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Adler Lodge Ritten: Wellness in the Dolomites

Adler Lodge Ritten

Take a timeless getaway where serenity reigns supreme. At Adler Lodge Ritten, health and well-being are at the heart of the experience. Discover a spa and treatments of excellence inspired by nature. Elegant interiors and breathtaking panoramas envelop you in a warm atmosphere, perfect for a wellness retreat in the mountains. Enjoy Alpine elegance, charming accommodations and the art of relaxation at Adler Lodge Ritten, Italy.

A setting for winter relaxation and comfort (Photo: Adler Lodge Ritten)

Adler Lodge Ritten: A cosy, luxurious retreat in the Dolomites

A haven of serenity in the heart of nature

Adler Lodge Ritten is a jewel surrounded by the majestic Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. This exceptional establishment goes beyond a simple mountain getaway; it promises total immersion in nature and an authentic luxury experience. Located in Italy’s South Tyrol region, the Adler Lodge Ritten enjoys a privileged position, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Whether you’re a winter sports enthusiast, an avid hiker or a traveler in search of tranquility, Adler Lodge Ritten is the ideal base from which to explore this remarkable alpine region. An enchanting setting for the perfect wellness break!

It’s also important to note that the facility offers a welcoming setting for family vacations, enabling children aged 8 and over to enjoy this unique experience.

Breathtaking natural landscapes (Photo: Adler Lodge Ritten)

The Adler Lodge Ritten is much more than just a mountain hotel. It’s a true alpine refuge, a timeless escape where serenity and silence prevail. You’ll find yourself surrounded by nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The pure Dolomite air, nearby hiking trails and ski slopes invite you to adventure, while the warm interiors and breathtaking panoramas welcome you into a cocoon of well-being.

Here, silence reigns supreme… (Photo: Adler Lodge Ritten)

Alpine elegance at Adler Lodge Ritten

Adler Lodge Ritten harmoniously combines rustic mountain charm with contemporary elegance. The interiors are decorated with an attention to detail that makes every corner of the establishment unique. From handcrafted wooden furniture to local works of art, every element is designed to produce an authentic Alpine atmosphere. The large picture windows offer uninterrupted views of the peaks, while the fireplaces create a warm ambience, perfect for relaxing after a day spent exploring the region.

What’s more, the hotel is strategically located, offering cable car access from the center of Bolzano, followed by a picturesque walk through the forest for adventurers in search of excitement. Your stay at Adler Lodge Ritten promises to be an unforgettable story in the heart of Alpine nature, with comfort and serenity at your fingertips.

Charming Chalets and Suites at the foot of the summits

Whether you’re looking for a wellness retreat, a family getaway or a getaway with friends, Adler Lodge Ritten offers a variety of accommodations to suit every need. Each chalet and suite is an oasis of comfort and elegance in the heart of the Dolomites.

The Adler Lodge Ritten has a total of 42 rooms, as follows:

  • 20 junior suites with bio-sauna and balcony ;
  • 11 single-storey chalets with fireplace, bio-sauna and terrace;
  • 5 2-storey chalets with fireplace, bio-sauna, lounge and 2 terraces;
  • 4 2-storey family chalets with fireplace, bio-sauna, 2 bathrooms and terraces;
  • 2 suites with 2 large bedrooms, bio-sauna, spacious living room with fireplace and balconies.
Saunas in the heart of the forest (Photo: Adler Lodge Ritten)

Junior Suite – A bright, intimate cocoon

Imagine yourself in the Junior Suite, a 45 m² cocoon bathed in light, made entirely of natural spruce. Admire the breathtaking view of the Dolomites from your large balcony or wooden deck. The suite features a luxurious bathroom with a spacious shower, as well as a private bio sauna for total relaxation. Take advantage of the tea bar and minibar stocked with local produce for a touch of authenticity.

A direct view of the Dolomites (Photo: Adler Lodge Ritten)

Junior Chalet – A spacious escape in the middle of nature

The 55 m² Junior Chalets offer an open-plan private space, entirely in natural larch. You can relax in the sitting area and spacious bedroom, or enjoy the wooden terrace with its breathtaking views of the Dolomites. From here, you have direct access to the hotel’s pond . If you prefer to cocoon indoors, the cosy living room with open log fire will be your best ally! Settle down with a good book on your comfy sofa, and simply enjoy the silence…

All-wood bathroom with private bio-sauna (Photo: Adler Lodge Ritten)

Chalet – A two-storey refuge in the heart of the mountains

Let yourself be seduced by the 90 m² , two-storey private Chalets , entirely designed in natural wood. On the first floor, you’ll find a bedroom with a terrace, while on the second floor, a spacious living room with a balcony offers breathtaking mountain views. Enjoy the luxurious bathroom and your private bio sauna for total relaxation. As for the living area, it features an open log fire, a tea bar and a minibar, perfect for your cosy moments! And last but not least, the chalet’s interior is bathed in soft light, thanks to the large picture windows, creating a soothing atmosphere.

