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Amanbagh: A yoga and Ayurveda sanctuary in Rajasthan

Amanbagh, otherwise known as one of India’s finest ayurvedic hotels. Lost in the midst of nature, in the scenic Rajasthan region with its incredible fortresses, this is the perfect place for a quiet, pampering break. Yogis and Ayurveda enthusiasts will find everything they need in this palace. After a few sun salutations in the gardens, we meet the therapists for a warm sesame oil treatment. Luxe Wellness Club takes you on a tour of this holistic luxury “refuge”.

In the Rajasthan countryside

Ancient ruins (Photo: Amanbagh)

Set on former princely land, the hotel is surrounded by bucolic nature, frolicking langur monkeys and stone pavilions typical of Rajasthan. The royal family used to picnic in these chhatri. Even today, guests can continue this tradition for lunch in the shade or for dinner in front of the sunset.

Located in northern India, arrival at Amanbagh is well deserved. After a three-hour drive from Jaipur, or even five from New Delhi, you can pass the entrance to the estate and catch a glimpse of this magnificent ochre palace in the distance. Immersed in the tranquility of the Shekhawati countryside, it’s easy to forget the long drive from the airport. Relaxation has already begun…

Architecture as decoration

Pink marble everywhere (Photo: Amanbagh)

Amanbagh was designed by Ed Tuttle, the famous architect behind the first Aman hotels. For this one, he drew inspiration from traditional Mughal decoration and sublimated the palace’s spaces, notably by highlighting its domes. The decor is grandiose, yet succinct. No paintings or superfluous objects, just clean lines and luxurious pink marble interiors.

Spacious suite (Photo: Amanbagh)

The dwellings are spacious, with high ceilings and ingeniously placed bathtubs under magnificent domes. They all feature an outdoor area with a furnished terrace and sometimes even a garden with a dining area. Of the four categories of accommodation, the Pool Pavilion is the most luxurious, with even more majestic volumes and a sublime private pool.

Luxurious bathroom (Photo: Amanbagh)

A spa specializing in Ayurveda

The central swimming pool (Photo: Amanbagh)

At the center of the spa is a magnificent 33-meter-long swimming pool in green Rajasthani marble. It’s the centerpiece of the hotel. Next to it are the fitness center and spa treatment rooms. Steeped in the beliefs and traditions of the country, the spa is largely influenced by Ayurveda: its team specializes in the subject, identifying the energetic characteristics of each guest to tailor Ayurvedic treatments and massages.

Treatment room (Photo: Amanbagh)

In keeping with this ancient science, the hotel invites guests to contemplate the sunrise while practicing asanas on the hilltop. Numerous individual yoga and meditation sessions are organized in the palace gardens or in the surrounding temples.

Yoga and Ayurveda immersion

Ayurvedic oil massage (Photo: Amanbagh)

All Amanbagh wellness stays require a minimum of four days and have a similar structure. They include mindfulness-based meditation practices, physical activity, nutritional support and therapies tailored to each individual.

Choose from three main themes: Ayurveda, detox or yoga. In all cases, these three components will be present in all programs.

Greeting the sun at dawn (Photo: Amanbagh)

Created and carried out by specialized therapists, these Ayurvedic experiences are of the highest quality. You’ll receive a wide range of daily treatments, different from one day to the next. Everything is tailored to your physical, mental and emotional needs. Your program is created on the basis of your consultation at the beginning of your stay, but also according to the reactions of your body or mind during your stay. All you have to do is let yourself go…

A celebration of herbs and spices

To savor the richness of Indian spices, guests gather in the hotel’s one and only restaurant. With a lovely view over the pool, you can eat here at any time of day. Dinner is served in the gardens, where you can enjoy barbecued specialties, or on the rooftop for a very romantic atmosphere.

Lunch on the terrace (Photo: Amanbagh)

Local cuisine has pride of place, with many vegetarian dishes. Committed to the freshness and high quality of their creations, the chefs prepare each dish individually, on demand, and according to the nutritional needs of each individual. Using organic produce from the kitchen garden, they draw their inspiration from the authentic flavors of the region, as well as from Ayurvedic science. Medicinal plants and herbs are an integral part of every dish served at Amanbagh, bringing well-being right to your plate!


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