspired by Japanese culture. Natural ingredients and ancestral techniques are often used to create a unique sensory experience.

Spa Amanemu
A soothing treatment room (Photo: Amanemu)

What’s more, Amanemu’s expert practitioners are able to design bespoke Spa experiences and treatment programs tailored to each individual’s wellness goals. They use a careful combination of organic blends from the Aman Skincare range, Kampo herbs, and local essential oils. This approach, combined with a variety of treatments and techniques, ensures a personalized wellness experience for each individual.

Onsens: numerous benefits for body and mind

The highlight of the wellness experience at Amanemu is the use of private onsens. You can bathe in mineral-rich hot springs directly linked to Japanese thermal traditions. The waters of Ise-Shima provide benefits for the skin, blood circulation and deep relaxation. In the days of the Shogunate, samurai used onsens to regenerate and recuperate after battles. This ancient tradition of well-being provides relief and deep relaxation.

The pools at Amanemu draw their water from a nearby spring naturally rich in healing minerals. This is the perfect complement to the Spa experience. Around the spa garden, you can relax and sunbathe, while two separate onsen pavilions offer a dedicated space for total immersion in comfort and privacy. This carefully designed configuration creates a soothing atmosphere in a breathtaking natural setting.

Wellness immersions and herbal cures

Amanemu’s tailor-made experiences include private movement and specialized therapy sessions, personalized Spa treatments and nutritional guidance. Designed for stays of three nights or more, each immersion is meticulously crafted to meet specific personal objectives. The aim is to reconnect with inner peace while encouraging profound changes in one’s life. Amanemu also boasts its own yoga and meditation area, as well as a fully-equipped fitness room .

Traditional Chinese medicine entered Japan in the 4th century and has since evolved into Kampo, an herbal healing practice. Like many ancestral holistic systems, this discipline emphasizes the balance between body and mind, using cures and therapies derived from plants. Amanemu’s immersion programs and Spa treatments incorporate Kampo formulations designed by experts to achieve specific wellness goals.

Amanemu: refined Japanese cuisine

Catering at Amanemu skilfully blends the richness of regional flavours with the elegance of the Aman group. The establishment’s main restaurant offers refined cuisine featuring seasonal local ingredients, often sourced from local producers. Dishes are carefully prepared to offer an authentic dining experience, capturing the essence of contemporary Japanese cuisine.

Restaurant Amanemu
The main restaurant (Photo: Amanemu)

Catering at Amanemu is also inspired by local culinary traditions. Guests can sample regional specialties and unique creations, offering a gustatory journey through the delights of Mie prefecture and beyond. The restaurant is elegant and the view breathtaking!

Finally, the Bar & Lounge by the pool offers a relaxing setting. Ideal for aperitifs, you’ll enjoy a selection of Japanese beers and house cocktails. On the outdoor terrace, the lounge is the ideal place for a convivial evening. It’s also the best place to watch the sun set over the sea.

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