Panoramic Suite – Alpine elegance incarnate

For an exceptional experience, we offer the 140 m² Panoramic Suite, entirely designed in wood. You can relax in a large living room with fireplace, comfortable sofa and reading area, while enjoying panoramic views from the balcony. The suite features a light-flooded bio-sauna, shower and relaxing bed. It comprises two separate sleeping areas, each with a double bed and en-suite bathroom. Finally, the private balcony lets you admire the Dolomites while sipping a cup of tea or coffee.

Cosy interior with mountain views (Photo: Adler Lodge Ritten)

The art of rest and relaxation at Adler Lodge Ritten

At the heart of Adler Lodge Ritten, the Adler Spa is a veritable haven of serenity, an invitation to deep relaxation and reconnection with nature. When you enter the spa, you discover a place where well-being is combined with wood, medicinal herbs, glittering peaks and majestic trees. It’s a space designed to take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where time slows down and tranquillity reigns. Our highly qualified professionals are dedicated to making your stay a rejuvenating experience, where every detail is thought out with your well-being in mind.

The Adler Spa: A relaxing treetop retreat

The Adler Spa is nestled in the heart of the mountains, protected by the surrounding canopy of trees. The majestic larches create a serene atmosphere, while the soft murmur of the leaves adds to the soothing ambience. Here, nature is an integral part of your wellness experience, as is silence.

Breathtaking mountain views from the pool (Photo: Adler Lodge Ritten)

It has to be said that the setting is one of a kind. Imagine relaxing in a sauna while gazing at the mountains through large picture windows. Warm temperatures envelop you, while the view transports you to distant summits. The hammam, meanwhile, envelops you in its gentle steam to purify your body and soothe your mind.

What’s more, after a sauna or hammam session, you can retire to one of the cosy relaxation areas. Comfortable nooks and crannies, natural materials and soothing views all contribute to your relaxation.

Care: Holistic treatments inspired by nature

Spa treatments are a a celebration of nature. Inspired by the richness of the environment, Alpine-influenced holistic treatments are designed to revitalize your body and soothe your mind. From enchanting massages and natural detoxes to luxurious facials and body treatments, each therapy is a unique experience that reconnects you to your deepest well-being.

Clearly, natural cosmetics and cutting-edge technology are combined to offer you the very best in high-end skincare. Carefully selected active ingredients are combined with the science of cosmetology to meet every specific need. For example, we use light waters from the Dolomites, mineral-rich thermal water from Bagno Vignoni and the Sicilian Sea. And let’s not forget the pure seaweed extracts and vitamins, real assets for your health.

Sauna in the heart of nature… (Photo: Adler Lodge Ritten)

Inspiring health and fitness programs

The Adler Lodge Ritten offers much more than just a spa. Start your day with an energizing sunrise yoga session, or a gentle, soothing meditation . To energize your body, the spacious fitness studio is equipped with the latest Technogym machines for an effective workout. As you exercise, let your gaze wander over the landscape as far as the eye can see. And last but not least, hikes, bike tours, meditation in nature and much more are on the program for a holistic wellness experience.

Adler Lodge Ritten: The culinary delights of the Dolomites

Adler Lodge Ritten offers a top-class culinary experience that perfectly complements the establishment’s exceptional natural setting. Here, health is also on the plate! That’s why we serve balanced menus featuring fresh, nutritious ingredients. These dishes are prepared to suit your needs, perfect to accompany your mountain wellness retreat.

Dinner with a view of the Dolomites (Photo: Adler Lodge Ritten)

The main restaurant offers refined cuisine featuring quality local ingredients. Dishes are prepared with care and creativity, and menus are often inspired by the seasons, guaranteeing a varied and always fresh gastronomic experience. As South Tyrol is a region rich in culinary traditions, the Adler Lodge Ritten also offers typical local dishes. You’ll be able to discover authentic Tyrolean specialities and taste the local flavours.

And when the weather’s fine, you can enjoy al fresco dining on the panoramic terrace! This offers spectacular views of the Dolomites. It’s the ideal place to enjoy tasty food while soaking up the beauty of Alpine nature. And of course, let’s not forget the local wines! Italy is renowned for its quality wines, and Adler Lodge Ritten is no exception. You can accompany your meals with a selection of local wines that perfectly complement the dishes served.

Finally, note that Adler Lodge Ritten offers Lodge All-Inclusive, which covers all meals and a varied selection of drinks and wines throughout the day.

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Rates: from around 600 euros per night, Lodge All-Inclusive, meals and activities included.

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